December 2nd, 2007

[info]sweet_lemmon in [info]hms_harmony

"Protection" (Harry/Hermione, R)

Title: Protection
Artist: [info]sweet_lemmon
Characters: Harry/Hermione
Media used: Pencil
Rating: soft R (NWS)
Prompt: #27. Protect (General table)
Warnings: Intimacy. Condom.
Notes: Well, here it is still December 1st. World’s AIDS Day. There are too many people still dying because of it. :(
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Protection @ [info]sweet_art

[info]dani_meows in [info]hms_harmony

Title: Christmas Present
Author: dani_meows
Word count: 100
Rating: PG
Pairing: Harry/Hermione
Warnings: Fluff
Notes: Follows yesterday's drabble which can be found here:

Follow the fake cut, please?