Sep. 11th, 2007


More Icons! :)

I've been on a iconing binge lately, so I'm posting more.

Fanart is by Amandioka (I'm sure you all know who she is, she's fabulous!) Please be sure to credit her for the art as well.

YAY Icons! )

- Comments are great!
- Credit is needed. [info]sunnydale_grafx & Amandioka @ LJ
- ENJOY! :)


Sep. 4th, 2007


Art: Hermione's new shoes' (HHr, NWS)

****My first post here!****
Title: Hermione's new shoes
Characters: Harry&Hermione
Challenge: Nope
Rating: R
Media used: Colored Pencils and PS's Blur Tool
Warnings: Boots and sexual intimacy.
AN: Just for fun! The characters represented in this pic are over 18. :P

Hermione’s new shoes

Jun. 23rd, 2007


A New Community!

I noticed that Insane Journal had no Harry/Hermione communities. Naturally, being a HUGE H/Hr shipper, I just had to start one. I really hope that this community becomes very active. I'd like to kick off this community by posting some pictures from the Order of the Phoenix press conference in London. Pictures are courtesy of

Click on this cut to find six pictures of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, & Rupert Grint. )