Sep. 11th, 2007


More Icons! :)

I've been on a iconing binge lately, so I'm posting more.

Fanart is by Amandioka (I'm sure you all know who she is, she's fabulous!) Please be sure to credit her for the art as well.

YAY Icons! )

- Comments are great!
- Credit is needed. [info]sunnydale_grafx & Amandioka @ LJ
- ENJOY! :)


Aug. 11th, 2007


A follow up drabble to Regret.

A Walk By The Lake )

Aug. 7th, 2007


DH Drabble/Ficlet

I wrote a drabble (well, it's not exactly 100 words, so I guess it's more of a ficlet). It's from Hermione's POV after a rather big event in DH. I'm going to put it under a cut so I don't spoil anything for those of you who haven't read DH yet.

Regret )