Aug. 11th, 2009


Claim: Miku!!

Claim's name: Miku
Your name: Alexa
Claim's aim: princemiku
Your aim: kasumikaoru
Claim's gj: [info]nyappicomplex

Sample )

Jul. 13th, 2009


[Ebizo, Kaoru, Shinya] Cat Attack

Notes: Continuing a scene between Kaoru and Shinya as a group scene in the comments. Posting order is Kaoru, Ebizo, Shinya!

Big green eyes were winning in their staredown.

Kaoru stood in socked feet and a tee that didn't fit him, wasn't rock enough to fit him because he'd taken it from his boyfriend's closet, and was eyeing with trepidation the kitten across from him. They were crouched on opposite ends of Ebizo's bedroom, each armed with their own weapon of choice-- Kaoru had a fistful of paper towels in one hand and his cell in the other, and the kitten had a growing puddle of spittle beneath its jaws.

"Shit," Kaoru said again, for the fifth time, and he looked down at his phone again, watched Ebizo's voicemail pick up again and thumbed it to hang up. It was pointless. He was on the strage, draped in thick heavy fabrics and body paint.

He was going to come home and find his cat dead and break up with him, Kaoru thought blindly, and it was all his fault. )

Jul. 8th, 2009


Texts to Shinya, Toshiya, Die and Ebizo July 2

Texts to Shinya, Toshiya and Die @ 8:23 PM )

Text to Ebizo @ 9:03 PM )

Apr. 11th, 2009


Texts and a Voicemail to Ebizo, April 10

Text @ 9:48 PM )

Text @ 9:56 PM )

Voicemail @ 10:27 PM )

Feb. 14th, 2009


[OOC] Ryo Info

Ryo (dis boy here) finally has a screenname all his own! It's bedsidedevil on AIM. Hit him up!

Jan. 26th, 2009


[Ebizo, Kaoru] 007-Aftermath

Notes: Morning after.

After three hours, his body woke with the dawn, the way it was used to doing. Alcohol laid heavy in his limbs, but it wasn't as heavy as the ache inside of him. Kaoru had slept quiet, snoring soft and wheezy the way it always was. Buried in the hair at the nape of his man's neck, Ebizo swallowed him down with a griefstricken throat before slowly, carefully, stiffly slipping away.

He took a shower now, in the morning, like sluts did. Rubbing soap in slow ovals against his skin, green suds washing down his knees and toes, he watched them and thought of the girls over the years who must have stood here, cleaning themselves with his soap, watching suds on their toes and wondering who the hell they were. )
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[Ebizo, Kaoru] 007

Notes: Kaoru and Ebizo reunite after the U.S. The Rose Trims Again tour, for a night of Bond and masculinity and fucking. It starts off wonderfully, but doesn't follow Ebizo's plan for the evening. Sort of split into Kaoru picking Ebizo up, them going out to the club, and their evening follows. Next morning=next post. NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!

Tokyo cooperated with him tonight. The night was clear and cold, but no skin touched it; the rain the forecast had threatened for tomorrow wasn't even a hovering promise in the air. From head to tow, Kaoru was black; the bike was black, and together they were a burnt streak of dark around street corners and up to the curb. It roared, a violent purr of masculinity between his thighs, and beneath his helment his lips were unable to keep from their curve.

Ebizo's doormany had the same look of vague dismay the bike tended to give him; used to Kaoru's appearances but not to it, quite yet. Kaoru let the engine purr, a satisfying rumble beneath him and he set one foot down, leant his head back and pulled the helmet free to shake his hair loose.

American sun had been cold this year, and so he wasn't dark, like when he came back from festivals and heat; the cold had left him pale with the flush in his cheeks, eyes sharp and already finding Ebizo's figure. Those small lips spread, just-barely parted, enough to be hungry.

Ebizo was good to look at, handsome as he was, fit as he was; fabric silver and black and he wanted to take it off, already, but not before he'd relished how he looked in it.

Fucking missed him. )
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Jan. 24th, 2009


[Kaoru, Toshiya] Dee Double Dare

Notes: Takes place in early-mid-October or so. Public drunkenness is bad for you and your nips, boys.

Long legs. Toshiya had height on him, long limbs that doubled up on Kaoru's shadow. The older man was taking two steps to Toshiya's one, stumbling to keep up with a gait addled and uneven by a night in a bar and each others' comraderie. They had beers under their belt, grins on their lips and Toshiya's hyena laughter in his ear was for the moment the best sound in the world.

"Too much," he said, and reached up the foot it took to grab at Toshiya's hair, yank on it briefly. "Too, too--- too much like me, I swear. You're just copying now. )
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Jan. 21st, 2009


[Kaoru, Kyo] All of Me

Notes: Ebizo scurries out of Kaoru's apartment after some hasty afternoon kink, in not-quite-enough time for Kaoru to finish cleaning up. Love and chaos ensues.

Like putting on a pair of flip flops, sliding key into hole, sliding dick into mouth, sliding fingers between smaller fingers and toes around plastic thong of that flip flop and kyo turned the knob.

"Hello?" blond stuck out in many directions, thrust between wood and night sky. Kaoru's apartment was bright, lights on hasty and uneven. kyo shut the door to their home behind him. One of their many homes. Stepping out of his tactlessly red flip flops, he strolled in. He slid the strap of his bag off his shoulder, lifted it over his head and just as he was going to drop it on the couch, he saw It.

Lacey, black, trashy, shiny. A Cup. )
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Jan. 6th, 2009


Claim: Ryo

Claim's name: Ryo
Your name: Alexa
Claim's aim: kasumikaoru (same as Kaoru's, for now at least; sorry! Just clarify who you want when you IM me)
Your aim: kasumikaoru
Claim's gj: [info]amnesiablack
Note and History: Ryo was sort of unofficially a character in the comm during its lull this past summer, when he was introduced in a scene with Kyo. Since the comm. in its previous incarnation was not very well-updated, he was never formally introduced, but he has been active for a while. He does not have a great deal of backhistory. Ryo of 9GOATS BLACK OUT, previously of GULLET and GALRUDA etcs etcs, and currently Kyo's favorite lay. Kaoru knows of him, but that is all. Some big scenes involving him peripherally are to be posted soon, so hee, now you get to meet him.


Dec. 21st, 2008


[Dir en grey] Stocking Stuffers for the Birthday Boy

OOC: First group scene since our newly formed union~! In which the boys get to make Die's life a living hell for one glorious afternoon. Enjoy. The posting order is Kaoru, Die, Shinya, Toshiya, Kyo. Keep to it or I'm gonna have to choke a bitch.

Kaoru was a horrible, horrible liar, most exceptionally so when it came to things he was looking forward to. He adopted this wiggle to the corners of his mouth that was almost gruesome to watch, like anticipatory laughter couldn't be withheld long. It made his eyes glitter and his face contort boyishly, and he kept having to stop himself from grinning by blocking his mouth with the back of his wrist, catching breath that his body ached to convert into an undignified snicker. It was for this reason that he had been left in the studio, to finish setting the scene (a cake, lit candles, and the three men arranged amongst small wrapped gifts) and Shinya had been the one left outside, to seal off the exits for when Die tried to escape. )

Nov. 25th, 2008



Welcome everyone to the third and current incarnation of Gungho Rodeo!!!

Gungho Rodeo is a non-au community for people who impersonate play Japanese celebrities. Non-Japanese are welcome as well, provided either their career is based in Japan (ex. BoA) or they have a real life connection with a Japanese celebrity (ex. Paris Hilton --> Yoshiki). Because Gungho Rodeo is based in reality, please read the userinfo for specifics on how foreign claims work.

The philosophy of Gungho Rodeo has always been FUN. This means no OOC drama. Such asshat-ed-ness runs rampant in the roleplay community, but here, we will have none of it! Yay! So come join us if you are interested in serious quality roleplay without the (bad kind of) wangst.

Gungho Rodeo is a small, tight knit type of community.
Please check the userinfo for the claims list!

Come on and in have some good ol fashioned fun~! YEeeeeeeeeeHAW BITCH! (^_^)

Not up for claims
Karyu of D'espairs Ray
Shinya of Dir en grey

yours truly,
the mod

Direct all questions/concerns to AIM: DeathParasol OR [info]riding_cowboys

Nov. 27th, 2008


(Kaoru) application

Claim's name: 薫
Your name: Alexa
Claim's aim: kasumikaoru
Your aim: kasumikaoru
Claim's ij: [info]kizuna

Sample post: After the beep. )