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[31 Jan 2013|07:55pm]
Our customer has been antsy about their budget so they've been requesting quotes for projects due months from now...and other fun shenanigans like kicking up a fuss for someone to come look at a mistake that they made RIGHT NOW and then aren't even on-site to do the walk-through even though I drove 3hrs to meet them. You're welcome! :| My co-workers and I are hoping they'll STFU soon on the quick turn quotes, but I'm so backed up on projects right now I can only laugh about it. I'm going to hiatus myself for a few weeks. Dawn will be working her part-time gigs. She has cut her hours at the hotel to work more at On The Rocks, but is also porting people and things around for fun and profit on her nights off. Dale's got high school and tagging along with Toby to CL rehearsals until his home life shakes up.
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