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[30 Jan 2013|10:00am]
So I have a couple of projects I have been putting off for a while now, and I need to get serious about finishing them. It shouldn't take too long for me to get them all worked out, but I will need to go ahead and take a hiatus from many things, this rpg included. I am especially sorry to Lindsey since you just tagged with Caleb on the thread with Zarita, but I will be back in just a week or two(at the most).

For my absence, my characters will simply be focused on projects as well giving them a reason to not be around much.

Jaden will be doing his best to learn his part for the musical
Elliot will be working especially hard on the Corporate Lobotomy clothing
Sumi will be working on school projects(even though they aren't due for another two months)
Zarita will be selling a painting on the black market in another country

Like I said, I will try to be back in a week, two at the latest.
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