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[15 Jan 2013|12:26pm]
Herro. This is Ashley with a new kid I may or may not have been coerced into picking up. AHEM.

Her name is Michelle Davis. She is seventeen and attends JFKHS where she is a cheerleader. She's pretty popular, used to getting what she wants, and she can be a little on the bitchy side when she wants to be. She also has a bit of a reputation as a serial dater (sometimes minus the whole actually dating part and straight to the HEY LETS MAKE OUT part, because making out totally doesn't count).

She's had a rough life, though most people probably won't know much about that except maybe some close friends. She was adopted for the project then was given up at eleven so it's given her a little bit of a complex. People will know she's adopted, but the circumstances she opts to keep to herself. (She also has an adoptive brother if anyone wants a 19-20ish year old).

UM. Her power is vocal mimicry which she gets a serious kick out of using, especially where phones are involved, and I may have her use it to get into the musical. I dunno yet. XD

Blah blah blah stuff stuff stuff.

I am brain dead, so hit me up for plots and stuff <3
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להתראות [15 Jan 2013|06:20pm]
Hey guys,

I've been thinking a lot and I've decided I'm just going to pull from Genome completely. I realized that it's going to be at least a year (literally, I graduate in December '13) before I can get fully back into the swing of RPing. It's not to say I'll never be back, and I feel really bad because I've got SO many damn lines with so many of you guys, but I also feel bad tying up certain characters. It's completely up to you what you'd like to say happens with some characters and their plots.

Some of the new players probably don't know who my kids are, and for you veterans out there, I'll refresh your memories:

Over here )

It's not the end, my lovelies. I'm more than happy to write outside of the comm - just email me or message me on aim at beeskneesxx53. Happy threading and much love for all of you ♥

Stay in touch,
I'll be seeing you all,
♥ Steph (& Molly, MB, Sam, Claire, Gabby, Abby, Jimmy, Kevin, Ariella, Cori, & Tommy)
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