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[14 Jan 2013|10:32pm]
Okay! It's Monday, and us mods are back in full action, so we're doing Prompt Monday! You've got until next Monday to use any or all of these prompts in your threads. Any person can use any prompt they'd like from this list. At the end of the month, we'll keep track of who used and participated in more prompts and challenges and we'll put your name up in LIGHTS! Really, we'll jsut give you a shout out. And maybe next month you can help us pick a few of the prompts or challenges.

Anyways, when you decide to do a prompt thread, please make note of it in your thread description. Also, when the prompt is said, please BOLD that line. All of these prompts are meant for your characters to say out loud, in the thread. That is part of the challenge. So, good luck!

Onto the prompts! )
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[14 Jan 2013|11:44pm]
So I'm going to try to semiiiii slowly come off of hiatus. Most likely will be more active in having Mao comment to shit and be his usual twatty self online. I'm thinking of joining the party thread though so I may pop in there. Mao definitely is going whether I play it out or not, lol.

But anywho, yeah.


- Julie
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