Friday, January 6th, 2012

Who: Johnny and Bast Songbird
When: Friday evening
Where: Radio Station
What: Johnny gets an odd request over the radio

Lady hear me tonight )
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Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

Who: Katie and songbird
What: email

You have mail )
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Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

a little bird told me...

[ooc: posted early July 4th]
Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated, but as long as we're ringing in all the things that make this country great, why not add in a little spice for your 4th of July BBQ?

First of all, congratulations go out to Frye Island's newest married couple, Alexander and Olivia Bailey. Thankfully, they've managed somewhere far from where anyone can hear them should anyone decide to go for a midnight swim in the hot evenings.

Speaking of hot, I’m sure everyone has been by to see Emily's latest bad girl phase. Hate to rain on your parade, E, but less is more. You don't want to go turning into the new Josie now, do you? Question now remains: who you are trying to reel in with your fishing lures? Or do you just enjoying pissing off Daddy dearest?

And since we're on the subject of Josie, has anyone been checking her temperature lately? Seems like the new pressure with the lack of single males finally got to her, and she's been going exclusive with Alan Dale. Careful she doesn't go too fast for you, A.

Grapevine sources also tell us that our favorite couple broke up. While Cait might be healing her wounded heart on her own, David seems to have found a Daydream Believer. Or did he have to talk you into it, Mal?

Rookie Officer Adam Howard hopefully isn’t going to get arrested for getting drunk and disorderly recently with Noelle Baines. Did N find a friend or something more? Perhaps only time can tell if this will be moving anywhere or stopped dead in its tracks.

What’s this though? Donnie Abrams and Tino Spinelli getting JOBS? Did they charm their way in or just get lucky? Just because it’s called Untamed Entertainment doesn’t mean you’ll be selling poles for the bedroom boys. Save those dollar bills for a rainy day.

And rumors have been swirling that come fall the halls of MPHS are going to be filled with the sounds of "Rock-a-bye baby", and it won't be from the teacher's lounge. All I'm going to say is hell just froze over... J/K. I guess the name got blocked from my memory.

We also send our best of wishes to Penny for a quick recovery. Try not to get bored with the same old reading material.

See you at the fireworks, FI.

Let Freedom Ring,
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Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Who: Sebastian Sullivan and his feathered friend
What: Bootyirdy call and some secrets revealed
When: 5 PM, June 17th [backdated a little]
Where: The park
Rating: PG... They're oddly clean-mouthed.

Four and twenty blackbirds, baked into a pie... )
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Friday, June 17th, 2011

Who: Songbird and Bast
What: A note
Where: Left on his desk
When: Early Friday morning

Birds of prey )
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Friday, March 11th, 2011

a little bird told me...

Did you miss me much? Happy March, everyone. Why don't we recap our lovely month of February?

The Elwoods are making the news once again. Let's start with the elder. Oh dear Evan? What did you do this time to Natalie? Rumor has it these two love birds are encountering stormy weather. It doesn't take a fortune teller or a mind reader to know what's coming for these two in the future.

And speaking of stormy weather... word on the street is that Emily Elwood was running the bases with resident jock, Sam Monroe. Was there a home run? Or did little E strike out? What you see is what you get.

But what if what you see isn't really all that's there? What exactly do Sebastian Sullivan and Penny Zimmerman have in common? Journalistic prowess? Some say P's little (or massive) crush on S is all of what the town's folk are talking about. Careful, Little P, S is likely to get a bit handsy, and you certainly don't want to give him what you've got.

Valentine's Day was good for a lot of people, some more than others. For George Bennett and Janey Watts, sparks flew in all directions. I don't think anyone saw this coming from a mile away. Hey G, look. No hands.

But since I'm in such a good mood, congratulations go out to our newest couples, Bobby and James, and David and Cait. These are sure to be two interesting unions. Let the bubbly flow.

And so you can't say I'm totally heartless, more congratulations are in order to George Bennett on her new job at the newspaper and Noelle Banes's promotion. Nice job, ladies.

Finally, condolences go out to our resident film maker, Carter Manning, for the passing of his grandmother, as well as for Creative Writing teacher, Seth Enders, for the passing of his father. You will both be in our thoughts.

And that's all the news that fit to blog. Until next time...

Bye birdies.
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Sunday, February 6th, 2011

a little bird told me...

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But what happens in Frye Island belongs to Songbird.

Riddle me this. What do you get when you put a group of Lexie haters into the same blog post? Instant cashflow. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen. The pot is hot. How long before little L and her articulate boyfriend break it off? Two weeks? A month? You decide.

Viva Las Vegas, birdies.
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Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Who: Bast and Songbird
What: A note
When: Wednesday Afternoon

Written in his planner, left in his drawer )
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Monday, January 31st, 2011

a little bird told me...

Good morning, early birds. Who's ready for a wake up call?

Snow much lately? The gods of weather must not be too happy with our tiny island as of late. And who could blame them? Let's hope February, the month of love, brings us better luck. Have fun at the dance, birdies. Songbird is going to be all over that.

It's been way overdue for a blast, but the elder Allen twin has been having a roller coaster ride of a month. Getting beat up physically by a bully and then verbally by his sister? Not something that can be easily forgotten. I'm sure his new girlfriend, Annie Tibbits, is helping in that respect. Did we know the reason Josie Posie blew up was because of her dislike (or loathing rather) for one Annie Tibbits? Now now, girls, there's plenty of Jacen to go around. No need to take out the claws.

So where is our scientific genius now, you may ask? We hear he's staying with Ben Bailey and the fam. No lie. The verbal whiplash was so much that J had to run away. Funny who does the running these days, Josie.

And speaking of great moves, that spare room in la casa de Bast in now ocupado. That's right, our very own Mallory Swafford has taken up the offer to split rent with dear ole Bastian. Let's just hope the situation doesn't get too sticky, or there might be some sleepless nights in the near future.

In other, rather happy news actually, we hear our Jacen did not actually get a rejection letter from the esteemed Harvard School. Instead, he was deferred to regular admission. Huh. Throwing us for a loop there, are we? We are happy for you though.

And now that we're back on the subject of Jacen, some interesting theories are popping up. We hear that Josie's top choice for the best girlfriend for Jacen is actually... yep... you guessed it. Emily Elwood. So does this mean Josie ships Jacimily? That doesn't even sound right! Surely, this is one ship, Josie, that will never leave the port due to ♪ stormy weather ♪.

While we're on the subject of Emily, we hear that little E actually tried to pull an American Idol with Frye Island's very own DJ, Johnny Jones. You should seen this coming, E, Johnny's bark is worse than his bite. But maybe you were just deceived by his charming smile. Lesson learned. You mess with the bull, you get the horns.

Moving right along, it seems that our Rory Spinelli likes playing Cupid. He sure does know how to make the ladies feel good with original poetry.

More congratulations are in order for some of Frye Island's couples. Most notably, Ben Bailey and Charlie Parker. And riding the divirginized train would be our version of Michael Jackson, Mao! We have reason to believe there was a lot of howling going on.

Plus, dates for the Valentine's Day Dance are being made. But that's a story to be covered soon.

And finally, when the cat's away, the mice come out and play. We miss you, Arthur Bacchus. *snort* Not.

And that's all the grub I have for you today.

Until next time... keep on singing.

P.S. Not a single mention of Lexie. You're welcome. ;)
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Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Who: Sebastian Sullivan and the Illustrious Songbird
What: Apparently he caught someone's notice.
Where: Park.
When: 17:00, yesterday after this.
Rating: S for Songbird, Sebastian and potential Swearing!

There are times you need to ask the important questions... Like WWLLD? )
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Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Who: Penny Songbird and Bast.
What: A message.
Where: Bast's desk in the bullpen.
When: Tuesday afternoon.

Birds of a feather. )
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Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

a little bird told me...

[ooc; posted yesterday]

Late breaking news, birdies. There are reports coming in about a fist fight in the halls of our very own Moses Pearson High School. And I'm very sad to report that someone is seriously injured. Don't believe me? Take a look for yourselves at a student's very high tech camera phone.

Looks like Jacen Allen got more than what he bargained for, but I also hear the story takes an interesting turn. Good Samaritan Nathan Howard stepped in to save the day. Nice going, NH. It's a good thing you see things so clearly. There might be use for you yet.

But since we hear our favorite Allen twin is recovering nicely, let's play a little game with Songbird, shall we? It's called Ruffling Feathers.

Ask Songbird one question and one question only. And perhaps with some luck, you might just discover who I really am.

Chirp, chirp, little birdies. Keep on singing.
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Friday, December 31st, 2010

a little bird told me....

What’s the best thing to do when the weather outside is frightful? Why, dish up some dirt of course and make your best friends spiteful.

Is everyone caught up on the newest Lexie drama? I don’t think I need to go over it. You’ve all done a plenty good job doing my dirty work for me. Pat yourselves on the back. This drama was your Christmas gift to Songbird.

But at least now we’re all aware of the true meaning of Christmas. Keep your enemies close but your friends even closer.

And since we’ve no place to go, let the gossip flow, let it flow, let it flow.

Happy Holidays, birdies. And I'll see you in the new year.

Until next time... keep on singing,
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Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

a little bird told me...

Did you miss me? You honestly didn't think I'd let the holidays sneak up on us without an update from your neighborhood friendly Songbird, did you?

Here are the scoops a bunch of little birdies told me....

On the top of our list is none other than Frye Island's most eligible bachelor, Sebastian Sullivan. The guy needs a roommate desperately. Let's make sure you're well adaptable though. I hear he is.

Next up, Annie Tibbits, the songstress that puts this songbird to shame with her harmonious tunes was spotted at Jacen Allen's private birthday party. Are you sure about that? I've got three words for you. Competition. Competition. Competition. Be sure to remember that.

Have a nice trip! See you next fall! The word on the street is that our very own Lexie Tibbits had a close encounter of the stairwell kind. Let's hope you can heal better than you can use stairs.

All right. Cheap shot, I know. Girl's in the hospital, and we've all been there at least once, right? Here's to your speedy recovery, Lex!

And speaking of speedy, let's discuss someone who isn't in the hospital and won't get me bad press. (Not that it matters, I mean let's get real here) Josie rosie posie is legal. You know what that means. Don't drop the soap! Run Forest run!

Onto the epic November movie that has been sweeping us off our feet since its debut in the big screen, Not Silent Hill. There were zombies and vampire hunters, blood and gore, preteens making out. It was.... actually kind of awesome. Got to hand it to you, Manning, you definitely know how to entertain a crowd, as well as those two twins you were sporting on each arm on the day of your opening night. Not too shabby. Nothing can get through that thick skin of yours now.

Let's see... more parties to speak of? Sources say that underage drinking is rampant among parties lately. I wonder what that says about our justice system. Oh, excuse me. There was one party that was deemed boring by those other people who didn't attend. The Bailey party with no alcohol? It seems some stereotypers never change. Just leave them to the powers that be, right?

Of course, all great things happen at parties with alcohol, don't they? Such as waking up the next morning next to someone and not knowing what you did? I bet James and Bobby know exactly what that's like. Seems pretty fluid to me.

Or perhaps they might remember, like Lukas Fox and Katie Baker leaving Josie's like totally super awesome birthday party together? He sure knows how to put that Force to good use, doesn't he?

And speaking of togetherness... What is going on between Glory and Dietre? Holding hands after ballet rehearsals? Was he like, what, helping her cross the street or something? Don't think too hard. Someone will figure it out eventually.

And last, but certainly not least, the greatest break up in all of relationship history just made it into the books. That's right, folks. Calvin and Katie are no longer the adored and feared dream team of romantic patheticness. Didn't see that one coming, did we? No worries though, we'll get through it somehow. A moment of silence to mourn.

Well now that that's over with, please keep on singing with your great comments and scoops. And remember, without you, there would be no me.

So, until next time.... bye bye birdies.
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Saturday, October 9th, 2010

a little bird told me...

(ooc; reposted in the right place this time and added last line)

Good evening, birdies. Here's your latest news straight from the bird's beak.

Awww Josie... We didn't know you cared so much. Not thinking of running away from an ickle relationship are you? Even speeding bullets have to stop at some point.

Low self-esteem much? Our golden girl, Lexie Tibbits needs help with a makeover? Somehow, I don't think this is the kind of makeover that's going to make you more respectable, L. It's a darn shame you just can't seem to help yourself.

Benny and the.... squirrels? Easy there, Dr. Frankenstein, squirrels aren't as resilient as scattered human body parts.

Sources says Dietre was seen moving into Dr. Drake's residence earlier today. Could our hospitalized boyo have healed that quickly from injuries that police officers report as being "severe"? Or do our eyes decieve us? You decide.

Frye Island's sunflower, Maribel Santa Cruz, is blossoming right before our eyes. But which boy is she really into? Bestie for life, Rory Spinelli, or outspoke wildcat, Mao Sakibou? We like you, M, but multitasking can get a little tricky sometimes. Let's keep our hormones in check, shall we?

Swim team shenanigans! Let's have them! Rebel Mao Sakibou socked it to the swim team calling them losers and babies. Coach Bailey didn't very much like that. And conflicts ensue! We all better watch ourselves. Or soon this whole place will be underwater.

And in more Bailey family news, Fiona B was seen with our very own Mr. Enders. And here I thought Mr. Enders was with Macy Jones. Or was I forced to forget something? Hmmm.

Finally, ending on an interesting note, minute-man David Bacchus was seen leaving the residence of Cait and Noelle Baines early in the morning. No word yet on whose will was taken over by our leading man in gossip news this time.

And that's all the grub I have for you at this time.

So until next time, birdies, keep on singing...

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Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

a little bird told me...

Dear Hobbs students, Professor Bacchus has a special announcement for you. He wonders if there's any interest in opening an Intro to Law class in the Spring. But I do wonder, faithful Hobbs students, what is the purpose of such a class if in the last 30 years not a single graduate from Frye Island has ever gone to practice law outside of the island. And let's go a little further. No student period has ever gone to practice anything outside of the island.

So, here's what I say to you, Professor Bacchus, shove your class in someone else's face. This Songbird knows the truth. And there's a lot more where that came from.

Stay tuned, my little birdies, and keep on singing...

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Monday, September 13th, 2010

a little bird told me....

Ring, ring, Ring! School's back in session, kids, and that means that Songbird got her wings back.

Let's start off with the nice stuff first.

The Nice )

And now for the naughty.

The Naughty )
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Sunday, August 15th, 2010

a little bird told me....

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of what's going on around your neighborhood.

Our top story today comes from some very reliable sources SPOTTING Lukas Fox and Josie Allen on a real life date and then going back to the Allen residence for some R&R. The sources reveal there was some heavy lip-locking action and oh so much more. I guess there really is no Force that can stop that lightning fast lightsaber. Wouldn't you agree, L? Compromising pictures soon to come!

Next up, SPOTTED.... Bellyphant for all the world to see. Singles ad or invitation to a pity party? I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you, Ty.

And SPOTTED... Lily Fox trying to win over her son with lavish, ridiculous gifts. I suppose he was punished enough when they sent him away to the loony bin. Besides, his father is more concerned with praying on innocent children anyway. Strong are you with the Force, Fox family.

And last but especially least, Josie Allen doesn't just like playing the boys. She likes giving love advice too. Save your strength for your running career, J. We can't all be multi-talented.... like me.

So until next time. Keep on singing...

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Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

a little bird told me...

Late breaking chirps, songsters. Let's play a little trivia game.

Which wildly underage pair was spotted sharing some alcoholic beverages and a few smooches down by the lifeguard tower on the beach? That would be young Alfie Tibbits and Laney Evans. It seems they just weren't strong enough to control their rebellious urges. Perhaps you should wait until you're a little older, though some would say, looks can be deceiving.

Keep on singing...

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Monday, July 26th, 2010

a little bird told me...

Good evening, fellow songsters. Here's Songbird's review of Lukas's Party. Or as I like to call it.... The Return of the Jedi.

First off... who was that person dressed in drag? Nah, it couldn't have been Mao, could it? Great job blending in btw. You might have a career in modeling just yet.

Then, we have the most charming display of drunken texts and phone calls ever witnessed in human history from none other than Miss Katie Baker. Word of advice, K? Next time, try not to walk through walls when you're inebriated.

Finally, dishy Lexie Tibbits spotted leaving the party in the arms of David Bacchus. Unconfirmed reports have it that they went back to his place, and she reportedly, didn't come out until morning. I wonder what poor, devastated Jacen Allen would say about this. An elephant never forgets. Perhaps Emily Elwood would be more than happy to take you in J. EE is just thundering for your affections.

In other... and perhaps less shocking news... Is Seth Enders going gaga for Macy Jones? The two have been spotted together on various occasions with S looking quite comfy around M. But don't be fooled, M. All that glitters isn't gold.

Until next time... keep on singing...

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