Monday, January 31st, 2011

WHO: Nick and Sarah
WHAT: McDermott shopping time! And just generally being epic siblings.
WHERE: Around town.
WHEN: January 31st, afternoon.
RATING: The McDermott’s have mouths on them. PG-13 for language?
STATUS: Incomplete

Sometimes, this island was like a drama sundae, with whipped cream made of twenty-something angst, sprinkled in passive aggressiveness and topped with a Songbird cherry. )
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WHO: Amelia and Sasha
WHAT: Fortune cookie text
WHEN: After having Chinese for dinner

(1) unread message )

WHO: Amelia and Gio
WHAT: Fortune cookie text
WHEN: After having Chinese for dinner

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Who; Maya and Felix
What; She's trying on her dress and he's being a big brother
Where; Her room, the Ruskin house
When; Monday, after she gets home from work
Rating; P for Protective?

She still hadn't decided if she was going to the dance )
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WHO: Jude and Christine
WHAT: Jude being the annoying, yet loving sibling he is
WHERE: Christine's house
WHEN: After this

“Christine.” One knock on the door. “Christine.” Another. “Christine.” And another. )
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WHO: Gideon and Calvin
WHAT: Text
WHEN: After this.

(1) uncharacteristically-defensive text )
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Who: Emma and Nick
What: text
When: today

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Who: Katie and Gid
What: text
When: sent during/after this

(1) Katie-just-took-two-steps-back text )
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a little bird told me...

Good morning, early birds. Who's ready for a wake up call?

Snow much lately? The gods of weather must not be too happy with our tiny island as of late. And who could blame them? Let's hope February, the month of love, brings us better luck. Have fun at the dance, birdies. Songbird is going to be all over that.

It's been way overdue for a blast, but the elder Allen twin has been having a roller coaster ride of a month. Getting beat up physically by a bully and then verbally by his sister? Not something that can be easily forgotten. I'm sure his new girlfriend, Annie Tibbits, is helping in that respect. Did we know the reason Josie Posie blew up was because of her dislike (or loathing rather) for one Annie Tibbits? Now now, girls, there's plenty of Jacen to go around. No need to take out the claws.

So where is our scientific genius now, you may ask? We hear he's staying with Ben Bailey and the fam. No lie. The verbal whiplash was so much that J had to run away. Funny who does the running these days, Josie.

And speaking of great moves, that spare room in la casa de Bast in now ocupado. That's right, our very own Mallory Swafford has taken up the offer to split rent with dear ole Bastian. Let's just hope the situation doesn't get too sticky, or there might be some sleepless nights in the near future.

In other, rather happy news actually, we hear our Jacen did not actually get a rejection letter from the esteemed Harvard School. Instead, he was deferred to regular admission. Huh. Throwing us for a loop there, are we? We are happy for you though.

And now that we're back on the subject of Jacen, some interesting theories are popping up. We hear that Josie's top choice for the best girlfriend for Jacen is actually... yep... you guessed it. Emily Elwood. So does this mean Josie ships Jacimily? That doesn't even sound right! Surely, this is one ship, Josie, that will never leave the port due to ♪ stormy weather ♪.

While we're on the subject of Emily, we hear that little E actually tried to pull an American Idol with Frye Island's very own DJ, Johnny Jones. You should seen this coming, E, Johnny's bark is worse than his bite. But maybe you were just deceived by his charming smile. Lesson learned. You mess with the bull, you get the horns.

Moving right along, it seems that our Rory Spinelli likes playing Cupid. He sure does know how to make the ladies feel good with original poetry.

More congratulations are in order for some of Frye Island's couples. Most notably, Ben Bailey and Charlie Parker. And riding the divirginized train would be our version of Michael Jackson, Mao! We have reason to believe there was a lot of howling going on.

Plus, dates for the Valentine's Day Dance are being made. But that's a story to be covered soon.

And finally, when the cat's away, the mice come out and play. We miss you, Arthur Bacchus. *snort* Not.

And that's all the grub I have for you today.

Until next time... keep on singing.

P.S. Not a single mention of Lexie. You're welcome. ;)
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Who: AJ and Mallorie Swafford
What: Text Message
When: Monday Morning after this
Rating: PG-13

You have (2) unread messages )
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Who: AJ and Arthur ANONYMOUS
What: An anonymous donation to this
When: Early this morning

Let's make this interesting, shall we? )
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Who: Calvin and Katie (<-- it has been a long time since I typed that :()
What: Text
When: Today sometime

(1) Ben's-optimism-is-apparently-wearing-off-on-me text )
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Sunday, January 30th, 2011

WHO: Ben and "Anonymous" (Charlie)
WHAT: Special delivery.
WHEN: January 31th, left on the windowsill of the Bailey home with a note reading 'To Ben, from C'

let the wooing war begin )
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WHO: Ben Anonymous and Charlie
WHAT: Special delivery, as per the suggestion of Fi!
WHEN: January 30th, afternoon.

Delivered anonymously to Charlie Parker )
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Who: Bast and Penny
What: Text
When: After this.

You have (3) urgent messages )
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Who: James and Penny
What: Surprise invite?
When: Tonight
Rating: PG-13?

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Monday, January 31st, 2011

Who: Lulu, Jacob, Emma
What: Text
When: Just after this

Text to Jacob and Emma )
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Who: Jacob and Lexie
When: Very early Monday morning

Left on Jacob's Desk )
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Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Who: James and Mao
What: BRO TALK, text message style!
When: Today
Rating: PG-13?

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WHO: George (Bennett) and Wolf
WHAT: Wolf gets the A-OK to have the Singles Awareness! party at his house.
WHEN: Sunday, January 30

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Found in the Conroy-Bradstreet mail box. )
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