Pax Letale: A Pre-Made Deities RP

Game Name: Pax Letale
Fandom: N/A
Location: InsaneJournal
Link to Game: Mod Journal | Network | Main Comm | OOC
Opening/Opened: Opening Feb 1, 2017
Time Setting: Real-time
Contact: paxnarrator@gmail.com
General Restrictions: N/A
Age Restrictions: 18+

P A X L E T A L E )



Game Name: Pack Animals
Fandom: Original Game
Location: Insanejournal
Link to Game: [info]packanimals
Opening/Opened: Currently open!
Time Setting: Post-apoc. No current date, but in far future. There is a timeline.
Contact: There is a dropbox.
General Restrictions: Basic/typical rules. Be kind to your fellow players and so on. Fem/Slash/Het promoted and encouraged. Blood/Smut/Kink/Fadeout or not, OK! All under cuts and appropriate tags when threads are put up. No IC/OOC boundaries crossed please. NOT an A/B/O and/or mpreg game. No godmodding. Made for original characters only.
Age Restrictions: Generally 18+

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This Dark Night

Game Name: This Dark Night
Fandom: Vampire the Requiem
Location: Insanejournal
Link to Game: [info]thisdarknight, premise
Opening/Opened: Open as of July 1, 2016
Time Setting: Real time
Contact: Modbox
General Restrictions: N/A
Age Restrictions: 18+

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Introduction & Guildlines

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