Monday, March 30th, 2020

Drabble Day 2020: Masterlist

Hey Rosa, are you feeling any better?

We'll take that as a yes. Anyway, thanks for your help yesterday, and for putting together this Masterlist - great job!

...okay. Would you like to present it, as well?

Fair enough. So we were going to present it ourselves, but apparently someone took it upon themselves to check it over, and-

Look, just make Amy do the thing. She's spent all night doing her own version.

How? It's a basic list of 24 items!

Dunno. Apparently she did "research" for it. I suspect she spent all night reading drabbles. Just make her do the rest of this, k?

Okay then! Amy, would you like to take over the task of presenting - and we cannot stress this enough - a laughably basic reference list of 24 items?

Alright, drabblers! I have done the research, I have compiled the list, I MAY have submitted several versions with colour-coded sections and different categorisations (by fandom, by genre, by rating, etc.), including several charts about lockdown participation increase ratios, likelihood of crack versus lateness of hour and several other very interesting statistical facts...

Amy? Can we just have the list?

-BUT certain mods informed me that was not relevant, requested, or sane, so fine.

Dear drabblers, for easier reference in your reading/commenting pleasure, here is your Masterlist (are you sure that shouldn't be two words? I went through your archives and wondered that every year... AMY. okay, okay!) for Drabble Day 2020!

Hour 1: Plane

Hour 2: Community

Hour 3: Cold

Hour 4: Infectious

Hour 5: Healing

Hour 6: Curve

Hour 7: Wash

Hour 8: Flatten

Hour 9: Research

Hour 10: Fever

Hour 11: Toilet paper

Hour 12: Spread

Hour 13: Delivery

Hour 14: Isolation

Hour 15: Face

Hour 16: Hoarding

Hour 17: Crisis

Hour 18: Test

Hour 19: Travel

Hour 20: Breathe

Hour 21: Symptom

Hour 22: Hands

Hour 23: Cure

Hour 24: Distance

Please click on the individual links for each hour. I really wanted to do a carefully structured list that would itemise every single drabble, with sub-headers for multiples or series, plus footnotes, but again, I had my sanity questioned by the mods and also Rosa. Ingrates.

So, enjoy your catch-up! In the meantime, I am going to compile a kick-ass and comprehensive application for the job of presenting the awards post. Yay!

Uh... we don't really take applications for that? We sort of just go by who's free and seems competent- you know what? Knock yourself out.

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Sunday, March 29th, 2020


Drabble Day 2020 is now (semi-*)officially closed for business. Sometime within the next few days, when your mods have slept a million years, we will tally up results and get up a master list and awards post.

Thank you all so much for joining the madness this year, you have all been fantastic and madly creative participants and we love you!

(*Europeans can tack on one hour for the daylight savings switch).

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Saturday, March 28th, 2020

Drabble Day 2020 - Welcome, Quarantine Protocol, Assistants, Time Zones & Drabbling Rules!


Please wash or sanitise your hands before you enter. )
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Thursday, March 19th, 2020


Is social distancing getting you down? )
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