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Sunday, March 29th, 2020

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    Hour 1: Plane


    Apparently I'm gonna help make you do whatever this is.

    You already know the rules. So here's your first prompt. It's "plane." Remember planes? Big metal things, used to fly in the sky? Yeah, I don't either.

    (that doesn't look right. Do you two dumb-dumbs actually know what you're doing?)

    [We'll discuss administrative things in the office, Rosa. With a plexiglass screen between us.]

    That's it. Go do the thing. Sit tight until you've done the thing. Then wait for the next prompt. Then do the thing again.

    [Note to selves, maybe find someone efficient AND personable next year? Man, we'll never be able to replace Peeta.]
    Hour 20: Breathe
    Well, we found Rosa.

    We'll let her sleep. Everybody else, just take a deep breath. You got this.

    Hour 3: Cold
    Where is the time going already?? Strong start, everyone, keep it up! <3 Here's another one.

    Hour 22: Hands
    So yeah, Rosa's germs have apparently infected the Nine-Nine and everybody's getting tested.

    It's not looking too good...

    Actually, Alexis, since you're here, it's fitting that you introduce the next prompt for us.

    Hour 5: Healing
    Right. Mods told me I should try to be a bit more supportive. They're very demanding, I gotta say. But fine:

    Ow. That can't be good for your mouth muscles. Here. Have a prompt. I need more coffee.

    (yes, we dusted this off from our Tropes Drabble Day - it just fit so well)

    Hour 24: Distance
    The mods want me to say something here about how far we've come, and that we may be distant but we're all connected somehow, but I think it's just because they've messed up the pacing of the prompts again...

    Rosa, you're rambling. Are you okay?

    Okay, we've called the doctor and ... wait a minute, what are you two doing here?

    You know this is our last prompt, right?

    That's all you've got? We've been doing this for 24 hours straight.

    Anybody else have anything to say?

    Okay, troopers, you've all been awesome and together we've reached the final prompt. Have at it!

    Hey, Moana, can you play us out?

    Hour 7: Wash
    Huh. Apparently we're 1/4 done already?

    Here's your new prompt:

    Hour 9: Research
    Here, you research the possibilities of this prompt while we research our capacity for booze at very strange hours. FOR SCIENCE.

    Hour 11: Toilet paper
    Okay, you guys are weird. The mods tell me there's some kinda general... toilet paper hoarding thing going on?

    [Not US, Rosa! We're all perfectly sensible people.]

    Yeah, sure, okay. Well, knock yourselves out.

    Hour 13: Delivery
    Okay, been doing this for a while now, and I think I got the hang of it: You guys write a thing. Or a lot of things. Each of the things has a central message and in about 80% of cases that message is:

    [That's... not... quite - well ok, that probably more or less checks out. Could you just, with the prompt...?]

    Sure thing. Here's a prompt, make more people bone. I'm into it now.

    (remember you can deliver parcels, groceries, people from slavery, meals, cake, AND babies [ew]!)
    Hour 15: Face

    Hour 17: Crisis
    what is time
    baby don't hurt me
    don't hurt me
    no more

    Hour 19: Travel
    Hm, Rosa seems to have disappeared for some reason - we'd call her phone but last time we did that, she threw it away, changed her name and moved to a different city, so we try to respect her privacy. Probably just one of her allotted thirteen 40-minute breaks.

    Anyway, here's your prompt for the hour:

    (remember that quaint custom when you could get in a train or a plane or some other conveyance and ride it all the way to... A DIFFERENT COUNTRY? madness.)

    (a cruise? oof. too soon.)

    Hour 21: Symptom
    Oh hey, Rosa, you're up... OH HELL NO, YOU ARE SICK GO BACK TO BED.

    I can do the thing. Get off my case.

    This seems like a really bad idea.

    Shut up. Next prompt is... something that should've shown up a lot sooner and your mods still suck at pacing. So there.

    Please, please, go back to bed.

    Hour 23: Cure
    Rosa? I thought you were in isolation! Are you... trying to smile?

    Okay, we will sort that out for you shortly. PORTER, SHE'S ESCAPED AGAIN!!

    In the meantime... is this.... our penultimate prompt? Yes indeed. It may be because we're both feverish but the timey-wimey powers are extra-strong this year. Pretty sure the challenge started 15 minutes ago and we've also been here for 500 years.


    Drabble Day 2020 is now (semi-*)officially closed for business. Sometime within the next few days, when your mods have slept a million years, we will tally up results and get up a master list and awards post.

    Thank you all so much for joining the madness this year, you have all been fantastic and madly creative participants and we love you!

    (*Europeans can tack on one hour for the daylight savings switch).

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