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inverted_farie [userpic]
Dear Marcus

Dear Marcus,

It's been a while. We don't talk much anymore, aside from the casual hello. I miss you. Well, I miss the things we did. It is wrong but I can't get it out of my head. I still feel you, smell you, taste you. I want you. I hate that I want you because it hurts. It hurts not only me. I wish you would drop your "Mr. Cool" act and tell me things. I know you like when I tell you how I feel. Well I like that too. But I understand why you don't. You fucked up last time. I am willing and have forgiven you. BUT...you also let me know that I can't trust you to make the same mistake again. I am conflicted.

Current Mood: guilty guilty
Current Music: Falling Away from Me- Korn
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