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February 20th, 2010

02:47 pm - Gift Fic for Nimrod_9
My apologies! I posted this to the mod account late late last night and didn't see that it wasn't here.

Gift For: [info]nimrod_9
Title: In Practice There Is Perfection
Author: Secret
Pairing(s): Snape/Lily, Snape/Remus
Summary: Lily wants to practice, but it's Severus who ends up learning a thing or two.
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.
Author/Artist's notes: Happy February, Nimrod!

In Practice There Is Perfection )

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February 18th, 2010

11:13 pm - Gift Art for Lore

Gift For: Lore
Title: Definitely
Author/Artist: Secret!
Pairing(s): Snape/Lupin/Lily
Summary: Lily could definitely get used to this.
Rating: R
Warnings: NWS
Author/Artist's notes: This prompt stood out for me, I hope I did it justice! Happy Valentines!!

Definitely )

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01:31 am - Gift Fic for sc010f
Sorry a bit late in posting todays!

Gift For: [info]sc010f
Title: Come
Author: Secret!
Pairing(s): Lily Evans/Remus Lupin, Lily Evans/Severus Snape (implied)
Summary: While the entire Hogwarts is certain that Lily Evans and James Potter are an item, the truth lies somewere else – right under Severus Snape's nose.
Rating: R
Warnings: Nudity, foreplay, hints at voyeurism
Author's Notes: Not exactly what you wished for, I'm afraid, but here's hoping that you'll find pleasure in reading it.

Come )

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February 16th, 2010

06:23 pm - Gift Fic for Isalie964

Gift For: [info]isalie964
Title: Stars That I Can Touch and Call My Own
Author: Secret!
Pairing(s): Severus/Lily/Remus
Summary: "We wanted to give you the best gift ever - the stars."
Rating: R, just to be safe
Warnings: Established threesome relationship, fluff, sexual content, underage drinking, underage pregnancy (Lily's seventeen), corset piercing.
Author's notes: Probably a little oddly written, but I was trying hard to keep it beneath the 1,000 word limit. Hopefully my recipient enjoys! (And I'm sorry I didn't get your other kink in, but the fic would have been longer if I had tried to include it!)

Stars That I Can Touch and Call My Own )

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February 15th, 2010

07:54 pm - Gift Fic for Savepurness

Gift For: savepureness
Title: Scenes From A Duel
Author/Artist: Secet!
Pairing(s): SSLE (if you squint), SSRL (squint harder)
Summary: From the playground to a meeting by the river, six duels.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Angst, Implied Character Death
Author’s notes: Although slightly AU (of course), I’ve used canon as my guide. Thank you to my beta for her invaluable help.

Scenes From a Duel )

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February 14th, 2010

07:51 pm - Gift Fic for Zephre

Gift For: zephre
Title: Wrapped in White Paper and Red Hearts
Author/Artist: Secret!
Pairing(s): Severus/Remus/Lily
Summary: Remus brings gifts on Valentine's Day
Rating: Hard R
Warnings: cross-dressing, feather play
Author/Artist's notes: Set 7th year so everyone here is 17 or 18. Twisted zephre's 3rd prompt a little…I hope she is the forgiving type! Thanks to e for the quick beta!

Wrapped in White Paper and Red Hearts )

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12:34 pm - Gift Art for kittylefish!
Valentine's bonus today! There will be two posts. One now and another at 6:00PM

Gift For: [info]kittylefish
Title: The Benefits of Exploring
Artist: Secret!
Pairing(s): Snape/Lily, Lupin
Summary: Remus did not expect what he found when he went exploring the far shores of the Lake...
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none

The Benefits of Exploring )

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February 12th, 2010

10:54 pm - Gift art for Karasu_hime

Gift For:karasu_hime
Title: WinterWonderland
Pairing(s): LE/RL/SS
Summary: The three friends are taking a walk along a snowy path.
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Author/Artist's notes: Made for art prompt #1 (Snow Scene-Winter wonderland with winter hats, mittens and scarves). I very much hope, it's to your liking.

WinterWonderland )

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February 11th, 2010

10:04 pm - Gift for Hamimifk

Gift For:[info]hamimifk
Title: Wake
Author: Secret!
Pairing(s): R,S/S,L/possible L,R
Summary: Remus receives a visit and a new beginning at what seems to be the end.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Main Character death, dub-con, explicit sexual content, language
Author/Artist's notes: Thanks to a and b, the star betae that make my writing legible. [info]hamimifk I hope you enjoy this!

Wake )

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February 9th, 2010

06:31 pm - Gift for Lullabelle72, NWS!!

Gift For: lulabelle72
Title:Snake in the Grass
Artist: Secret!
Pairing: Lily Severus Remus
Rating: Fic Hard R, Art-NWS
Warnings: Bestiality, Masturbation, light bondage, outdoor play.
Author/Artist's notes: I've been drawing a lot of snakes recently and this prompt just spoke to me. Her markings are based off a Red Tailed Boa.

Snake in the Grass )

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