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Oct. 20th, 2009


hello all...

i just joined this asylum. My name is Krysie. I don't have any kids yet but my husband and I are trying very hard. We have been married for 3 years now. We are of a pagan belief and worship the Goddess Brigid. I know this is an asylum for people of a wiccan and pagan belief who have children, but i hope i will be welcome, anyway, seeing as we are trying to have children. I figured a foot in the door never hurt anyone. Anyway, I hope to get to know all you guys very well.
Thanks and Blessed Be!

Aug. 8th, 2009


Needed to move our altar

A second family is moving into our house temporarily. They are close friend and needing to find a place to live. They relocated back to GA from AZ. To make a long story short they are catholic. They know what my faith is and it doesn't bother them. However I needed to move the altar to our bedroom since their children will be using my covenspace as a bedroom for a while. At least 2 weeks to a month. By then they will be moving into a place.

Anyhow, Elora watches tv and spends time in our room with us at night before bed. As soon as I set up the altar, Elora started messing with it and taking stuff off of it. She isn't quite 2 yet and cannot understand yet it's a 'no touchy' zone. I kept the altar in a part of the house that is down stairs so she never went there without us.

I'll peace bind the atheme so she can't draw it. The other stuff I'll just have to watch her around so it doesn't end up a mess. Anyone else have small children and an altar? What do you do?

Jul. 18th, 2009


Elora is almost 2

Elora is almost 2 now and I'm looking forward to doing circles for her now. She has missed out on some rituals this year because she just wasn't ready for it. It is very difficult to lead a ritual having to hold her the whole time and if she is just in a stroller, she gets bored and fussy. So we would wait until she was in bed. It's ok. She is getting older now however and I'm thinking for the next holiday having a children's circle (a ritual designed just for them) and an adult ritual to be done after little wee boo goes to bed.

It means more work for me however I think it will more enjoyable by all in the long run. I'm going to introduce her to drum circle this weekend coming.

Oct. 10th, 2008


The coming ritual

Elora is now 1 year old! Ritual will begin to be much more enjoyable for her I hope. I hope it holds fascinating sites, sounds, smells, etc. I remember my first ritual. I converted to Wicca at the age of 12 and I'll never forget how beautiful Lady Draiga was dressed, the glowing candles, the enchanting smell of the incense. I think it was the incense that truly carried me between the worlds. I'll never forget the feeling of being home. Of finally being where I belonged. I always felt like an outsider at christian church and I always walked away with more questions than answers.

I remember having some instruction about Wicca from her before attending our first ritual and I remember being hungry for more and also finally having all my questions answered. Creating finally made sense. Whatever faith Elora chooses, I hope she finds that same sense of understanding and belonging.

Sep. 22nd, 2008


I've been away for a while

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mabon holiday. We did. It was quiet with just family. Here's a quick tip for little ones in the circle. Make sure they have dinner before hand if you are doing circle in the evening even if you are planning the feast afterwards. Having done it both ways, it's much easier to keep wee ones content if they aren't hungry during the ceremony.

Also, if you are having a drumming, have some child friendly instruments available so the young ones can participate. The sounds blends in a lovely way and they love it.

Blessed Be all!

Jun. 21st, 2008


Litha with the kiddies!

Sorry I'm just now getting to posting about Litha and spending it with the family. My mom is in the hospital with major surgery and is likely to be there for the next couple of months.

Anyhow, Litha is Midsummer. The Summer Solstice....the longest day of the year. What a great time to spend out of doors with the kids. Ways to celebrate Litha with the young ones is to go on a nature hike. There are great parks in your area/city. Just google area parks in your zip code or city and it will show you a whole list of great ones.

Play in the dirt! Even living in an apartment you can get yourself and the kiddies outside and plant something. I've found with a large enough pot, tomoatoes do really well and with the samonella found in grocery tomatoes lately, why not grow your own?

Spend some time at the pool today but do it in a special way. Get the kiddies swimming by all of you pretending to be a mermaid. You can make a story or look one up on the internet to share with your children.

Well, hope your Litha holiday is filled with fun and family love.

Blessed Be!

Jun. 18th, 2008


Litha is coming!

I'll be making a post at some point tonight or tomorrow on celebrating Litha with the little ones. :)

Jun. 9th, 2008



DH called me at work just now wondering if I could leave early. The start of a new quarter at ITT prevents that. I have a big project I'm working on for the Dean and Associate Dean. Elora was calling for me and fussing for about 30 minutes now as it's time for her to go to sleep. She wants her mommmy. I normally give Elora her breakfast, but I was ill with a migraine this morning and Daddy had to do it. So lil' one hasn't seen much of mommy today

I'm going home tonight and I'm going to take one of Elora's favorite toys and I'll spray it with my favorite body spray that Elora is used to me wearing. I'll set on my altar and charge it with loving energies. I hope it helps Elora get used to the new schedule daddy and mommy are working.

We're also going to be moving soon and so I want her to adjust to having her own room as easily as possible. I hope the toy helps with that too. She's used to being able to wake up and peek through her crib to see mommy and daddy as we're in a one bedroom. We had to finish our lease before we could move.

Jun. 4th, 2008


Father's Day is coming!

It's actually no surprise to me that Father's day and Litha are in the same month. At the Midsummer Solstice we are celebrating the Sun God in the height of his power. We are focusing on that wonderful, warm, masculine power. The Sun God is the focus in the balance of the powerful young warrior and the nurturing father figure.

This year is my husband's first father's day. I want to make it special for him. He just began a new job which doesn't allow for much family time until he adjusts to a new sleeping schedule. (He's on shifts that consist of 2 overnights, one late night, and two early mornings.) So Father's Day will be a lazy day of taking it easy. I want to get one of those plaster molds that you can make an imprint of your baby's hands and feet. We'll set an impression of Elora's little hands for him. It'll have her name and age and a little message just for him on it. We also sent a message to be seen on Sprout TV Father's day weekend for him. I'll Tivo it as he might be at work when it shows. *wink*

We'll make him a special dinner. He has a few favorite meals that I haven't made in a while. Though I want to get him some baseball tickets, that may have to be a birthday gift in July for him. Anyhow, that day will be his day.

For those of you aren't near your dads or Dad is no longer with us, you can build an altar for him. What special things remind you of Dad? My husband's dad in Rhode Island is a landscaper and a sailor. He also is a wine person. We'll decorate a small place of sailboats, a mariner's compass, a bottle of his favorite wine, etc. We'll send warm loving energies to him. Once we have embued the items with that love and warmth, we can pack it up to send to him.

If dad is no longer with you, make of altar of items that cause you to remember and think fondly of the happy times you spent together. Share these memories if you wish with your family. Send loving energy to the universe. Dad will recieve it.

Have a happy and enjoyable Father's Day!

Jun. 3rd, 2008


The right balance...

I was just reading an article on about a mom who was too much into attachment parenting. Hell, she even called it Krazy Glue parenting. She did the baby carrier thing, breastfed, wouldn't let even her husband hold the baby for fear he'd not do it right, etc. Thank the Goddess I resisted those tendencies. Granted, I think we are all prone to that at first.
running on )

May. 21st, 2008


Time with your kiddies

I was watching (no I was addicted to) Surviving Motherhood while I was on leave after giving birth to my daughter, Elora. (Almost 8 months old now! Wow time flies!)

One of the issues was using TV as a babysitter. This mom was having a difficult time getting her son to go out and play or to come and eat dinner because he was always in front of the TV. She admitted that because she works from home, she puts him in front the boob tube to keep him occupied so she could have conference calls etc. She fell into the trap of having TV be a babysitter.

It's a many of us fall in. Over breakfast with Elora, I have a habit of turning on the computer to check my email. I think I'll stop that though. I can turn on the internet radio for us, but I think I'll move the high chair into the dining room for meals. She's young enough now to start good habits. I do let her watch TV now for one hour at home before she goes to my mom's (Sprout TV is a PBS station) and my mom lets her watch some PBS in the afternoon when Curious George and stuff is on. My mom and Grandma though never seem to ever turn off the TV though so I had a chat with my mom to limit Elora's time in front of the TV. So my mom takes her out in her stroller around her neighborhood, lets her roll around in her walker in the kitchen, and they interact with toys. My mom feeds her in the dining room at her place. I'm glad.

While there are many shows on TV that are good for Elora to watch, too much of even a good thing isn't good. We read together (well, I read and she listens to me) and I make sure to pack a couple of little books. So, my mom reads to her too. And we listen to some music in the car and over breakfast. She's a pretty well rounded child and I'm rediscovering pursuits other than the TV. I think it's been good for the whole family.

Now, one thing I haven't yet begun to scratch the surface is her spiritual training. We listen to pagan music and she loves our drumming. She's awefully good in circle as well. When she gets a little older, I'll let her go to my sister's church with her cousin, Sierra and I'll teach her about different faiths. I hope to give her the tools where she can choose her own faith when she's ready.

As she gets a little older as well, I hope to have a few more children in our coven and we can have a children's worship circle before the adults get together for ours. The children will most welcome both circles and visaversa.

How do you worship with your kiddies?

May. 10th, 2008


An Altar for Mother

How about building an altar to honor your mom this weekend. :)

A pretty table cloth, a representation of the Goddess in her Mother Aspect, Some flowers, some nice incense (jasmine, rose, etc.) and maybe a favorite photo of you and your mom together. Light a pink candle (for love) and send her loving energy to the universe. Can't think of a better gift.

So take a moment today and honor your mother, be she with you, living far away, or transcended to the Summerlands. Blessed Be.

May. 6th, 2008



Had a really nice Beltaine with friends over as we also celebrated our wedding anniversary.

Poor Elora however. She was very tired by the time we got started. My crazy work schedule often leaves her not wanting to take a nap during the day even though she gets tired. She finally (about halfway through the ritual) had enough. I let my DH out of the circle to take her back to the apartment to put her to bed. Poor lil' wee thing! Sometimes that happens. She slept well and woke up for a diaper change several hours later. She was too tired to eat much dinner so let her have a snack when she woke up. She had her first hummus. LOL! She loved it! The cracker I was putting it on was only the delivery system for the hummus to the belly. :)

Now since we're in an apartment complex and we were using the common outdoor area for our ritual, we did have some inquisitive boys come over to watch. They were very good, somehow knowing not the disturb the circle. They watched quietly and when we began to pack up, they asked questions. So, we shared the rest of the sabbat cake with them and one of the people attending (a hermetic mage often joins us for ritual as our main holiday rituals are public) answered their questions. It was really quite nice.

Anyhow, I hope everyone had a nice Beltaine!

May. 1st, 2008


Happy Beltaine!

I hope everyone has a beautiful family Beltaine holiday!

*spreads lots of wishes and cheer*

Apr. 17th, 2008


Childrens' stories

I found a great website for Pagan Mommas (and daddy's too....*grins*)

Check out

Apr. 13th, 2008


A drum circle song to sing with the kiddies!

If you haven't brought your baby or youngling to a drum circle, you are really missing something. The drum beats enthrall Elora.

Here is a song we'll do at our next one. I sang it to Elora over breakfast. We heard it on Goddess Magic Radio.

Blessed are We

Blessed are we in the dawn of the day
Blessed are we in the morning
Blessed are we in the light of the day
As we enjoy the Earth turning
Blessed are we in the twilight hours
The magickal dusk is upon us
Blessed are we in the Dark of the night
Slipping into dreams that are calling

Apr. 9th, 2008


Discussion: What makes a marriage work?

That is a question whose answer is as individual as the people involved in the marriage and the circumstances. Major life changes can make a strain on even the strongest of marriages. Perhaps it is tougher for those with strong marriages because we not giving up easily? I don't know what that answer is.
this got really long, but worth the read. Especially if you are in a new relationship or marriage )

Apr. 8th, 2008


Talk about needing some prayers lately

Elora is really teething and at night it's worse. She just went to bed about 20 minutes ago. And she's a little 'mommy clingy' at this age. Poor Boo. I made her comfortable and hopefully tomorrow will be a little better.

We said our prayers and I sang to her. She's in dream land.

Goddess keep my lil' boo close to you now. She needs you and while she suffers with the teething, I need you too.

Mar. 31st, 2008


A little song to sing my daughter to sleep

lyrics copyright 1993 K.Dyer
sung to the tune of "Brahm's Lullaby"

Lullabye and goodnight
In a Circle of Light
To awaken in the morn
When the sun will be reborn
Lullabye and goodnight
Let your eyes now close tight
Lullabye and goodnight
Let your eyes now close tight

Lullabye and goodnight
Oh my baby sae bright
The Watchtowers all will come
"Til you greet the morning sun
East and South, West and North
I will call them all forth
East and South, West and North
I will call them all forth

Enjoy it with your wee one!

Mar. 30th, 2008


Praying with your babies

This is my favorite bedtime pray to say with your wee ones...

"Day is done, it's time for bed
Goddess bless my sleepy head
Earth & Water, Air & Fire
Bring gentle dreams as I retire.
When the morning sun does rise
The God will bless my open eyes."

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