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buffy fans

I plan on making The Bronze a very big ACTIVE Btvs fan club. We'll do everything there. Post fanfiction, icons, graphics, polls, surveys, etc. You can discuss anything Buffy related. Even add a little personal information so we can all become friends. We'll hold aim chat rooms for role playing or Buffy trivia. I'll also hold graphic contests and look-a-like contests. Plus much much more! Once I reach 20 members the fun will start. Please join and tell your friends:)

Rewatch Buffy and Angel with other fans!

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A Question Regarding JM Concert DVD's (Reposted by Request)

OK, so I talked to Steve Himber about doing a DVD of James in concert next year and he kind of shrugged at the idea. He thinks no one is interested in a concert DVD of James because the last one didn't sell well.... Ahem.

I want to prove to him otherwise. I told him it would sell if I made it... (no false modesty here!) So, now I must put my money where my mouth is! Hopefully with a lot of your help.

If you are interested in a DVD like this--a GOOD concert one--or if you aren't interested, please send me a short email telling me why you would or wouldn't buy such a DVD. If not, what would you be willing to spend your money on? Please be honest and don't say you'll buy one (provided the product is as advertised and what you are looking for) if you have no real intent to do so.

Please send this request out to every group, BB or whatever that you belong, friends you konw who are not online to that would be likely to respond. It's my goal to get a ton of replies to take to Steve! And to get the chance to do this project for all of us!

Patti :)

Send replies to:

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Holland Manners Sighting!

Forrest Gump is on TNT right now, and the school principal with whom Mrs. Gump spoke (and later did the nasty) in order to get Forrest into public school was played by none other than the actor who played Holland Manners with a deep southern accent and much darker hair!

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Drabbles: Mothers

I was never so much of a mother; I couldn't provide one single thing for my baby. I couldn't offer life, safety, family or love. The only thing I for certain could provide was death.

But then again, there was a reason why vampires weren't able to have babies. I wish rules were rules for once. The whole 'rules are meant to be broken'-crap don’t quite work out.

Death created my baby and death would take it from me. It wasn’t exactly news, the baby would die eventually but I wouldn’t and for the first time I wanted to die.

Being a mother is said to be the best thing on this planet. Personally, I think its total crap. Changing diapers on a little brat that can do nothing, it's much easier being an adoptive parent, I've been told. You adopt a teenager and they are practically grown up already, all that heavy teaching has been done by someone else than yourself.

It's easier and hopefully more entertaining and if you raise the kids yourself they might end up with some morals about black and white when the world is really grey.

But then, I never got to experience that.

Dawn walked down the stairs from the upper floor and she was hit by a sudden wave of longing. It had been a week since she had passed away and Buffy was determined to keep everything as it was as if her death didn't matter. Dawn hated her for it. Dawn wanted her mother back from the dead.

She still remembered when Buffy came to her school and told her, she didn't believe her then and a part of her didn't even believe her now, after the funeral.

Now she just wished that her mom was there to hold her.

Mothers are the essence of life and for a little child they are a sanctuary. For me - she was a sanctuary against my own father.

Not that the protection against him were of use but it at leased something, I suppose.

Therefore, when Connor was born without a mother I could really feel sympathy for him, even though it was the last thing he needed.

Growing up without a mother must be like summer without sunshine and Connor, a child of a vampire, wouldn’t see much sunlight in his lifetime. Then again, her mother had never been a saint.

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