Sep. 5th, 2007


Welcome to Bodybrothers on IJ.

Welcome to the IJ version of the LJ community Bodybrothers.

As you can appreciate, this can be a very sensitive topic. For this reason, the community is friendlocked, so only members may read the posts here. Nothing will be archived offsite on any blog archive sites.

Membership is moderated, and will be accepted only for people whose soulbonds have real-life counterparts. You may join using the soulbonder's own journal, but the bonds themselves are welcome to also join with their individual journals as well, if they have one. Please also note that we do not accept membership requests from anyone, whether a soulbonder or not, if they are just "curious" and wanting to know more about it, or if they are looking for a more general soulbonding community. [Unknown LJ tag] is not the place to be if you are merely curious, and I reccommend the [info]soulbonding community instead.

In order to join you must take two steps:

1) Leave a comment (it will be screened) to this post, using the journal you wish to join up, explaining who you are and why you are interested in the community.

2) CLICK HERE. I will hold your request pending until I've reviewed your request. If your journal and/or user info is not public and filled in, I may wish to contact you privately for more info.

When you have joined, please ensure that all posts you make to the community are friendslocked. Any public ones that appear will be deleted without warning as soon as I see them.
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