Oct. 10th, 2007


Wow, I finally got InsaneJournal to stop being a pain in my ass and let me post to communities! JOY.

Uh, hi.
I'm Robin. Yeah, that Robin. If you know my real name, points to you. If you don't, I might tell you sometime.

I'm kind of the system spokesman, I guess. I've been playing host for coming up on two years now, as our system currently doesn't have a host.

We're a pretty big group, but not everyone is active at once. Our list of people is available to friends only, however, for a lot of reasons.

I think we come across as stand-offish without meaning to, and you can have my apologies for that.
We're not at all new to multiplicity or soulbonding, and sometimes we might even be insightful.

As you can see, I fail at introductions. Let me leave it at that.


Sep. 30th, 2007


Soulbonding Mailing List

For those that are unaware, I just wanted to let you know that my group runs a soulbonding mailing list on Yahoo. It's essentially dead, but I'd love to revitalize it. Feel free to join and spread the word.

You can find it at:


~ Keyadis


time for a real introduction

I suppose I've lurked long enough to formally introduce myself. I'm a witch with uncontrolled medium tendencies. I'm under the belief that you can summon people from other worlds and they can be bonded to you. My view of Soulbonding is more mystic. I've got got stranger, who is basically just a ghost from this world, and I have rocky, a "demon" who is kinda like a ghost who just never lived in this world. I've also got Tani and Grine, who were summoned from a different dimension. They weren't soul bonded to me like stranger and rocky, but the fact that summoning someone from another demension by thought has brought a new light into the situation.

I'm considering writing a book about this situation, so I joined this group so I could see what others have discovered about it and not look creepy when I defend people from this community.



As a kid, we had a lot of "imaginary friends." We were an only child and never had many flesh and blood friends. Characters from books, comics, and movies were our regular conversation partners. We would also "imagine" conversations with real people, either actors or kids that we had a crush on. We did this for a long time, and eventually some of them became a permanent part of the system.

In the spring, one of the people in the system went to see if he could locate the world from a game that he had been extensively playing (Tales of the Abyss) and we ended up with someone from that world deciding to stay with us.

Otherwise, we're a multiple system with trauma and natural origins, people who've walked in from other places and worlds, and people we can't explain easily.

Sep. 28th, 2007



At [info]kenobi's prodding, I'm waving a hello from the shadows... I'm still coming to terms with the whole soulbonding/multiplicity thing (or, at least, being open about it), so forgive my shyness.

*off to crosspost this to [info]multiplicity*



Hello again! Our membership is booming... and I don't know who half you people are. Any of you quiet types interested in introducing yourself, if only to say you'll be lurking? Any of you interested in being added to friends' pages?

~ O

PS: This showed up in [info]multiplicity, too, from my parent account.

Sep. 13th, 2007


Dealing with trolls

So, we picked up our first troll today. I am sure that it was bound to happen. I mean, just by being open about ourselves we were setting ourselves up for it.

Anyway, I would just like to know your opinions on how you deal with trolls.   

I am a little peeved, firstly that they would jump in my journal and tell me something that I consider rude and then anonymously...anonymously, mind you...jump back out.  I can't even offer a proper reply, and maybe that is what they are afraid of...that I would confront them.

First, yes, we souldbound.  No, I don't believe we have a choice...since we think that ours have always been here lurking in the shadows and then one day they take on a familiar face (usually through the seeming "death" of the familiar character).  Do I even make sense here?  

And second - if I had a choice, I would probably elect to be like everyone else...I would love to have my own body instead of being shoved into this massive home with a bunch of others. So, get off my case. It's taken us years....YEARS...to live happily and cooperatively, dammit.

Anyway, I am just ranting now since I can't rant at the asshole that left that anonymous comment. Should I just delete it?  Ignore it? Comment? 

For those interested in reading said anonymous comment it is the second one to this post here: http://teamromy.insanejournal.com/28379.html

Thanks for your input in advance.

 So, really...how do you all deal?

Sep. 6th, 2007



I hope the moderators are okay with this notice; if it counts as spamming I'll take it down.

I am closing the "bodybrothers" communities on both Livejournal and Greatestjournal, because both LJ and GJ suck, and I have opened a replacement community here [info]bodybrothers.

Aug. 24th, 2007



I'd like to extend a large welcome to all our new members here, as well as make an announcement. Starting today, [info]kasiya is the third moderator of this community, joining team [info]skywalking-[info]kenobi. Give them a round of applause!

Aug. 23rd, 2007


Hypothetical thoughts

I was thinking last night, about soulbonding and such. More specifically, what I would do and how I would feel, if I came across another person claiming to be, or to soulbond, a "copy" of myself. Maybe someone who's read my story (such as it is) online, and ended up soulbonding me.

My first reaction I think, would be that they're making it up, but doesn't that invalidate the experience in general? If they said they were soulbonding Legolas I wouldn't doubt them at all. But if they were calling themselves Casteylan, and claiming to be me...  The idea makes me uncomfortable. And yet, we have Maedhros here and we've met several other Maedhroses too and it doesn't feel odd at all that there should be more than one of him running around. The only difference is that our Maedhros is "outsourced" and I'm "insourced".  Would that constitute copyright theft? No. It would just make the other Casteylan an "outsourced" bond, right?

We once met a person online who claimed to be soulbonding one of our husband's headmates (Arhuaine had written about him somewhat, online, several years ago). This person was about as unlike the real person as you could possibly get. Arhuaine was so disgusted by it, that she deleted the website the very same day, and never wrote publically about her memories of Alorya again.

Eh, I dunno. I just don't think the world is big enough for more than one Casteylan.

(Going to crosspost this to a soulbonding community or two).

Jul. 26th, 2007



Hello, folks. I just came over here from LJ to check out a community I was recommended, and I figured hey, might as well look and see what the soulbonding community looks like here.

Took me a minute to find it, though. One of the mods might want to see about adding some interests to the info.

Jul. 12th, 2007


Being out of character.

I was reading a description of another system, and there were several mentions of members deviating from canon, not to mention traditional fanon. My question about this is: aren't all soulbonds really AU? Unless the bonder in question was originally part of their story, isn't it outside canon's realm that the two should meet in every single case? Isn't this especially true for soulbonds that have learned to front and are now interacting with earth, a world they might never have known before? And, finally, if this is the case, why are so many of us worried about being perceived as out of character? Everyone changes in response to changing circumstances. It would only be logical we do, too.

~ Obi-Wan

Jul. 11th, 2007



I'm commodity_sign over on Livejournal, and I moderate the soulbonding community there. I found this service today, and decided to join.

Jul. 6th, 2007


I know this is a very odd entry for my first one, but I don't feel much up to introductions right now.

I have several soulbonds who are afraid to come out and talk to people mostly because others have bonds of them and they are afraid that they'll either end up in pissing contests over who's the better bond or get told that they aren't actually the real bond or something and that there could only be one. We have two or three of these and I'm wondering if anyone else has come up against the same problem. Also, as input from one of them, he fears that the fact that there's one there before him will cause others to just think that he's not as good as the one that was here before. As in "Oh, we know of you from [here]" when he is NOT THE SAME PERSON since we follow the multiple 'verse idea.

So how could I handle this fear that some of my bonds have?

-Holly (the bonder/main-type thing)

Jun. 10th, 2007



What is soulbonding?

"Soulbond: v. - To form and/or experience a robust mental or empathic connection with one or more fictional characters. - Laura Gilkey"

Yet that is only one person's idea of it.

Because no one can exactly define what soulbonding is or how it works, the moderators suggest that you do your own research. Try starting with Fiction Connection, Soulbond Sense, or Soul Whispers. After that, form your own opinions and join in.

Community Rules
At present, this community enforces only two rules.

1. Be polite. While it is perfectly acceptable for opinions between community members to differ, please express yourself respectfully. The moderators of this community have a very low tolerance for snark, especially when it is snark for its own sake alone.

2. Stay on topic. This community is for the discussion of soulbonding, a topic broad enough to support it. Please keep personal issues, mud-slinging, and drama-llamaing in your own journals.

Please note, circumstances change, and the moderators reserve the right to amend these rules without notice. They are, however, always willing to talk.