Jul. 7th, 2020


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Jun. 26th, 2008


the first day (open to all)

Buffy felt her stomach flop. She hated this. She just wanted to be back at Hemry, sipping a frap, and gossiping with her now-ex-friends. She SO did not want to be here, in her mother's Jeep, in front of a new school, full of strangers, in a town that was two hours and a freeway from Neman Marquis. "We're here," she heard her mother say, an awkward attempt to get her out the door. "I think this'll be good for us, Buffy."

Buffy turned to her and slapped on a smile. "Yeah. I'll see you after school."

"Have a good day," her mother said, and Buffy couldn't help but wonder if that was even possible. She opened the door and slid out of the Jeep. She could wake up any moment now. The last year could have just been a really awful nightmare. She could've had a little too much of Brady's blueberry schnapps and ralphed again all over his mom's shoes.

"Oh, and Buffy?"

Buffy frowned. Nope. Real. She took a deep breath and turned around. "Yeah, mom?"

"Try not to get kicked out of school?"

Buffy's heart sank. "Promise," she said softly, looking into her mother's terrified and disappointed eyes. I'm so sorry, Buffy thought. "I'll see you at home." Buffy tried to smile again, but couldn't. Buffy turned back to the school. Okay, self. New girl chic. You can totally pull this off. Adjusting the strap of her bag, Buffy began the trek into Sunnydale High.

[ open to all ]

Jun. 25th, 2008


Narrative: And if you get inside my head, then you'd understand

Lex had always believed a man could fly.

It was that small bit of childhood left in him that his father hadn't yet been able to get rid of. That still had day dreams about superheros rather then war heros of old.

And right now, it was no day dream. He really was flying, Sunnydale spread out before him. An out of body experience brought on by sudden trauma and/or death but at that moment, he didn't care.

As he glanced down, he saw the familiar scene repeat itself. The Porsche speeding towards the bridge, going far too fast then the legal limit. The truck coming from the opposite direction, loosing one of it's cargo. The abandoned wire rolling out into the middle of the bridge. The Prosche swerving far too late. The figure standing at just the right spot in the rail.

The scene end abruptly as Lex came back to himself, water choking him just as he was aware of lips on his and another's breath in his mouth. He turned his head to cough before looking up at the radiant figure above him. His hero. The inner child was smug.

"I could have sworn I hit you."

"If you had, I'd be...dead."

When two destinies meet, one often expects a big bang, such as the one that created the universe, when in actually, it's often in just looks and soft hellos. Lex Luthor and Clark Kent had to be the exception to the rule.

[Closed Narrative Game Note: Lex's take over of the West Coast Branch of LutherCorp and the car crash would both have been all over the Wednesday evening news.]


Narrative: Jeremy Creek

12 years ago, his world had succumbed in a cloud of fire and ash.

Succumbed. It should have ended. It was the only way he'd ever be able to deal with the humiliation of being strung up in that field.

The scarecrow.

They say, people in comas can hear everything that is said around them, they just can't respond. This became his world, listening to the nurses chatter and life going on around him, as he laid there. Unable to live with his humiliation and unable to die from it.

The doctors said it was an electrolyte imbalance.

He hadn't aged a day.

The doctors said he'd never wake up.

He did, the night of the electrical storm.

The moment he could, he smiled. A dark, smile as he quickly left the hospital.

Someone was going to die for his humiliation...but it wasn't going to be him.

[Closed Narrative. Game Note: There was a large electrical storm Wednesday night]

Jun. 22nd, 2008


LOG: Clark Kent, Xander Harris and Sam Winchester

Sam and Xander go over to Clark's for movies and Martha Kent's pies. The boys talk about a range of subjects from school to Sunnydale to Alien vs Dr. Indiana Jones. It's boys being boys.

I was promised brain eating...but I guess kicking Nazi butt will suffice. )

Jun. 20th, 2008


LOG: Clark Kent & Sam Winchester

Summary: Martha sends Clark to welcome the new neighbors.

Sunnydale, California was hot. )


LOG: Clark Kent & Xander Harris

Backdated to yesterday, Thursday June 21st

Clark and Xander run into each other at the comic book store for a very important occasion. New Comics Day! They debate what comics are better, the advantage (and disadvantage) of super powers and make last minute summer plans for pie and zombie movies.

And how are you on this greastest day of days, Clark? )

Jun. 16th, 2008


The Last Non-Sucky Monday Party

To say the Bronze was packed was a complete understatement. Sure it had seen it's share of booming business over the long summer months as teenagers and young adults from all over Sunnydale escaped there from the evil clutches of their parents or summer jobs, but tonight there was a huge party for a very good cause.

It was the annual, The Last Non-Sucky Monday Party.

In just one week, classes would be starting up again at Sunnydale High and University of Sunnydale and the masses currently dancing and frolicking under the flickering strobe lights of the dance club, to the beats pounded out through speakers by the DJs would be forced back within their hallowed walls. Nights would be filled with homework and study sessions, instead of partying and hanging out with friends. But tonight, tonight was not a night to think of such things. It was a night of distractions. The drinks, alcohol and non, flowed at half price, the tables were covered in food provided thanks to a slightly steeper cover charge at the door, the clacking of billiard balls could be heard from the tables, the balcony was full to capacity and the dance floor was rocking.

The young people of Sunnydale were out in force, celebrating their last days of freedom.


from beneath you (opening narrative)

A cool breeze swept through the town of Sunnydale. It wasn't uncommon for a town, usually so bright and warm, to cool off at night. But something was different this time. Many of the townsfolk were filled with some sort of uneasiness as the night progressed. Something was coming. Many filed that feeling in the recess of their mind and tried to ignore it.

The Bronze came to life and the music began to flood the streets in the area, the familiar thud and the catcalls and giggling that came with the teenager's off for summer vacation, the college students looking to get wasted, or the 20-somethings trying to ignore the insecurity they felt about suddenly being "a grown up." All of them prey. All of them with warmth that radiated and called out to him.

He could sense them. Their stench sickened him and filled him with an incomprehensible hunger. So close, he thought. The time was so close at hand. Years of plotting and planning would come together on one glorious night and their Master would return to them. "Find more," he whispered softly to the blond beauty to his left, stroking her hair.

"With pleasure," Darla replied, with a grin, and sauntered off to the club wearing her Catholic school uniform. She had been so proud of that kill. Luke had been fond of that day, she'd brought him twins. Luke like twins.

The not-so-quiet town of Sunnydale, for all the life, slumbered. It's true essence buried deep below. But it would only be a matter of time before it woke and devoured them all.

The thought made Luke feel all fuzzy inside.