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Sep. 1st, 2008


FIC~ (Final Fantasy VII) Zack/Aeris

Title: Playtime
Author: [info]inoru_no_hoshi
(Fandom)Pairing: (Final Fantasy VII) Zack/Aeris
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~570
Summary: Zack may have died, but his infamous sense of humour didn't. And unfortunately for Cloud, he's got a Cetra for an accomplice. Poor Cloud.
Disclaimer: Final Fantasy VII belongs to Square Enix (or whatever it is they call themselves these days). No monetary gain is being made from this work of FANfiction.
Highlight for Warnings: * Het sex, very light bondage, unintentional voyeurism. Oh, and crack. Plenty of that to be had. xD *
Beta: None, sorry! Don't have any FFVII fans on my flist that I'm aware of, and have no clue where to go for a quick beta in this fandom. (I did run it through spell-check, though - can you believe it doesn't believe in the existence of Zack, Aeris, or Gongaga?!)
Notes: Written in a hurry, as I was trying to brainstorm more porn to post and had this awesome mental image of, well, the last part of the fic. I just *had* to write it. And if I kept sniggering while doing so, well... >:D

( Playtime )

FIC: Friends Eternal (FFVII, Zack/Sephiroth)

Title: Friends Eternal
Author: [info]guiltyred
Fandom/Pairing: FFVII, Zack/Sephiroth
Rating: NC17
Word Count: ~2000
Summary: Putting out fire with gasoline.
Disclaimer: Don't own characters, wish I did. (Re-wrote this into original fic w/original characters -- which I DO own -- on a dare; link on the page for a 2-for-1 porn offering.)
Highlight for Warnings: * Graphic M/M battlefield sex and language. *
Beta: [info]yohjideranged

"Friends Eternal"