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September 2020



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August 7th, 2017



Welcome to BRING BACK THE PORN 2017!


The Challenge: On September 1st, post something porny to your journal or favorite archive. This can be fic, art, icons, meta, your favorite porny recs, a dirty limerick, etc., etc. Then come back here and drop off a link so we can all enjoy the smutty goodness.

All fandoms and original work are welcome! All kinks, all types of pairings, anything goes, as long as there is some sort of smut factor, it belongs here! From the explicit, to the raunchy, to the taboo, to the vanilla, to the implied sort, we want all the smut.

For those that don’t have an IJ, don’t worry. We’ll put up a post to collect links from non-IJ folks and we’ll include them in the fest masterlist. If you host your works on AO3, we also have a collection created here. Feel free to add your past BBTP works to it as well!

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The 2017 tag request post will be going up in a about a week. Meanwhile...

Spread the word!

Take a banner and spread the news so we can have even more porn! Because of photobucket's utter suckatude, I've lost a lot of the previous banners and don't have access to the ones I didn't make, so if you've got some saved that you'd like to use, feel free--also put them in the comments if you like! Otherwise, I've made three new ones for this year.

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Questions? Comment below!