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I see that we have a bunch of new users and a lot of people checking us out. I do welcome all of you. I want to point out to you, that although this site is based in the LiveJournal engine, we are not affiliated or associated with LiveJournal in any way. We are an independently run site.

We understand why a lot of you are coming over here, and we do not believe in censorship beyond the letter of the law. We will not remove any content from the site unless we receive an official DMCA take down notice or are contacted by an offical legal agency notifying us of illegal activity.

That said, we welcome all of you and if you have any issues, please feel free to visit our support area.
  • Thank you.

    Thus far, I've been very impressed with your set-up. I especially liked the visual confirmation when I attempted to respond to one of my own post as anonymous. A simple step, and one that's effective.

    I'll certainly be using this as a back-up and cross-posted account, although I don't know if it'll be my main blog (at least in the immediate future).

    I do already plan to pony up some cash to support the site as my brief experience has been overwhelmingly favorable.
  • Yeah I plan on buying a permnant account as soon as I can gather enough money. 30 bucks is cheap, but granted Ii'm a stay at home mom with barely any income after paying bills and making sure food is in the house, but i will see what I can manage. I adore this place and want to help support it, unlike wanting to support Livejournal. Their prices are too outrageous.
  • aye aye! new journal space ahoy!
  • Thank you for this statement. *continues to check things out here*
  • hello from spike

    Hey, I'm glad to hear of your non-affiliation with Live Journal.

    I went there and bam-- several weeks later the strikeout started up.

    I am opposed to censorship-- seems to me the back button still works yanno.
    Aside from that, in order to preserve free speech of any variety, seems to me that there is a risk of running into conversation [electronic or otherwise] that
    any singular individual may not like or agree with.

    I bought the perm account straightaway and the extra pictures.
    And I'm going to tell my lj buddies and the free speech communities that have risen up what a great place insane is.

    spike aka sapphoq
  • I'm not really a new user, just an old face back for a visit. It's nice to see that IJ is growing! :-)
  • See, this is why you guys are the alternative to LJ that I've been recommending to everyone who asks!

  • one lucky squeaky!

    I bet you are pretty happy. It is nice to see some new people around. Maybe we can keep some? haha. I've been here forever and it'd be great to have more dedicated people.
  • Thank you for the welcome! As some one who is very angry at Live Journal and was looking for an alternative, I am glad to find this place. I'm going to tell all my friends to come over.
  • Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm a longtime LJ user who wasn't personally affected by the recent "strikethrough," but was quite troubled by it, and went looking for other options. InsaneJournal is the best alternative I've found — it feels like an upgraded version of LJ, even before my paid account kicks in.

  • I like this community. Very easy to use for those familiar with LJ. I think I'm going to stay. *g*
  • WoooHooo. Thanks for the welcome, still dinging between here and another site at the moment but will look into getting a Perm account here after the summer.
  • Is there any way of finding out how many users are currently registered with your site?

  • I was thinking about joining here a while ago, I believe, but I didn't. Given some of the latest posts I've read over at LiveJournal, I decided to make an account here just in case. I don't like the idea of my journal being in the hands of..

    I'll stop to be kind.

  • This is indeed an interesting place. And thanks for the reassurance. :)
  • I don't post very often, but I always come to check out IJ. The whole blowup at LJ took place without me even knowing what or when it happened till I checked my Friends page and boy are people angry. I have always liked IJ because the livejournal format was the one that was most user friendly and InsaneJournal was such a cool, quirky alternative to LJ.
    If its true that LJ is going too commercial, and will be less user friendly, then alot of people will need to know about IJ and I certainly will help spread the word!
  • well, if lj hadn't done what they did and the masses hadn't soazzed and started leaving, i wouldn't have stumbled across IJ.

    now i have an insane me, a live me and a dead me LOL

    how many users do you have so far and are you prepared for the large amount of traffic that may be headed this way?
  • I've had my IJ since '04, but never really did anything to it, and still really haven't.

    With the rumors of SixApart going public and the very real threat and possibility of this being far from over as they want to make LJ look "nice" for investors in the stock market... as an active participant in fandom... I'll admit to feeling scared and sick right now.

    I've defended the changes on LJ time and time again. I knew changes were inevitable. It's not even that they're going public that's bothering me, it's being lied to. And I don't even really deal in fics that hold most of the questionable content. I do write some incest (in two of the series I'm interested in, het incest is canon - Carnivale and Angel Sanctuary) and one not-quite, with Ed and Al in FMA. I try to avoid writing the characters in sexual circumstances, depending on the partner they're with, below the standard age of consent. I usually write het and gen, and don't often go for really dark or squicky topics. But even so...

    Right now, my biggest worry is overwhelming the servers here. The code and the functionality of IJ seems to be superior to either GJ or JF. I have to admit I'm curious about any long-range plans you might have for keeping IJ afloat if you sell perm accounts at such a low price.

    I'm just feeling really miserable and upset over this right now. I've had my LJ since May of 2001. I found LJ through fandom (through links in the now-defunct CFAN) and I've made a lot of friends in various fandoms and non-fandoms alike there. I have a lot of non-fannish obligations on LJ now that will keep me tied to the site until I'm forciably removed.

    I believe you when you say you're not going to censor beyond the letter of the law. But the problems of GJ and JF as options, and the fact I'm really heartsick over this whole charlie foxtrot on LJ... I'm gunshy right now on committing to any new site.
  • Hi,

    this place looks like fun. I didn't know about it, or I would have chosen this over LJ. Pretty new at all this journal stuff, but I'll look around and at the moment it seems very promising.

    Will check everything out and am definitely becoming a paying member ; )

    I'll post a link to this site as soon as LJ is working again to entice more people over. It would be really neat if my favourite communities would at least brach out to your site. This would mean I could give up on LJ for good.
  • Was recommended by a friend, and am continuing to spread the word to the other people on my LJ. I know that I'll be scraping together some funds to donate, as I'm sure you'll need it with the influx.

    Love the mascot, btw. He's awesome, and I like the little random lines.
  • THANK YOU! IJ is seriously awesome and thank you for making such a great place!
  • I've just joined today and so far I'm really loving this place. I plan to syick around for as ong as I can, and hopefulyl when I can afford paying for Permanantly Insane status.

    ...Well, nobody ever said I was sane, did they?
  • Yes nice place here

    Acme cleaning is impressed and we have noticed a few LJ refugees already. Let us know if you have any cleaning needed doing sqeaky! (wink) (wink)
  • Thanks for the warm welcome - I'm migrating over here because stability. :) You all do not have the "SHOOT ME NOW!" target attached to you like LJ does (and that is ignoring the "kerfluffle" of the last two weeks.)

    So, I expect this to be a much more relaxing place to blog at - not as stressful as LJ can be when it's being DDOS/DNS attacked. :p

    Once I have $$, I will gladly put forth the effort and buy a perm account. (This little thing called unemployment & no income right now...)

  • Thank'ee
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