Monday, September 30th, 2013

Who: Heidi Macavoy and Tracey Davis
What: Tracey needs to talk...among other her girlfriend.
When: Wednesday, September 14
Where: The broom closet near the Muggle Studies classroom.
Rating: NC-17

Tracey had been losing her mind for the last several hours. She could barely sit still as she tried to just make it to the end of class. She couldn't concentrate on what Professor Carrow was saying, not that she really wanted to, because her mind was hazy, her cheeks were flushed and she didn't even want to consider the state of her knickers!

Luckily, Professor Carrow didn't seem to pay much attention to her or the other Slytherins. She acted like they were all in total agreement with what she was saying 100%. Sadly, Tracey suspected that was largely true. As for her, it was easier just to keep her head down and ignore Professor Carrow as she focused on the Ravenclaws that the Slytherins shared that class with.

As Professor Carrow spent time speaking to Spencer Fawcett, Tracey let her mind drift for a few moments and was then startled by the class being dismissed. Running out of the class, her bag in a state of disarray, she ran to the nearby broom closet and ducked inside. Peering out from behind the door, Tracey waited for Heidi to walk by like she did every day.

Spotting her, she tried to catch her eye. "Psst!" she hissed from between her lips and tried to wave Heidi over.
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Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Who: Heidi Macavoy and Tracey Davis, Megan Jones
What: Train ride to Hogwarts to start their 7th year!
When: Wednesday, September 1
Where: Outside the Great Hall, Heidi's Dorm, Hufflepuff Common Room
Rating: NC-17

Tracey felt sick to her stomach. She felt guilty and afraid and disgusted. The speech that Snape had given left her feeling like there was no hope to be had even at Hogwarts. The school had always been a safe place. Now, it was anything but. What had she done? Heidi could have applied for some sort of dispensation to play Quidditch, she was sure. With her parents' influence, she likely would have even gotten it. Now, she was stuck at Hogwarts with her.

With a sad expression, she glanced across the sea of students to try and find Heidi where she was exiting with her fellow Hufflepuffs. Even seeing her would make her feel better. That made her feel even more guilty that she was taking such strength from Heidi when it was clear she shouldn't be there.

Plus, there was the matter of her father...

Tracey hadn't really had anything to do with any Death Eaters, past or present. She knew so little about her father but she was of the firm belief that at the time of his death, he wasn't very popular, at minimum, with his fellow Death Eaters. How would they react to her now that so many of them were staff at the school?

Just then, the Carrows walked by. Their presence made her skin crawl then she got...that look. It was like the loathed her. Tracey turned away and looked for Heidi. Spotting her, despite it all, a smile came to her face.

She quickly fled her fellow Slytherins for the safety of the Hufflepuffs who had treated her like one of their own. As she stepped, a foot connected with her. Tripping, she went to the floor in a rather spectacular fashion.

Around her, the Slytherins laughed and pointed and had more than a few disparaging words and slurs for her. A lump rose in her throat as she tried to get to her feet.
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Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Who: Tracey Davis and Hermione Granger
What: A chance encounter
When: Tuesday December 16th, 11pm.
Where: Near the stairs up to Gryffindor Party.

Tracey didn't usually make it a habit to be out after curfew. The last, well only, time she'd had a girlfriend she'd been a Slytherin too so sneaking off didn't involve any risk as all they had to do was to sneak to each other's rooms. However, tonight her task didn't involve sapphic liaisons.

No, she needed to go the Greenhouses and get a few plants that Madame Sprout likely wouldn't want her to have. Tracey had an order of potions to brew up and she had run out of a few things.

Being quite poor, though she hid it fairly well, Tracey created an income for herself brewing potions for students; either for them to use or for them to turn in for assignments. If she ever did brew them for assignments, she usually had to intentionally mess them up just a touch to make the professors believe as student brewed them.

As for herself, both Professor Snape and Professor Slughorn went through a phase where they didn't believe that Tracey brewed the potions herself. Tracey was able to brew things years ahead of her other classmates and was nothing short of a prodigy with potions. Even now she was brewing things, secretly, that could be sold in shops.

Tracey wore slightly-baggy muggle jeans and a t-shirt of a band she liked; The Beatles. Over that, she wore an army jacket and had trainers on her feet. Her gloves and hat were stashed in her pockets and she wore her Slytherin scarf. She was sure it was going to be cold outside!

Turning the corner she stopped short when she saw someone sitting there. Shite! What were the odds she would run into a Prefect on rounds?

Seeing the bushy hair she knew instantly who it was. Hermione Granger...

"Fancy meeting you here," she said softly, grinning to hide her nervousness. She really didn't feel like getting detention!
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Friday, December 17th, 2010

Who: Heidi Macavoy and Tracey Davis
What: Train ride to Hogwarts to start their 7th year!
When: Wednesday, September 1
Where: Hogwart's Express. Then Hogwarts.
Rating: You know will be NC-17 eventually, I am sure!

Tracey Davis had enjoyed her summer quite a lot. It was easy to forget the woes of the world when she was with Heidi. They had spent so much time together, in each other's arms, that they had found time for little else. Despite this, Tracey had missed Heidi when she had to go and practice Quidditch as her father and mother demanded.

The summer at Macavoy Manor had been bliss...with a few sporadic moments of agony. To even think about it made Tracey have to bite back a groan. Heidi's parents hated her. There was no other explanation for her. They had made that clear. Luckily, they were not around much. That was the only nice thing Tracey could say about them.

The news in the Daily Prophet had been hard to think about. The Death Eaters were back and stronger than ever. Her father's death, and the circumstances around it, made Tracey miserable so she tried not to think about it.

Walking hand in hand with her girlfriend, she tried to steel her resolve to return to Hogwarts even though neither of them wanted to. However, the law made it clear that all students who had not completed their seventh year needed to return to Hogwarts.

"Ready?" she asked Heidi softly as she glanced over at her as they neared the entrance to King's Cross station. Their trunks had already been taken by a porter at the top of the escalator. Glancing around, she saw lots of wizards dressed in poor similes of Muggle garb watching the students as they entered the station.

Tracey was dressed in a vey proper gray sweater and matching skirt. Her blonde hair was down and she had very light make up on. She gave Heidi's hand a squeeze hoping to reassure them both that it would be all right.
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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Who: Heidi Macavoy and Tracey Davis
What: The year is over...
When: Wednesday, June 10th
Where: Hogwart's Express. Then Macavoy Estate.
Rating: You know will be NC-17 eventually, I am sure!

Tracey was shocked to her core by the death of Albus Dumbledore. She had...mixed feelings about him in her life. She used to look upon him with contempt; but that was really just about the fact that everyone else in Slytherin did. Then he had been so kind to her. Dumbledore was even kinder than Tracey would ever know as he looked past things she had done.

She wanted to concentrate on that. However, Tracey found it impossible. Instead, she couldn't get past that she was going to be living somewhere other than her home. It felt like she didn't have a home anymore, no matter how much Heidi told her that she would be home at the Macavoy Estate.

Besides, Heidi's parents hated her.

Holding Heidi's hand as they walked, they were about to board the train when Goyle knocked her with his shoulder. "Ewww...I got dyke cooties on me," he laughed cruelly as he continued on and started to disappear into the crowd.

Tracey, not wanting to show it hurt, kept her features passive.
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Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Who: Heidi Macavoy and Tracey Davis
What: Tracey made Heidi a promise but has since forgotten all about it!
When: February 6th, 1997. Noon
Where: Heidi's dorm room to start. Then, the Quidditch Pitch.
Rating: NC-17. Are we really shocked? ;)

Tracey was prancing around Heidi's room as she cleaned and tidied up a bit. She had been staying there as much as she could lately. She'd already gotten multiple detentions from Professor Snape for not being in her room. But, it was worth it. She hated going back to the Slytherin Dungeon. She hated going back almost as much as it seemed her housemates hated having her there.

"Some girls, like to run around…like to handle everything they see!" Tracey sang as she dusted some of Heidi's trophies with a feather duster. "But my girl, has more fun around, because I know she'd rather be with me!"

"Me-oh-my…lucky girl that's what I am. Tell you why you'll understand. She don't fly although she can!" She chuckled at the lyric, amused by the flying part.

"Some girls like to run around, they don't think about the things they do," Tracey sang, changing the lyric slightly. "Bu this girl, wants to settle down and you know she'd rather be with you!"

"Ba ba ba ba bababa," she sang, shaking her bum back and forth as she did. Tracey wore a pair of gold shorts she had stolen from Heidi because she had run out of clean clothes. The Quidditch shorts, were very tight on her, but not in an unflattering way. She wore Cedric's jersey too since Heidi seemed not to mind.

Continuing to shake her bum, she pranced around the room even jumping on the bed. It was a rare thing, but she was in a good mood. Things had been so miserable lately but she would have the whole day to spend with Heidi and no one would be around!

What a great way to spend Valentine's Day, even if it was a week early because that was when the Hogsmeade trip was scheduled for.
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Monday, December 28th, 2009

Who: Megan Jones, Ginny Weasley, Heidi Macavoy and Tracey Davis
What: It continues to be a rough year for Tracey…
When: January 11th, Wednesday 1997. 6:45pm
Where: Hufflepuff Girl’s dorms then near the Quidditch pitch.
Rating: pg-13, for now.

Tracey came running through the halls in search of somewhere to hide. Her hands covered her nose and she choked on the disgusting fluid clogging her nose. It had run out and covered the front of her sweater and robes. Small bats of the disgusting fluid chased her down the halls.

Her state caused quite a few to point and laugh. Though none laughed harder than the Slytherins that saw her. She couldn’t go back to her house. Luckily, Megan was near Hufflepuff when she got close and she let her in so she could run up to Heidi’s room.

She hadn’t seen her girlfriend and she didn’t know whether to hope she was in her room or not when she got there. Flinging open the door, Tracey ran in and made her way to Heidi’s bed.
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Friday, October 9th, 2009

Who: Claire Runcorn and Julia Abernath
What: Claire had invited Jules to see what a real party's like.
When: October 5th, 11:30 PM
Where: The Slytherin Dungeon
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sex, drugs and rock and roll!

Claire swayed to the rhythm of the bass-heavy music that was playing loudly through the common room of the Slytherin dungeon, which had been cleared into a large dance floor with lounge areas and a bar surrounding it. Using some complex charm, the room was bigger than usual and the lights were dim except for the flashing and dancing colored lights that came from above thanks to another charm. Snape never stopped any of the Slytherin's wild parties, nor did any of the other professors know about them.

Wearing a much shorter, all black version of her school skirt, a dark green halter top that showed a sliver of her stomach and black leather boots with an array of colorful bracelets on her wrists, Claire paid no attention to the actual person she was grinding against. By the grabby hands she could tell it was a boy. Already feeling a buzz from the firewhiskey and a dose of an illicit potion that had been passing around that had a similar effect to the muggle drug ecstasy, she kept on the look out for a certain dark haired Ravenclaw.

A Ravenclaw wasn't too uncommon at Slytherin parties. There were a few already here. As long as they had an invitation, it was fine. Claire had been sure to send an owl with an invitation to Julia that entailed the time and password into the dungeon. She hoped the girl would show. If not she would have to dettle for some duller person to occupy her time with.
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Friday, August 21st, 2009

Who: Heidi Macavoy and Tracey Davis
What: Heidi's parents return.
When: Saturday, April 20, 1996 10:30 am
Where: Macavoy estate.
Rating: pg-13
Warnings: None

Heidi dragged herself up the stairs to her room. Her gray sweatpants were accompanied by a red wifebeater that she could feel stick to her with sweat. Entering her room, she smiled as she spotted Tracey still sleeping. Being extremely quiet, she gathered an old Irish National team t-shirt and another pair of brown sweatpants to change into.

As quickly and quietly as she could, Heidi took a shower and changed into her clean clothes before coming back out into her room and grinning as her girlfriend was still asleep. Sneaking over to her, she watched for a moment as the blonde lay peacefully asleep.It wouldn't last much longer though. Grinning evilly, Heidi sprawled her body over Tracey's, effectively covering the girl's body with her own. She knew it wouldn't hurt the girl but it should provide for entertainment. "Traaaaaceeeeyyyy." she groaned playfully.

Heidi knew her parents were coming back soon, so she would get whatever joyful moments with her girlfriend she could get before then.
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Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Who: Tracey Davis and Heidi Macavoy
What: Tracey has a surprise for the love of her life…
When: Thursday, April 18th, 1996. 8pm
Where: Macavoy Estate, the den.
Rating: NC-17, you know them!
Warnings: None
Notes: Back to the original story line for these two! No more angst! Woo!!

It had been a blissful week for Tracey to spend her break with Heidi, alone, in such a big and beautiful house. Thank Merlin that Heidi's parents had been absent the whole time. She adored the House Elves that Heidi's family had serving them and she couldn't help but imagine their life could be like this one day despite her greatest fears.

Over the last few days, Tracey had been a bit secretive. Unlike at school, she was doing it pretty badly. A few gentle questions from Heidi went unanswered. Seeming to get it was supposed to be a surprise, Heidi had stopped asking.

A total surprise would have been better but Tracey would take a mostly-surprise if she had to.

Plans were now all in place and she was ready for Heidi to see the surprise. Dinner was done and Tracey was sitting by the fire waiting for Heidi to get out of the shower; she had been practicing a little after dinner.

Her heart was hammering nervously as she hoped Heidi would like her surprise. Sure they had talked about it, but sometimes talking could be misleading; unintentionally, even.

Dressed in a pretty sundress, Tracey's feet were bare and she was glad for the fire that roared nearby. Her hair was down and styled. Her make up was subtle and quite pretty. She had made an effort to look great for Heidi while she was in the shower.
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Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Who: Tracey Davis and Heidi Macavoy
What: Tracey gives Heidi a second chance.
When: Saturday, Oct 17th 2003. 6pm
Where: Tracey's flat.
Rating: Who knows, PG-13 to start.
Warnings: Angst.
Notes: This is an AU of the current Heidi/Tracey storyline. Tracey, when outed, denies everything and breaks things off completely with Heidi breaking her heart. They both graduated school and now live the lives of adults…

After Tracey had left the night before, Heidi had all but broken down. She spent practically the whole night sobbing; a mix of the drugs that were still in her system and the fact that Tracey had seen her like this and that she had gone so far as to almost hurt Tracey. Eventually, Heidi had fallen asleep. On the floor of her bathroom.

Waking up from her sob and drug-induced slumber Heidi realized that it was a new day and that she had one last chance to try and get Tracey back in her life for real. This time, she was determined not to screw it up. Spending the day as a nervous wreck, Heidi waited around anxiously since she had no civil service to do that day. Her mind kept racing, though it always landed back on one thing. Tracey Davis.

When four came around, Heidi decided to get ready. Again she chose a outfit not too formal, a nice black fitted muggle band tee and form-fitting red corduroy pants topped with a black leather studded belt and won black converse sneakers and a few rings on each hand.

Running a hand through her hair as she took one last look in her mirror, Heidi slipped on her old dull green military jacket - this time free of any drugs in the pockets - and left her loft.

As she apparated to near Tracey's flat, Heidi stopped at a florist and bought a single periwinkle orchid before continuing on. In a few minutes she was at Tracey's door. Taking a deep breath, she knocked and waited for an answer.
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Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Who: Tracey Davis and Fleur Delacour
What: Tracey hatches a desperate plan to save face and discredit Heidi after being outed. Fleur is a perfect candidate to help.
When: May 16, 1997
Where: Fleur's Classroom/office.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Angst, dubious consent.
Notes: This is an AU of the current Heidi/Tracey storyline. Tracey, when outed, denies everything and breaks things off completely with Heidi breaking her heart. This is, partly, how they did it…

Tracey was frantic, manic, as she set about to finding a way to hide the truths that had been blurted out about her. She had warred with herself over what she should do. Part of her wanted to just accept it, admit it and see what could be made with Heidi. She wanted it so badly, it hurt.

But then, there were other things in play. Then, Tracey's mother had gotten involved…

Since that day, Tracey had fully embraced everything about her that made her Slytherin. She skulked and schemed and plotted and pondered. Most of all, Tracey watched. She watched everything.

After a short time, it became clear who her greatest ally would be and who would be the key of getting that person in her pocket. Tracey began to follow, no stalk, Lavender Brown. She watched everything she did and everywhere she went. One day, she even stole from her.

She had spent day after day in her laboratory and the library researching and brewing. Tracey, much to her annoyance, was not successful the first time or even the second or the third. However, on the tenth try, she got it right. At least, she thought she had.

The result of all her work tucked safely away, Tracey made her way towards Fleur's classroom. She wore a pristine uniform and her golden hair was hanging loose over her shoulders.

Knocking lightly at the door, she tried her best to quiet her pounding heart and to affect the look of an innocent, yet alluring, school girl.
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Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Who: Tracey Davis and Sara Moon
What: Sara must need something because she agrees to see Tracey.
When: Friday, Oct 16th 2003. 11pm
Where: Tracey's flat, Diagon Alleya, to start.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Angst.
Notes: This is an AU of the current Heidi/Tracey storyline. Tracey, when outed, denies everything and breaks things off completely with Heidi breaking her heart. They both graduated school and now live the lives of adults…

Tracey was totally shaken after seeing Heidi. She had agonized all day over the same questions she had been asking herself at Heidi’s flat and then added a few more. What about Sara? What about what they had? How did that affect what she might have with Heidi? No matter what the question, Tracey couldn’t come up with an answer.

She knew she needed answers and the only place she could get them immediately from Heidi so she could only get answers from one person…

Taking the enchanted quill and parchment that Sara had given her, allegedly protected from being read by anyone else, Tracey began to scribble a note. She had to try a few times before she got a note that was anything close to what she was willing to send.

One version was too needy and desperate, Sara would never come if she read that. One was too cold, Sara wouldn’t feel desired enough. The space between their visits was always long enough for Tracey to be practically aching with need by the time she saw Sara.

Sara, I have been thinking about you the last few days. Our last night at that elegant hotel you took me to was exquisite. It still warms me to think of it. I feel warm now even as I write you.

See me tonight and I’ll show you how I feel now…

She hoped that would entice Sara enough to see her. Despite everything, all the tension with Heidi and the memories of Sara had made her unbelievably randy. Her inner turmoil had dampened it some, but it was less and less by the hour.

Sara, if she agreed to meet Tracey, always selected some random and lavish location. Tracey always had to sneak and assure that she wasn’t seen. As she dressed, Tracey hoped that Sara would send her a note…
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Friday, February 6th, 2009

Who: Tracey Davis and Heidi Macavoy
What: Tracey is having Heidi over for dinner. What is she thinking?
When: Friday, Oct 16th 2003. 10am
Where: Tracey's flat, Diagon Alleya.
Rating: Who knows? PG-13 to start
Warnings: Angst.
Notes: This is an AU of the current Heidi/Tracey storyline. Tracey, when outed, denies everything and breaks things off completely with Heidi breaking her heart. They both graduated school and now live the lives of adults…

Tracey spent the whole week on edge. Hiding everything about her, as she always did, her job only added to her level of apprehension. First she worried about having Heidi over at all; it was a bad idea. Then she worried about her place, it was small and spartan on her meager salary. Then she worried about what she should make.

By the time Friday arrived she was nearly a wreck. If she hadn't called out sick so much at work, she surely would have. So, she went to the Ministry and just stewed at her desk all day. The end of the day couldn't come fast enough.

She survived to the end of the day, somehow, and left work to stop at the market. Picking out all the ingredients for the meal, she also bought a small bottle of wine. Once she got home she poured herself a glass to calm her nerves.

What should she do with her "shrine"? Tracey sighed when she looked at it. Heidi knew about it but she didn't know the scope. Taking down most of it, Tracey left a few pictures and articles up and hid the rest away.

Dressing in a proper, gray wool skirt with a white silk blouse. Dinner was cooking on the stove as Tracey waited nervously. With the time drawing near for Heidi to get there, she finished her glass of wine and hid the bottle away.
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Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Who: Tracey Davis and Heidi Macavoy
What: Tracey has a surprise for Heidi!
When: Saturday, April 12th, 9:00am
Where: Macavoy Estate, Kitchen
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Fluff
Notes: This is the normal story line for Heidi and folks!

Tracey woke up really early considering that she really hadn't slept that much. The night before had been positively magical. They got to be alone, in front of the fire and make love all night and not have to worry about getting caught or…anything. It had been wonderful.

Having gotten up early, she put her comfy pjs back on and discovered that Heidi was already gone. It amazed her that Heidi could get up so early, without complaint, to practice Quidditch; alone, no less.

Moving to the kitchen, she thought it would be nice to make Heidi breakfast. Once inside, she found Jilly looking through the cupboards. "Miss Tracey!" he greeted her with a friendly nervousness. "I am sorry you needed to come back to find me. What may I get for you?"

"Oh, no, nothing. I thought…I would make Heidi breakfast," Tracey told her.

Jilly looked aghast. Her large eyes got glassy. "Did my food displease you? I am so sorry."

"No, no, it was great. It's just a gesture…since she is my girlfriend," Tracey told her, hoping that the explanation would fix the offense.

"Really?" Jilly squeaked. When Tracey nodded, Jilly smiled.

"If you can show me where things are and if you want to help, that would be great," Tracey added, making Jilly squeal with delight. The two began to look around the kitchen for ingredients and began making a breakfast that would be able to feed an army.

Moving through the kitchen, she saw a picture of Heidi in her Quidditch uniform smiling and laughing with the rest of her team from their first game of the year. It had been a pretty good day for the new Hufflepuff captain since they one. Tracey smiled.

"That's Clarky's!" Tracey wasn't surprised by that, the proud House Elf certainly seemed to have a great affection for his young mistress.

Tracey walked by the picture a few more times as she got the bacon started and was stirring pancake batter. It seemed like Heidi was smiling at her. She found she was smiling back before she realized how silly that was.

Softly, at first, she began to sing.

I've just seen a face I can't forget
the time or place where we first met.

She's just the girl for me and I want all the world
to see we've met. Lalalididi.

Tracey smiled at Jilly. "Come on, sing with me." She lead her and the House Elf, her voice squeaking, in the opening verse before singing more.

Had it been another day,
I might have looked the other way and
I'd have never been aware
but as it I'll dream of her tonight. Lalalididi.

Tracey kept making breakfast as she sung the old Beatles song.
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Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Who: Tracey Davis and Heidi Macavoy
What: Tracey is coming back, despite her better judgment.
When: Tuesday, Oct 13th 2003
Where: Heidi's flat in Muggle London.
Rating: Who knows? PG-13 to start
Warnings: Angst.
Notes: This is an AU of the current Heidi/Tracey storyline. Tracey, when outed, denies everything and breaks things off completely with Heidi breaking her heart. They both graduated school and now live the lives of adults…

Tracey barely slept the night before. Everything that was said at Heidi's flat played in her head over and over again. She spent most of the night crying and wondering why she had agreed to go back.

Morning came far too early. She had been tempted to call out sick to work but she was on thin ice with her boss. Tracey couldn't be without a job, no matter how much she hated that job. She didn't have mummy and daddy's money like some people…

Work was hell that day. She barely got anything accomplished except managing to avoid her boss. Which was good for her, Tracey's boss would have been less than impressed with how little work she had done.

Once her day was over, Tracey snuck off to change. She wasn't going to wear anything provocative by any means but her frumpy work robes needed to go. More nervous than she could explain away to herself, she applied some light make up in the loo before changing into a casual, big gray wool sweater and slightly baggy jeans before putting her hair up in a ponytail and sliding on a pair of trainers.

Stopping at the store, she took a long time to pick out what she wanted to make. After bagging up her groceries, Tracey began her trek to assure that she wasn't followed. Sure that she hadn't been, but paranoid she had, Tracey apprated to an ally near Heidi's place then quickly donned her invisibility cloak.

Riding the elevator up, she wondered if she would find the door open and welcoming or shut…
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Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Who: Tracey Davis and Heidi Macavoy
What: Tracey and Heidi have a chance encounter…
When: Monday, Oct 12th 2003
Where: London, outside the Ministry of Magic.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Angst.
Notes: This is an AU of the current Heidi/Tracey storyline. Tracey, when outed, denies everything and breaks things off completely with Heidi breaking her heart. They both graduated school and now live the lives of adults…

Tracey Davis looked thoroughly defeated as she walked out of the Minsitry of Magic. Dressed in dark green robes that were nice but hardly extravagant, she looked like someone who used her clothes to convey the modest success she had achieved because her face didn't reflect even a hint of joy or pride. Her blonde hair was pinned up on her head and she wore heeled boots that clicked on the concrete as she walked and ducked into The Hog's Head so she could get to Diagon Alley.

Stepping inside, the brick wall crunched shut behind her. Sighing, she started to make her way to the shop to pick up something for dinner. Though, she really had no interest in eating; she never did and it showed that she lost the fullness in her cheeks that she had as a teenager.

While most of her coworkers took the Floo, Tracey never did. Her flat wasn't on the network, she didn't want anyone stopping by. At first it had been because of Sara and, more specifically, her husband, then it was just…she didn't really have any friends left to stop by.

Besides, it killed time which was something Tracey had in abundance. She really had nothing to do. She had lost her desire to experiment and make potions. She had no friends or social life. Tracey spent most of her time waiting to back to her tortuous job and going to her tortuous job.

Making her way into the market, she began to peruse the shelves and bins hoping that she could find something that might give her some joy if only for a little while.
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Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Who: Heidi Macavoy and Tracey Davis
What: Heidi and Tracey have a much needed break…
When: Friday, April 12th. 9:00am
Where: Hogwarts, to start, then, the Macavoy estate.
Rating: PG-13, for now.

Finally! The day had come, spring break. Heidi was ecstatic, with all the drama that had been going on recently, she looked forward to being able to get away back to Ireland and her house with Tracey and have it all to themselves for the week.

Walking to meet Tracey outside the gates of Hogwarts, where many other students were so they could all go wherever need be, she carried her bag of everything she wasn't leaving here on one shoulder and propped her broom against the other. She wore a Harpies t-shirt and her worn in jeans with a pair of black sneakers and a smile.

Seeing Tracey, she waved to her and went to her side. "Hey." she said with a grin, standing kind of awkward, even though Tracey was out now, she still wasn't sure what her stance on public displays of affection were. "You ready? I have a portkey." She explained, holding out a key. Her parents had given her one after, when she was a child, she had a bad experience with floo powder, a fear which she had overcome, but still used the portkey just out of convenience.

"When I count to three, grab it." she said. "Ready? One...two...three!"

After the swirling ride the portkey sent them on, they finally came down to their destination; Macavoy estate. Well, the outside gate at least, a large structure with an elegant "M" on it that doubled as a protective barrier to any muggles. Saying a special spell, the gate opened. Heidi turned and smiled to Tracey and took her hand as she lead her inside.

Inside the gates was a front yard of a circular path of elegant gravel that lead to the double doors and a fountain. behind it was a huge, classic mansion with ivy up one side. Surrounding either side and back were aches and aches of green lands and valleys. In the distance to one side, you could see the ocean off a cliff.

"Welcome to the Macavoy estate." Heidi said softly, wrapping her arm around Tracey's waist.
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Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Who: Daphne Greengrass, Sara Moon and Tracey Davis
What: Daphne is holding up her end of the bargain…
When: Thursday, April 4th. 8:00pm
Where: Slytherin Girl's dorm, 6th year near Sara's room.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Angst.

Daphne had been looking for Sara since they had come back from dinner. To her annoyance, Sara seemed to have disappeared. She wasn't in her room, the common room or anywhere else she looked.

Tracey Davis had sought her out earlier that day. She had come to Daphne with info she would have killed for before her encounter with Sara. She would have put it out so fast that Sara wouldn't have known what hit her. However, things had changed since then…

Taking the information graciously, Tracey never asked her to do anything with it. Clearly her housemate assumed that Daphne would have just told people. Tracey would have been right; too bad for her that she didn't know about Daphne and Sara's alliance.

Armed with something so damning that Sara was sure to owe her forever, Daphne could barely contain herself as she looked for Sara.
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Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Who: Tracey Davis/Heidi Macavoy.
What: Tracey has been outed!
When: Tuesday, April 2. 5:55pm
Where: Near Hufflepuff Commons, to start.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Angst, drama

Tracey had no idea what was happening at first. The day had started normally enough. After getting into her uniform, she had gone down a little late to breakfast. She got a few looks as she always did walking in late, but she didn't notice.

It wasn't until the whispering started that Tracey began to notice that she was getting a lot more scrutiny than usual. She tried to ignore it, but it kept getting worse and worse throughout the day.

After Potions, Pansy Parkinson gave her a disgusted look as she walked by with Millicent in tow. "Macavoy, really?" she sneered. "Even though you are disgusting, I figured you could do better than that."

Tracey's heart fell into the pit of her stomach. She couldn't even respond to Pansy as she cackled cruelly and walked away. Her fellow Slytherin, who wouldn't even spare her a glance normally, had been so forthwith there was no doubt that she knew. How did she know?

The rest of the day was just as bad. Tracey snuck off to cry in the loo after she'd heard Ernie Macmillan and Lisa Turpin discussing her and Heidi. It wasn't only Pansy who knew, it seemed that lots of people did.

She hid the rest of the day, not sure what to do. Needing to talk to Heidi, she waited in a dark corner by the Hufflepuff tower hoping to catch her on the way to dinner. Her uniform was a rumpled mess and her cheeks were stained with tears.
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