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    Tuesday, December 29th, 2015
    9:52 pm
    Who: Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger, miscellaneous muggle friends
    Where: Fabric warehouse club London, UK
    When: may 30 2001
    Rating: nc17
    What: Hermione is blowing off some steam after exams with a friend when she runs into the last person she expected to see...

    The music was so loud she couldn't hear herself think but that was what she needed tonight. The droning thump thump bass of the house music swelling out of the speakers made her sway thoughtlessly. In her had she had clutched a gin and tonic, her third in less than an hour. The alcohol made her feel warm and heady even though she wasn't wearing enough to feel warm. Leave it to Jeanine, who's cleavage was spilling out of a tight tube top, her ass nearly showing in an impossibly tiny skirt, flirting outrageously with a tall dark bloke in a tight black tshirt, to have dressed her this way. A simple black, body hugging dress would have been appropriate, but Jeanine had insisted Hermione wear not only that, but one that had a shiny silver zipper on it that ran all the way down to her navel, and depending on your modesty it could be altered up or down to reveal varying degrees of cleavage. Hermione had covertly tried several times since they left the flat to tug it north but Jeanine noticed and punished her by yanking it a little lower each time so that Hermione had just given up. But now that the drinks were kicking in she way caring less and less. The skirt was short, attached to the dress, black with red pleats, and she had done her eye makeup dark to match the edginess of her overall look. Spiked red heels and her thick full hair was straightened so it fell half way down her back. Hermione had never been less recognizable to herself but for the intents and purposes of tonight it suited her.

    She finished her drink and turned to find Jeanine and the dark fellow were grinding up against each other. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a short bloke eye balling her, getting up the nerve to come over to her. Not wanting to be rude Hermione wagged her empty glass at Jeanine and motioned to the bar to indicate she was going for another. Slipping through the crowd of muggle clubbers she decides if that guy does work up the nerve she just might dance with him.

    Tonight is about letting go she reminds herself. Six months ago when she decided to attend Muggle university in London everyone besides Harry and her parents were flummoxed. She had tried to explain to Ron, who had completed Auror training just as she had finished her advanced wizard studies, that she wasn't ready to settle down at that moment and start cranking out children the way Arthur and Molly had. Ron was infuriated and they had a terrible row that was only patched up days before she left to being college. Things had been strained until the week before, when they had agreed to take a break over the summer and see how they felt in the fall. Tonight she just wanted to forget how crazy her life had been the last few years and have some fun with Jeanine who shed met the first week of school. Jeanine knew how to have a good time and wanted to make sure everyone else did too.
    Finally making her way over to the bar, Hermione sat her empty glass down and looked down the long row to see the bar tender was out of shouting range. Placing her hands on the edge of the bar she leaned slightly over it and waved her hand, completely forgetting about the length of her skirt until she felt the breeze about her knickers...
    Monday, September 28th, 2015
    4:05 am
    Ahayla didn't care much for the silliness that was going on around her as she walked through the halls with her bandmates, 3 other young ladies who were only a little older than her and chatting amongst themselves, but the new freshman and sophomores were in! She remembered last year, coming in as a freshman and being utterly lost as to where to go. But she didn't let it show, she was confident, and that was how she met her first bandmate, and best friend. The girl who had her arm around her waist, senior Kaelirra Ahi'keike, music major, aspiring artist, guitarist and vocals. Even though the older girl had a girlfriend, their bassist Erystelle Morrigan, music theory major, senior and walking right in front of them tall and brooding, Kaelirra found any reason she could to hang off Ahayla. Not that she minded, her friend was cute.

    "We have a gig friday night, Silvermist Tavern." Seilin, drummer, junior and music major, said as she looked over her shoulder to Kaelirra and her. Seilin was a voice of reason, kept them on track alongside Erystelle, almost as short as Kaelirra, but not quite. "Should be fun, we do our set, then we just do crowd favorites, any style. Which means we're going to be listening to all kinds of music this week. Hopefully they all pick songs we know, or we're gonna be looking them up on our breaks." A freshman squealed somewhere to their right, making Ahayla sigh slightly but Kaelirra smile brightly and turn to see. Sure enough, it was for them. The other girl quickly turned to hide a blush.

    To say they were local celebrities was an understatement. Everyone at the school knew who they were, a lot of high schoolers in the neighbouring towns and in their city knew them, and various internet groups that were looking for new bands, and their online followers of course. Their music was spreading, but they still needed to lay their ground work.

    Which left Ahayla as their latest addition. Sophomore, music major and classical composition minor, lead vocals and guitarist. According to Kaelirra, she was what their band had been missing, and Ahayla couldn't deny she had fun with them. "How long?" Ahayla asked, turning just in time to see a small group of freshman girls and boys approach them, effectively cornering them up against the windowed wall of the dance studios. This had happened before, and Kaelirra often joked about a protective ring to keep her safe, but it always happened to leave Ahayla with her bandmates surrounding her and keeping the fans at bay as they pushed pen and pad at them, some CDs, iPods, cell phones...anything to sign. Leaning back against the wall, she waited, looking over into the studio behind her. Ballet. Someone was dancing, but it wasn't a class. Ahayla didn't sign anything outside of gigs, so she didn't reach for anything, only looking away when distracted but happy fans moved away from them, not realizing Ahayla didn't sign. Kaelirra moved to wrap her arm around Ahayla's, looking to see what had caught the younger girl's attention.

    "Who is that?" Ahayla asked, walking once more with her band as they made their way down the hall again.
    Saturday, September 20th, 2014
    2:05 am
    Who: Daphne Greengrass and Millicent Bulstrode
    What: Before school shopping....
    When: August 26, 1997. 2pm. Just prior to the start of their 7th year at Hogwarts.
    Where: Diagon Alley
    Rating: PG, for now

    Daphne strode through the streets of Diagon Alley with her head held high. Behind her, a House Elf was peering through a huge stack of boxes and parcels as it followed dutifully behind. It's little legs quaked under the weight it was carrying. Daphne paid the creature no mind as she walked. Stopping, she glanced around to see where her whim might carry her next.

    "Where is my list, Hettie?" Daphne asked her servant.

    "It is...tucked away, Mistress Daphne," the elf squeaked.

    Daphne sighed in annoyance. "Well, you'd better fetch it, don't you think? Otherwise, I might miss something." She glanced over her shoulder and narrowed her eyes at the elf. She watched as the elf set the boxes down to pull the list out of the cloth she had tied around her. Unfolding it, Hettie recited what was left to get.

    Rolling her eyes, Daphne exaggerated the annoyance she felt. "Do you think you will be able to carry the rest of my things when we get them?" The House Elf looked down but didn't answer. She sighed in disgust. "Fine. Bring them home and return here immediately."

    The House Elf disappeared in a puff of smoke leaving Daphne alone. As she was near Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour, Daphne decided that a latte would ease her as she waited.

    Wearing black velvet robes that accented her lithe, thin body, Daphne felt the hem swish near her ankles as she watched. Her red hair was up in a bun that was bound with a silver accent that matched the ones on her robe. On her right hand was an emerald ring she had received for her birthday. The stone clear and sharp and large enough to be seen and to show off the expense of it and the platinum setting around it.

    Ordering her drink, she glanced about. Despite her cool and calm demeanor, she felt anything but. There had been a huge upheaval over the summer that had left blood purists, dark witches, and the Dark Lord's most loyal servants at the top of every position of power throughout the Ministry and even Hogwarts.

    One might think that Daphne would be on top of the world. Her family were sympathetic to the Dark Lord and his cause, they were rich and influential, and Daphne had a lot of influence and esteem at Hogwarts and within her house. Sadly, that last bit, had was the operative word. She had run afoul of Draco and Pansy over the summer and now knew that they were solidly counted as enemies. Not a good position to be in. Because of that, she knew she needed allies and likely even protection.

    Luckily, she had heard a rumor that one of her fellow Slytherins was not too wild about Pansy Parkinson these days. Because of this, and that girl's reputation, Daphne had made a show of shopping and having a good time all in the efforts of finding her fellow Slytherin so they could talk before leaving on the Hogwarts Express in less than a week.

    Her gaze stopped when she finally found her. Daphne's heart began to pound in her chest. Swallowing hard, she did her best to steel her resolve and hide away any anxiety she felt before walking over.

    "Hello, Millicent," Daphne greeted the other girl, smiling sweetly as she stopped to stand at the side of her table with her hands folded demurely in front of her. "How are you?"
    Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014
    11:10 pm
    Allura, Crusader of the Zakharem faith, crouched down upon the desert sands. The sand was red, and churned like butter. A battle, no, a slaughter had taken place here. Remnants of once living beings scattered the field of red. Around them the wind billowed, blowing sand in every which direction.

    Beneath her plate armor, the blonde woman sweated profusely. It caused her to feel as dirty and grimy as a street begger, and the sand that was somehow finding it's way through the cracks of her armor did not help how she felt at all. Whatever had happened here, there were trails of blood leading away from here.

    "Shall we follow?" she looked up and asked, smirking behind her helm, for it was a rhetorical question. Of course they would follow.
    Friday, March 7th, 2014
    11:27 pm
    Who: Gabrielle Delacour and Luna Lovegood
    What: Gabrielle catches a hint of something and is intrigued...
    When: Tuesday, Oct 1. Trio's 7th year.
    Where: Outside the Great Hall.
    Rating: NC-17
    Note: This thread takes place in the Tracey/Heidi AU storyline.

    Things hadn't been going quite as Gabrielle had hoped since she had come to Hogwarts. It had been far, far too boring. For all her plans for lots and lots of adventures and trouble, she had found very little of it. Even the rumors about the depravity and fun to be had in Slytherin house seemed to have been greatly exaggerated. Oh sure, she had found some fun; Sara Moon was a stand out and what she had expected for Slytherins. But, it seemed most others were just prudes. There were tragically few sexy teachers and one had been strictly forbidden to her by Fleur. Gabrielle was wondering if she should try to return to Beauxbatons soon.

    That was, assuming she was allowed to...

    She hadn't discussed it with Fleur yet, but Professor Carrow had implied that the school was locked down and no one was to leave. At first, that sounded too good to be true. Now it sounded like a prison sentence.

    Then there was Fleur. Gabrielle was still full of many mixed emotions about her sister, her sister's fiancé, and where that left Gabrielle. Fleur was one of the highlights sexually of being at Hogwarts but even she seemed to not have enough time for Gabrielle because of her job and Lavender.

    Having had dinner, Gabrielle was looked at another disappointing night. Fleur was busy. Sara had Theo hanging all over her. And any other prospects that came to mind were far too desperate to be with her to be enticing in the least. Which was very sad because Gabrielle was in quite a state.

    As dinner came to a close, Gabrielle was staring down at her plate when she suddenly caught an interesting scent. Her eyes immediately darkened and she hid behind her hair. She didn't look up for a few minutes while she got herself under control.

    She glanced up and saw a quirky looking blonde girl in a Ravenclaw uniform almost skipping her way out of the Great Hall. As she moved away, Gabrielle was certain that was where the intriguing, enticing, intoxicating scent was coming from. Ignoring her hangers-on, she made her way out.

    The other girl was moving slowly so it was easy to catch up with her. In her perfectly tailored Slytherin uniform, her hair neatly up in a clean bun, and subtle make up that was meticulously applied, Gabrielle approached her. "Allo," she greeted Luna, her French accent thick in that moment. "I am Gabrielle Delacour."
    Thursday, December 26th, 2013
    12:05 pm
    Danica had recieved a summons from her mother, requesting her presence for the holidays this year as it had been the first year in forever with her being back in her life. She wasn't going to be the one to disappoint her, and Danica had enough disappointment of not having her mother around. Rolling over, she hugged Kara against her body.

    "Come with me?" She asked softly. "To Themyscira for the holidays." Nuzzling her face into the blonde's neck, she closed her eyes. It would be fun. It never snowed on the island, and there was many physical activities to do. Well, for Danica.

    Stephanie sat at her computer desk typing away into the early morning. She had three essays due at the end of winter break, and she didn't want to waste any time. Unfortunately for Chris, that meant no messing around for the blondes.

    Chewing on the end of her pencil, she kept clicking and pushing keys.

    "No, not that." Muttered the genius, shaking her head as she erased an entire paragraph. It said what she wanted, but not how she wanted it to say it. She really should have started the day winter break began...
    Saturday, December 21st, 2013
    2:21 am
    Who: Narcissa Black and Hermione Granger
    What: Narcissa dos not need to have a babysitter to throw a ball.
    When: Thursday, October 12
    Where: Hermione's office, Ministry of Magic
    Rating: PG

    Narcissa wore a completely unamused face as she rode the elevator up to the office of one H. Granger. Really, all she wanted to do was give back to the community with a charity ball. The same thing she had been doing for the past decade it seemed. There wasn't really much else to do as Lucius Malfoy's wife ,other than be a socialite. So to think that she really needed a supervisor for this, as the ministry seemed to think, was preposterous. What's even more preposterous was that her supervisor was no older than her own son! She tried to keep it at that shallow level of meaning rather than think about the other reason why she didn't want to work with Hermione Granger.

    She remembers vividly how Bella tortured the poor girl. She wanted to stand up and stop her sister, do something to help the Gryffindor, but she was powerless and she had Draco to think of.Still, Narcissa knew that she had many regrets in life, but not doing something to save Hermione that day will always be one of the biggest.

    Sighing, Narcissa straightened up and put on her usual icy demeanor to intimidate anyone in her presence. Stepping off the elevator, on Hermione's floor, she made her way to Hermione's office. Once outside it, she did a once over on her outfit, a form fitting green robe, with grey linings that showed off a hint of leg and bright red lips to top off the refined look.

    Knocking on the door, Narcissa waited on an answer, knowing the younger woman was there.
    Thursday, December 12th, 2013
    11:46 am
    Who: Spencer Fawcett and Alecto Carrow
    What: Spencer's second day as Professor Carrow's "assistant"
    When: Friday, September 17. 3pm
    Where: Professor Carrow's office
    Rating: NC-17

    The wait of an entire week had been almost intolerable to Alecto. She had seen Spencer Fawcett in class every single day and she thought of what they had done on her quarters every time she had seen her "assistant". It was hard to be cool, calm, collected, and professional when she saw the enticing, nubile girl. She had already become far more than a student to Alecto even if she would never confess those feelings aloud.

    She found that she was counting down each minute as the day progressed. She was short and snippy with students, she ignored most of her duties, she often had her thoughts drifting off to what would happen that afternoon; or, at least, what would happen if Spencer was a good, obedient assistant when she arrived back at Professor Carrow's classroom after classes were done for the day.

    Having decided that lecturing was right out for that day, Alecto had given each of her classes a short story by the Marquis de Sade and a writing assignment. Of course, Spencer had been the true reason for such a racy assignment. With her book was a slip of parchment.

    Miss Fawcett,

    I wish to remind you of your appointment with me after classes end for the day today. Be sure to bring all required items that will allow you to see to the duties I have previously assigned for today.

    Do not be late.

    Professor Carrow

    If someone saw the note, there was nothing incriminating but she was certain Spencer would know what he was referring to.

    When the day finally ended, Alecto sat at her desk. She skimmed the writing assignments for the day and waited for Spencer's arrival.
    Monday, September 30th, 2013
    2:52 am
    Who: Heidi Macavoy and Tracey Davis
    What: Tracey needs to talk...among other her girlfriend.
    When: Wednesday, September 14
    Where: The broom closet near the Muggle Studies classroom.
    Rating: NC-17

    Tracey had been losing her mind for the last several hours. She could barely sit still as she tried to just make it to the end of class. She couldn't concentrate on what Professor Carrow was saying, not that she really wanted to, because her mind was hazy, her cheeks were flushed and she didn't even want to consider the state of her knickers!

    Luckily, Professor Carrow didn't seem to pay much attention to her or the other Slytherins. She acted like they were all in total agreement with what she was saying 100%. Sadly, Tracey suspected that was largely true. As for her, it was easier just to keep her head down and ignore Professor Carrow as she focused on the Ravenclaws that the Slytherins shared that class with.

    As Professor Carrow spent time speaking to Spencer Fawcett, Tracey let her mind drift for a few moments and was then startled by the class being dismissed. Running out of the class, her bag in a state of disarray, she ran to the nearby broom closet and ducked inside. Peering out from behind the door, Tracey waited for Heidi to walk by like she did every day.

    Spotting her, she tried to catch her eye. "Psst!" she hissed from between her lips and tried to wave Heidi over.
    Saturday, September 14th, 2013
    9:01 pm
    Who: Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood
    What: Lavender and Fleur need some time before Gabrielle gets here. Gabrielle needs to talk to her big sis and Gabrielle decides she needs a Slytherin to play with...
    When: Sunday, May 27. Trio's 6th year.
    Where: The library, to start.
    Rating: NC-17
    Note: This thread takes place in the Tracey/Heidi AU storyline.

    Hermione Granger was at her wit's end. Things had taken a drastic turn on Friday; it was a turn so drastic that Hermione still couldn't really believe that it had happened! At least until she reached under her skirt to discover her problem was still there! It had been almost three days! If it was going to just go away on its own, it would have done so already. Right?

    There was one person to blame; Harry Potter.

    If it wasn't for his insufferable love of that stupid potions book, his protectiveness of it, his secret meetings with Professor Dumbledore, his secrets in general, this never would have happened! Hermione wouldn't have been in the Restricted Section every night. She wouldn't have been researching all sorts of strange things. She wouldn't have been examining dark artifacts.

    Hermione had no idea what had caused her...problem. Because of that, trying to find a solution had been impossible. She feared it might remain that way. Attending classes on Friday had been draining. She found herself thinking dirty thoughts no matter what she tried to concentrate on. Of course, when she did that, her problem was so much harder to hide under her school skirt.

    She was growing desperate for help but had no idea who to turn to. Harry and Ron? It would be a cold bloody day in hell. Ron would say something crass and clueless. Harry would get all flustered. It would be a nightmare.

    Ginny? No. Just no. The mere thought made Hermione want to die.

    Nurse Pomfrey? She was a professional and Hermione thought she might work. Though, then she would need to explain what she had been doing and why, especially because she had no idea what caused it. Was it a potion she was brewing? A combination of the five she had been brewing? A dark artifact? Without knowing, Hermione would need to list them all then she would need to explain why she had been doing it. No, she couldn't do that. Not yet, anyways.

    The same went for the rest of the staff.

    That left only one person. Spying the one person who might, might be able to help, Hermione steeled her resolve and walked over to the blonde Ravenclaw. "Hello, Luna," she greeted her, trying to keep her tone light and even. "How are you?"

    "I was might be able to help me with something," Hermione explained, though she really had no idea how she could go about asking what she needed.
    Thursday, July 11th, 2013
    12:27 am
    Who: Horace Slughorn, Alecto Carrow, Lavender Brown, Gabrielle Delacour, Fleur Delacour and Sara Moon
    What: Lavender and Fleur need some time before Gabrielle gets here. Gabrielle needs to talk to her big sis and Gabrielle decides she needs a Slytherin to play with...
    When: Friday, September 10
    Where: Fleur's office, to start.
    Rating: NC-17

    Lavender had been giddy all day. Well, Giddy didn't even begin to describe it, actually. No matter how much pouting she had done, Fleur had stuck to her convictions that they needed to be subtle with their relationship. It was too easy to get caught if Lavender was always in Fleur's office or stayed the night or they shagged in the hallways. Jeez! It was like Fleur thought she couldn't keep her mouth shut!

    However, all that was forgotten since she got to go to Fleur's quarters for a little while. She knew she would actually get some more time when Fleur's sister's visit was over. Deciding she wanted to tempt and torture her love a little bit, Lavender donned the sexiest outfit she could manage. It was a white mini-skirt, clingy blouse and purple scarf Fleur had bought in her in Paris. It had barely lasted ten seconds on Lavender's body once they got home so she knew Fleur loved it.

    Making her way to Fleur's office, she stopped at the door and knocked lightly. "Professor Delacour? It's Lavender Brown. May I speak with you for a moment?" She was doing her best to sound proper and professional but failed miserably. Her voice was sing song and mischievous. Luckily, there didn't seem to be anyone around. After a few moments, Lavender let herself in and looked around excitedly for her mate once the door was closed and they were truly in private.
    Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013
    12:02 pm
    Who: Spencer Fawcett and Alecto Carrow
    What: Spencer's first day as Professor Carrow's "assistant"
    When: Friday, September 10
    Where: Professor Carrow's office
    Rating: NC-17

    The first week of classes was usually one of Spencer's favorite. She got to see all of her new classes and learn what they would be taught this year. She found it exciting for the academic prospects. The first week of classes really, in her opinion, set the tone for the rest of the year. Which was probably why this week had been so unnerving.

    With the exception of two, all of her classes were perfectly fine. Herbology sounded particularly interesting and Professor Delacour had promised to teach them some interesting charms. Transfigurations was as always interesting. You could tell there was a clear tension in the air, but other than that, classes seemed promising. But there were two classes she was extremely worried about.

    DADA had all but turned into a class in the Dark Arts. While the prospect of getting to learn extremely powerful spells, Spencer was stunned at the complete lack of ethics that seemed to be going on in the class. Not to mention the male Carrow's affinity for a certain Unforgivable Curse...

    But the most frightening class by far for Spencer was Muggle Studies. Not only was Professor Carrow teaching completely horrible and often completely wrong things concerning Muggles and their history, but that wasn't even half of the problem. The biggest thing that put Spencer on edge was Professor Carrow herself.

    All week in class Spencer had tried her best to sink into the background. She sat at the back of the class where usually she would prefer to sit in the front. She didn't raise her hand for any questions, which turned more than a few heads at her sudden silence. She tried to keep her head down. But Professor Carrow wouldn't let her. It seemed the woman had an affinity for walking around the class room as she lectured and ended up more than a few times quite close to Spencer. Too close for her liking. When the class was trying to do work, Carrow would look over students' shoulders and Spencer had the suspicion that she leaned in a little bit too close to her. And there were all the quiet, provocative things she would say when no one else was listening...It was torture.

    And now, here was what she had been dreading the most. The first day of her being Professor Carrow's assistant. She was fearing this day all week, but it wasn't like she had an alternative. She had already seen the other Carrow cast the Cruciatus Curse enough times to know that that was what she would be met with at the least if she chose him.

    So, straightening her pristine uniform, Spencer straightened her shoulders and took a deep, steadying breath as her heart pounded in her ears as she knocked on the door.
    Wednesday, June 26th, 2013
    1:12 pm
    Who: Katie Bell and Lucilia d'Accord
    What: Could this be paradise?
    When: September 3, 1997. 7pm
    Where: Town square
    Rating: PG, for now.

    Katie wore a huge smile as she took in the sights and sounds of the busy Italian square. There was so much to see. It was amazing and wonderful; as long as she didn't think too hard about why she was there and what was going on at home. The days had been a blur of happy events and was a bit overwhelming.

    Katie was dressed somewhat uncharacteristically. Her hair was down and a little blonder from from Italy's summer sun. The hem of her long, light, colorful sundress swished just below her knees. Her shoulders were bare and her pale skin was finally starting to tan. Light sandals were strapped to her feet. She had no idea when she had ever dressed like that but she found that she kind of liked it after a little bit of getting used to it.

    Looking at a beautiful scarf, a young Italian man walked over to her. He gave her a dazzling smile and said in Italian, " What is such a pretty lady doing out here all alone?"

    Katie blinked. "Ummm...hi. Italian isn't very good yet."

    The Italian guy wasn't dissuaded. Reaching for Katie's hand, he raised it his lips and gave her knuckle a tiny kiss which caused Katie to turn three different shades of red. "Wait, I mean, that was nice might have the wrong idea."

    A bit frantically, she looked around for Lucy. Where had she gone? All flummoxed, she had forgotten what little Italian she had learned so far. "My girlfriend," Katie said pausing to see if he understood, "Is around here somewhere. She...speaking Italian, I really don't."

    In the meantime, the boy didn't seem to be getting the hint. He kept talking and stood very close to Katie. He was speaking so quickly she had no idea what he was saying even if Katie now totally understood what he was driving at!
    Sunday, June 23rd, 2013
    3:34 pm
    Who: Spencer Fawcett and Alecto Carrow
    What: Spencer's been summoned to Professor Carrow's office...
    When: Friday, September 3
    Where: Professor Carrow's office
    Rating: PG, for the moment...

    Spencer walked briskly down the quiet hall, back straight as her shoes knocked on the stone floor as she made her way to the new Muggle Studies professor's office. She had still yet to see the new Professor in action, but she was intimidating enough that Spencer knew already that she did not want to cross her by being late.

    She couldn't figure out why she had been summoned though. She had simple received an owl stating that she was to meet Professor Carrow in her office and to not delay. Upon reading it she had immediately set down the book she had been reading in her dorm and straightened out her school uniform before she left.

    She knew that this school year was going to be a hard one. Especially for people like her. Though she wasn't as bad off as some muggleborns - few of which she had seen come back to school this year - Spencer knew that if her gaurded secret - the fact that her mother was a muggle - got out, it would mean bad things. Not just for her, but for her whole family. She should have done what she had heard Hermione Granger and Katie Bell had done. Use a memory charm on her parents to hide them. But her father was too good of a wizard (a Ravenclaw himself) and would not fall for such tricks. Spencer smiled despite herself. She was her father's daughter. Ever clever and self-preserving and a true Ravenclaw, through and through.

    Pulling her skirt down slightly - the school skirt's length always seemed shorter on her than other girls, no doubt due to the long length of her legs. Adjusting her navy and gray tie, she drew in a deep breath before knocking on the door. "Professor Carrrow?" she called.
    Tuesday, June 18th, 2013
    12:36 am
    Who: Heidi Macavoy and Tracey Davis, Megan Jones
    What: Train ride to Hogwarts to start their 7th year!
    When: Wednesday, September 1
    Where: Outside the Great Hall, Heidi's Dorm, Hufflepuff Common Room
    Rating: NC-17

    Tracey felt sick to her stomach. She felt guilty and afraid and disgusted. The speech that Snape had given left her feeling like there was no hope to be had even at Hogwarts. The school had always been a safe place. Now, it was anything but. What had she done? Heidi could have applied for some sort of dispensation to play Quidditch, she was sure. With her parents' influence, she likely would have even gotten it. Now, she was stuck at Hogwarts with her.

    With a sad expression, she glanced across the sea of students to try and find Heidi where she was exiting with her fellow Hufflepuffs. Even seeing her would make her feel better. That made her feel even more guilty that she was taking such strength from Heidi when it was clear she shouldn't be there.

    Plus, there was the matter of her father...

    Tracey hadn't really had anything to do with any Death Eaters, past or present. She knew so little about her father but she was of the firm belief that at the time of his death, he wasn't very popular, at minimum, with his fellow Death Eaters. How would they react to her now that so many of them were staff at the school?

    Just then, the Carrows walked by. Their presence made her skin crawl then she got...that look. It was like the loathed her. Tracey turned away and looked for Heidi. Spotting her, despite it all, a smile came to her face.

    She quickly fled her fellow Slytherins for the safety of the Hufflepuffs who had treated her like one of their own. As she stepped, a foot connected with her. Tripping, she went to the floor in a rather spectacular fashion.

    Around her, the Slytherins laughed and pointed and had more than a few disparaging words and slurs for her. A lump rose in her throat as she tried to get to her feet.
    Monday, June 10th, 2013
    1:17 am
    Who: Ginny Weasley and Lavender Brown
    What: Lavender decides to pay Ginny a Visit
    Where: Harpies Pitch
    When: Sept 8. 4 years after graduation
    Rating: NC-17 to be sure

    Lavender was nervous. She really didn't know why though. Things had always been so easy with Ginny; after that first little bit anyways. They'd always had fun and the chemistry had always been amazing. Why should it be any different now?

    She tried to think back on the last time she'd seen the sexy redhead. Had it been two years? Three? She wasn't sure. Things had been busy. Lavender had a girlfriend. Then Ginny was rumored to be seeing Harry again. Then Lavender had boyfriend for a very short time. Ick. What had she been thinking?!?!

    Though the press loved Ginny, Lavender hadn't seen anything about her love life lately. She hoped that meant that Ginny was single.

    Having bought great tickets to the game, she made her way into the stands surrounding the Harpies' pitch. She wore a gray wool skirt with a blouse of lilac colored silk. Her hair was up in a messy bun and she wore light make up. She was thankful it was a warm fall day once she felt the breeze.

    Finding her seat, she waved down a vendor and bought a Harpies' pendant with Ginny's number on it. Though seats had cost a pretty penny, she just hoped she was close enough and visible enough for Ginny to spot her.

    Settling in, she waited for the game to start. She tried to calm her little bit of nervous excitement by letting her foot tap and bounce.
    Monday, May 27th, 2013
    1:25 am
    Star Trek
    Vaun entered the library of Starfleet Academy and paused a moment to survey his surroundings. The library was busy, occupied by many cadets as they prepared for midterms. The smell of so many Humans was quite trying upon his sense of smell. He would have to take another dose of nasal blockers when he returned to his dorm residence.

    Making his way through the library, he sought out a corner that was less noisy than the rest of the library. There he found his sister, his twin T'Pau, engaged in her own schoolwork. No greeting was neccessary, so he simply took the seat across from her at the small, two seat table. Opening his satchel, he removed his own schoolwork and placed it upon the table.
    Monday, April 1st, 2013
    3:54 pm
    Who: Hermione Granger and Pansy Parkinson
    What: Prefect duties organizing end of year dance
    When: April 1, 7:45PM, technically after the meeting
    Where: empty classroom
    Rating: R I’m sure

    The other prefects were trailing out of the classroom Professor Sprout had allowed them to use to have their dance committee meeting. Hermione had much better things to do than stand here while everyone one else left (the boys might as well not have even been there, they hated formal dances) glaring at Pansy Parkinson, who had spent the last forty-five minutes shooting down every idea Hermione could think of for a theme for the dance, calling her childish and muttering “filthy muggle” under her breath until Hermione’s hair was crackling with the angry energy she felt in every fiber of her being.

    As the rest of the students edge out of the room, she kept her snarled glare on Pansy, demanding, “So what is your idea? Want to let us all hunt down muggles and torture them? You spent all this time whining about my ideas and didn’t have any of your own to contribute.”
    Friday, December 7th, 2012
    2:39 am
    It was a week after the big prison break. Much had changed since then. The Justice League had fallen apart and splintered into smaller groups and solo heroes. Lex Luthor's plan had worked perfectly. Many friends found themselves seperated...on seperate teams or on no team at all.

    Kara kept with the only family she had, Superman and Power Girl, joining their team. She hadn't seen much of Danica...Amazons were not friends of Superman's team. Batman Inc was revving up, recruiting new members and expanding their operations. Chrissy reamianed at Wayne Manor, no longer in any legal trojble thanks to the deal cut by her father.
    Sunday, August 12th, 2012
    3:26 am
    Danica had gotten used to having someone in her bed at all times now. Eyes closed, she held Kara close, the blonde's head tucked under her chin so that her beautiful space goddess had the song of her heart to find comfort in and sleep. With her arms wrapped firmly around the other girl's waist, she kept the pillows around them in a perfect set up so that they felt secured. This was one of the night Danica slept, though she had made it a habit to lay with Kara every night with eyes closed to meditate and be with her lover.

    Today was a special day. Wonder Woman had conversed privately with Kara the night before when Danica had gone out to 'run an errand' for her mother. Wonder Woman had revealed that today was Danica's birthday. While Diana had wanted to spend the day with her daughter alone, she also knew that Danica was not willing to spend the day without Kara. Asking Kara to spend the day with her daughter, the older heroine had humbled herself and hoped that the blonde would honour her request. The day after, Diana would take them both out on the town as another gift to Danica.

    Now, Danica didn't know about this. Nor did she know about Kara's plans. The dark haired goddess only knew one thing that morning. That Kara was in her arms, and that was all she could ask for.

    Stephanie had been going to school and living with Chrissy for the past month. Waking up on Saturday mornings was currently one of the best things in life!

    Rolling over onto her side, she snuggled back into Chrissy, enjoying the feeling of the older girl draped around her. Closing her eyes, Stephanie waited for her older counter part to wake up. Today was the first day they were going out to patrol...well, tonight.She didn't know what time Chrissy was planning on!
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