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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

    Time Event
    Who: Tracey Davis and Sara Moon
    What: Tracey and Sara give into temptation…
    When: November, 5th year.
    Where: Transfiguration Classroom/Transfiguration Storage Room
    Rating: NC-17
    Notes: This is a prelude to our Heidi/Tracey storyline. This is the first time story of Tracey and her first girlfriend.

    Tracey Davis was fuming. She had her quill in her hand and she was scribbling madly. I will not cause a ruckus in class. I will not cause a ruckus in class. I will not cause a ruckus in class. The stupid lines made her only want to do it more. What was worse was that she and her “accomplice” had nothing to do with it. Pansy and Draco had been causing trouble that she got the blame along with ... Sara Moon.

    I wonder who she thinks Draco sound like, me or Sara? Tracey wondered angrily.

    Despite her best efforts, Tracey kept looking at her fellow Slytherin out of the corner of her eye. It seemed like the more she tried not to the more she did it. Sara was a bit of a mystery to her, like she suspected she was to Sara. Despite being in the same house, they weren’t friend and weren’t enemies even though they saw each other all the time. They were civil…but they seemed to both avoid each other. Like there was something…wrong with being near the other.

    Professor McGonagall eyed both girls suspiciously as they wrote their lines. She was scribbling away herself, though Tracey had no idea about what. Grading papers most likely. She wondered how she did on hers. Probably not all that great. She would be lucky to get a passing OWL in Transfiguration at the end of the year.

    Tracey had one hundred lines left to do. She wondered what the old bat would set them to when they were done. Professor Snape wouldn’t have been so unfair if it had happened in his class.

    When she was done, she rolled up the parchment. “Finished, Professor,” Tracey announced, her words not even carrying a hint of respect.

    “Careful, Miss Davis,” McGonagall said in her nasally prim tone. “If I hear that tone again, rest assured you’ll be doing lines again tomorrow.” Slowly, she stood up and made her way to the door. “Come with me ladies.”

    Moving across the hall, she used her wand to unlock her supply closet. Inside was a mess of plates, cups, fabric, cages filled with a variety of animals, bars of varying metals and various other things used as bases for student Transfiguration.

    “I want you to organize this room. I will trust it to be done well and without magic. Wands please?” McGonagall held out her hand expectantly, looking over the rims of her glasses. Tracey handed hers over. “They will be waiting for you in your rooms when you are done.”

    Turning, the ancient Professor left leaving Sara and Tracey alone. Annoyed, Tracey began to sort through plates by size and cleared off a spot for them on a cramped shelf. “I can’t believe we got in trouble for Draco and Pansy,” she muttered as she worked. “I don’t even like them…”

    Her heartbeat got a little quicker as she spoke, but she had no idea why.

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