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Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

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    Who: Ginny Weasley and Gabrielle Delacour
    What: A chance meeting…
    When: Six months after Ginny graduated from Hogwarts.
    Where: Paris Quidditch Ring, France vs. Ireland Exhibition Match, Reception the day before the match.
    Rating: NC-17 eventually
    Note: This story line is unconnected to any other story line.

    Ginny was ecstatic and she practically glowed as she stood with the rest of her teammates. They were all dressed in emerald robes with Celtic knot work to trim the hems and mark their backs with numbers.

    Her hair was worn long, something she would have never done in her Quidditch uniform and she wore light make up. She couldn’t remember too many times in her life that she felt happier or more confident. Her first year out of school she had made the Irish National Team.

    People had told her she was nuts to even try out. They said she might have a chance, a tiny one, on making the English team but there was no way she would make the Irish one. However, Ginny was not to be dissuaded. She had always been an Ireland fan, that was where her family was from, that was who she was going to play for. She made the team!

    Selected as an alternate, she was second string Chaser and might actually play Seeker if five or six of her teammates were injured during the game. Ginny was going to play her heart out the fallowing day to see if she might actually earn a starting position in one of the few remaining exhibitions before the World Cup tournament started.

    The party was fun and the music was loud enough to dance too, but not too loud. Champagne flowed freely, though she had stayed away from it for the most part. Lots and lots of people had been invited to the reception, though she had no idea what one would need to do to get one.

    Having just finished some small talk with one of the wizards from France’s department of magical games, Ginny turned her attention to the crowd.
    Who: Fleur and Gabrielle Delacour
    What: Fleur remembers, Gabrielle helps forget.
    When: August 12th, late afternoon
    Where: Fleur's room
    Rating: PG-13?
    Warnings: Incest, per chance.

    Sighing as she entered her room, which was littered with empty wine bottles and cigarette butts and packs, Fleur laid her wand on her bedside table. The past few days had been teetering between good and bad. Good because Gabrielle was finally looking at her again, finally talking to her, which made the older Delacour positively beam. Bad because...well, the overbearing presence of Bellatrix loomed over her. She tried to make herself as scarce as possibly when it came to the faculty, with the exception of Andromeda whom she found that she could stand. Truth be told, despite her calm and collected exterior that she put up as a show for her students and other teachers, inside Fleur was still scared and distraught. She hadn't been able to sleep. In fact, the last time she had gotten any decent shut eye was after her and Gabrielle. So, she had taken to hiding in her room most of the time, trying to drink and smoke away her memories, rather that remember what Bellatrix had done to her.

    Gliding across the room and pulling off the confining robes to reveal only a white button down and muggle jeans, throwing it on her bed, Fleur moved to stare at her reflection in the full length mirror she had brought from her home in France. Slowly, her hands moved to unbutton her top. Soon the shirt joined the robes on her bed, leaving her upper body only concealed by a white bra. Now, the French woman's gaze fell on her hip, the beginnings of a dark scar creeping out from the tip of her jeans.

    Apprehensively, Fleur moved to unzip her jeans and pulled them off as well, tossing them to the side. Now she had a better view of the scar,pulling down her lingerie some for a better view. Fingers gently traced it, a bold B carved into her otherwise flawlessly smooth skin. As she traced it, all the memories came flooding back. Bellatrix's shrieks of laughter, the pain, the blood. Everything. She felt a small tear roll down her cheek as the unwanted memories returned, fearing that the would haunt her the rest of her life and she silently cursed Bellatrix Black.
    Who: Gabrielle Delacour and Elise Rosier
    What: Exchanging of Christmas Gifts, NN Universe
    When: Christmas Morning, 3 am before anyone else is up.
    Where: Delacour Estate
    Rating: NC-17
    Warnings: Veela-ness

    Gabrielle slept peacefully, nude under her thin silk sheet except for a pair of tight pink panties. Her room wasn't completely it was always springtime at the magical Delacour estate, it never got completely dark outside. A warm, silvery light filtered in through the cracks in her blinds as she slept. It illuminated two sides of her room, leaving the middle in darkness.

    Slumbering soundly...that is...until her unicorn clock began to chime softly, the usually loud sound muffled by magic the night before purposefully. Stirring slightly, she still didn't awaken fully. So a bucket of warm water...cold would never do!...that had been enchanted to hover over her upturned itself, splashing it's contents over the sleeping girl.

    Gasping and sputtering as she awoke with a start drenched, she was about to cry out for help when she realized what day it was...and that she had set up both the alarm and the bucket of water herself last night. Clamping her hands over her mouth, she then slid out of her wet bed. Not bothering to get dressed, she lowered her hands as she tip toed to her bedroom door. Turning the knob, she peeked out into the hallway...and saw the guard her parents had hired to protect her from the 'Rosier girl' asleep in the chair across the hallway from her door.

    Gabrielle giggled softly, then slipped out into the hallway, closing her door as gently as possible behind her. Hurrying down the hall as softly as possible, the nearly completely nude teen girl left wet footprints behind her on the rugs. Going to the guest wing, she pushed open the door to the room given to Elise and slammed the door shut behind her to awaken her friend. Taking a deep breath, she moved further into the room slowly. Swaying her hips, she tried to look as sexy as possible, her wet hair plastered to her skin and the wetness acros her body catching the dim light and reflecting it. Running a hand through her long blonde hair, she smiled seductively at the bed.

    "Elise...vor present 'as arrived."

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