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Mar. 25th, 2014


Return of the prodigal daughter... or something...

My name is Katie. I'm late-30's and have returned to IJ after an ill-advised sabbatical where I experimented with Tumblr (too much shiny, not enough discourse) and - hesitatingly - LiveJournal (HISS!!!). I'm trans-ish (check my profile to see what I mean), Wiccan, pescatarian, and really have no orientation label. I'm married to my partner of the last-almost-10-years and we are polyamorous (i.e. like an open relationship).

Oddly enough, we have little drama in our lives since we communicate rather effectively. I'm also into science fiction like Firefly and Red Dwarf, horror films, Japanese cinema (although I'm not snobbish about it), and anime & animation in general. I'm a child of the 80's, so I get references and jokes from that era. I believe in equal rights for all human beings, not just one or two groups of folks.

I like to read, although there is precious little time for it, really. I used to sing but am now focusing on trying to write something interesting.

Feel free to add me if you like. All adds will be reciprocated. :)

Feb. 15th, 2010



Name: Amber
Location: Florida
Age: 20
Interesting fact about you: I am deaf in my left ear and I'm double jointed in my hands.
Egg preference (scrambled, over-medium, um yuck): scrambled with ketchup. Yum.
Shoe size: 8 and a half.
Which color of the rainbow best represents you? Why: I believe red represents me the most. I am a very passionate person, whether it comes to love or my hobbies.

I am a 20 year old lesbian with a wonderful and beautiful girlfriend. She is 19 and we have been together for over a year. October 4th will be our two year anniversary. <3 Suzanne is my first and only love; my true love. I mention her in my journal. A lot. I can't help but gush!

My hobbies include art, writing, and singing. I fully intend to do something art-related as a career. At the moment, I am putting together a portfolio for the art school of my choice. I am aiming for illustration.

I am also a participant in fandom. I draw fan art and also write fanfiction (not the best, but I enjoy it. Can you really ask for anything more than that? :3) My main fandom is American Idol season 7 (you know, the one with David Cook and David Archuleta). I am a shipper and a slasher and I pair them up romantically. If real person slash isn't your thing, then please do not flame me! It's all in good fun. :)

I am honestly a nice person, although I can be stubborn. I don't bite, really. I just want to meet and talk to new people. I'd like to make some friends. <3

My journal is here:

Nov. 13th, 2009


NAME: Krystal
AGE: 23
INTERESTS; music, photography, fashion, hair, art, writing, travel, sports, literature, drug culture, body modification, all kinds of things really.
HOBBIES; taking pictures, writing, drawing, painting, altering clothing, hair design, snowboarding, reading..
LOOKING FOR; I'm really looking for people who are active and regularly update. I'm an avid reader and I usually will comment - if I have something to say that relates to your entry. I don't want drama and I don't want people on my list who don't know how to type or who are seemingly lacking in the intelligence department.
ANYTHING ELSE; I work 2 full time jobs and I'll be returning to school soon so I'm pretty busy but I try to update a few times a week. I post a lot of photos of myself because I am vain but I make up for it by posting my photography and pictures of things I deem interesting. I'm brutally honest and I talk about sex and drugs pretty openly. I'm an athiest and a vegetarian but I am not a preacher. Feel free to add me!

Aug. 25th, 2009



Name: Nick.
Location: New York.
Age: 19.
Interesting fact about you: I for no reason know the square route of pi.
Egg preference (scrambled, over-medium, um yuck): Scrambled with cheese.
Shoe size: 8.
Which color of the rainbow best represents you? Why: Blue. Well its my favorite color, also the color of my eyes. Its the color of calm but that's everything I'm not XD

A link to your profile:

I'm a homosexual male but people usually don't know that unless I tell them. Though I do have my flamboyant tendencies. My family was very open to me coming out and letting them know about my sexuality. Which I am very thankful for.

I joined this just to make friends like most people who joined did. My journal will be about the insanity that is my life most of the time. hah.

Aug. 15th, 2009


Name: Christina
Location: Kansas City metro area, Kansas side. Merriam to be specific
Age: 30
Interesting fact about you: I'm an aspie
Egg preference (scrambled, over-medium, um yuck): Scrambled
Shoe size: 10½
Which color of the rainbow best represents you? Why: I don't know
A link to your profile: What an odd question.

I'm male-bodied, but have recently come out (online, not offline) as male-to-female transgendered. I've begun seeing a therapist, and plan to transition to female. I haven't yet come out to my family. I live with my brother and sister-in-law, who are currently expecting their first child. My journal is semi-friends-only.

Jun. 18th, 2009


Name: Katie, although [info]hazumuchan is fine for IJ purposes.
Location: The Illinois side of the Saint Louis, MO area.
Age: 34 going on about 17
Interesting fact about you: I used to have 4 freckles on my left arm that formed a cross. When I came out as trans, one disappeared. When I came out as queer, a second one disappeared. I wonder if the other two are going to leave anytime soon?
Egg preference (scrambled, over-medium, um yuck): Over easy, which I am talented enough to be able to pull off.
Shoe size: 12
Which color of the rainbow best represents you? Why: Purple, because it's mysterious and to me signifies the uncertainty of life.
A link to your profile: Here or [info]hazumuchan

It was sad that I was going through my friends' list today and noticed how many people just stop posting after a while. Is the pull of LJ that great? Oy, I'd much rather have my thoughts heard by an interested few than feel like I'm trying to win some sort of popularity contest.

I'm a queer-identified polyamorous transwoman who doesn't necessarily identify as transgendered, so be forewarned. I like offbeat anime/manga, horror movies (retro or Asian), science fiction in most of its forms, music of all types (metal or techno especially) and am a gamer of the old, new and odd schools. If I sound like I'd be interesting to read or if you think we have much in common, feel free to friend me and give me a shout so I know you've done so.

May. 17th, 2009


Name: Sarah

Location: Illinois

Age: 18

Interesting fact about you: I love God.

Egg preference: poached

Shoe size: Usually 9.5/10

Which color of the rainbow best represents you? Why: Red, it's suppossed to represent life and I'm nothing if not lively (at least when on my meds.)

A link to your profile-  or you can go straight to my journal [info]teasergirl

Some other things you might want to know: I am pansexual and my journal is about sex and sexual fantasies.

Feb. 6th, 2009


Name: Deidre

Location: Jersey Shore (BGH!)

Age: 21

Interesting fact about you: I speak fluent lolcat.

Egg preference: Over easy, hard boiled, eggs benedict, omelets. I love eggs ^_^

Shoe size: Mens or womens? Sneakers or boots? It depends on the shoe, but *usually* a women's 8.5 in US sizes.

Which color of the rainbow best represents you? Why: I can't pick just one. I am always fluctuating between one thing or another, ever changing. I'm the whole rainbow :D

A link to your profile-

Jan. 19th, 2009


"Donna M"

Name: "Donna M"

Location: Springfield, Missouri (US)

Age: 44

Interesting fact about you: I have considerable Scottish ancestry, but if I hear "Amazing Grace" played on a bagpipe one more time, I'm gonna bust a garter! Oh, and I'm a bi, male, part-time crossdresser. Woo.

Egg preference: None (as in "Eggs? No, thank you!")

Shoe size: In women's sizes - pumps, approx. size 12; sandals, mules, etc., approx. size 11. High heels, of course. Very high. No exceptions. Ever.

Which color of the rainbow best represents you? Why: Well, duh! Pink, of course! Seriously, as trite and/or obvious as it sounds, pink is The Color of Feminine Sensuality, if there ever was one, and feminine sensuality is exactly the feeling that pink evokes in me.

A link to your profile:

Real original, I know, just answering the canned questions.

Okay, if you must know more, know this: I am a slave, body and soul, to the Divine Goddess-Queen of Everlasting Pantyhose, from now 'til the day I float off to the Great Display-Rack in the Sky.

So now you know. And that'll have to do for now -- it's past my bedtime, and I'm getting cranky.


Jan. 20th, 2009


NAME: Jon / leaveyoufordead

AGE: 20 almost 21

LOCATION: UK, specifically Wales

ODD FACT: I have no wisdom teeth. Also, I like my eggs soft-fried.

INTERESTS AND HOBBIES; Although biologically 20/21, I am mentally much older that, about 45. My current interests and hobbies tend to reflect this; I'm really interested in Ancient History, especially in Greece and Persian history. But I don't limit myself to that, I enjoy medieval and modern history too, as well as non-era based history, such as gender history or the history of homosexuality. I'm doing an Ancient History degree at Cardiff University (home of Torchwood and Doctor Who) although I'll be finished with that by summer.
As well as being interested in History specifically, I love English Literature and Language, although it's been a while since I studied either. I read as much as I can, and I write a lot, normally in the form of role-play but also short-stories, and stories about the antics of my cats, in the style of the late Doreen Tovey, who wrote a great many wonderful books about her wicked Siamese.
I like gardening and growing things too, and seem to be the only student in Cardiff with a compost heap. I'm planning to grow soy beans, carrots, peas, and maybe some onions and salad-y bits over the next year, and will be happily updating with their progress. Later in life I hope to have a small-holding and be the 'house-husband'- I'd love to keep some chickens, goats and maybe a donkey too, as well as having fruit trees and grow my own vegetables. As I'm gluten intolerant, and my fiancé is lactose intolerant, I try to make as much food at home from scratch as possible, and really enjoy it. While I don't enjoy housework, I do like the satisfied feeling of getting it all done!
I also like the Internet, and spend far too long online. As well as that, I have a healthy interest in retro Science-fiction (such as old-school Battlestar Galatica, Blake's Seven, Escape from Jupiter, and Buck Rogers in the 25th Century; as well as StarGate SG1, Red Dwarf. I'm also a fan of Magna and Anime - my favourite anime being Ghost In The Shell, which I like to watch in the original Japanese. I also like NCIS. As for music, I love a mix of stuff, ltos of more retro things and old rock, like Bowie, Visage, The Smiths, Queen...
I campaign for human rights, a more liberal and forward-thinking society, animal rights, fair trade and environmentally friendly practises. I shop at LUSH.

Oh, and I love BENTO. But I can never get the rice to cook right into that nice sticky sort of consistency... anyone got any advice?

WHAT'S GOING ON RIGHT NOW; At the moment I'm writing my dissertation based on homosexual initiation rituals in Ancient Greece. It's interesting, although a very difficult subject to cover. I'm also moving house in the next couple of weeks, as my partner and I want our own space after two unhappy years in student digs. I'm starting a new job next week too. Excitement all around!

LOOKING FOR; I'd like friends that share the same sort of interests as me, but we don't need to share all the same! I really don't want anyone who will be offended by my opinions or political/social beliefs, or vice-versa. I tend to read and comment more than a post, which most people don't seem to mind too much.

ALSO KNOWN AS; I am also leaveyoufordead on LJ, but use it very little nowadays. I'm leaveyoufordead on a great deal of sites, or sha6jjh if that tag is already taken.

More info is on my journal bio:

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