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Aug. 20th, 2009


One liners...

Please don't write them. If you don't have enough for your character to say, ask someone on the OOC about specifics or for ideas. And for the record, I'd like everyone to remember that we're writing in the third person/past tense, and to utilize spell check. We all make typos, I know, but sometimes it's pretty obvious things aren't being checked over.

It's in the rules.

ONE LINERS Please don't use one liners. Posts that are 1-4 sentences long are considered 'one liners'. They're fine for journals/comments, but in threads/logs, when you're writing in third-person and doing a narrative, please use full paragraphs. If you can't come up with full paragraphs, then you should speak with the other person(s) involved with the thread and come up with a change of topic/scenery. One liners don't provide an interesting read and they don't allow the person you're writing with to respond to their fullest capability. We're here to write with each other and build on ideas and everyone should do their co-authors the courtesy of putting as much effort into their posts as possible (within comfort/reason/time constraints). We (the mods) see one liners as a waste of character(s) and, frankly, time. Steer clear of 'em. Players that are warned about this repeatedly will be asked to drop their character(s) to the minimum in hopes that their time will be used to make the most of one character, instead of being spread over several. If the issue persists, the player will be removed. (ADDED 06/25/09, UPDATED 08/20/09.)

-Beck (and Leigh)

P.S. Please check out Kait's intro (our new Iceman), because it's now buried. Lol.

Jun. 25th, 2009


Hey all y'all. I just wanted to remind everyone to please tag their entries (ooc and ic) and about rules #6 and #8. Steer clear of tense changes and one liners, please!


Thanks guys.

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Jun. 1st, 2009



We may or may not be losing a few folks (probably our Havok). I'm not sure yet. But the activity check is done.

I wanted to ask you guys to please use spellcheck and check your grammar and punctuation. It's one of the rules and I really don't want the quality of the writing to go downhill. It's hard to read and distracting, y'know? Also, please remember to use tags, IC and OOC. :D

Also, I wanted to suggest that we write up some meat-and-potatoes scenes - utilizing the subplots. We have MRDs running around, and there are infinite opportunities to make mention of mutants being drained for X. So, think on it. If you need any of my characters, lemme know.
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Apr. 18th, 2009


New Rule! ... yay?

#16. OOC TOPICS - ADDED APRIL 18TH, 2009. Please keep your OOC posts related to any of the following topics: X-Men, RPGs, your played bys, comic books. Personal items: hiatuses, vacationing, dropping or adding characters, and things that pertain to the flow of the RPG. Humor is great, but stay on topic! The OOC community is for information pertaining to the in-character community.

Mar. 14th, 2009


Rules & Frequently Asked Questions

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