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Aug. 14th, 2009


Hello all. I just wanted to say that I'll be playing Magneto as more than an NPC in the future - a decision that no doubt urge Rob to pick up the Professor. I think he was scared Mags might go unchecked. Bwahahahaha! Anyway, lol, he'll eventually be coming to the mansion. I have his wanted scenes up. Comment here or there if you have any thoughts/requests/etc. I'm open to suggestion.

Secondly, I'm sure she'll be posting her own OOC with further details, but Jordan will be out of town this weekend and part of next week. Michigan, ho!

Thirdly, I've updated several of the pages to exclude an active Cyclops, as Chaku has decided to bow out as our Scott due to time constraints. I suppose Scott will be NPC'd by me (and anyone who wants to mention him) since we already have his journal ([info]seeing_red) and it's up to date with the filmverse/this game. I'll have to tweak it a bit, I think. It's more than likely that I'll end up taking him on if we don't get a replacement soon, so Leigh and Min (as well as Cross!), feel free to make your thoughts/opinions known. I'm open to suggestion, but I tend to prefer him to have loyalties to Jean, and be wooed by Emma, while Wolverine woos Jean. It's like it was PLANNED! omg. Anyway, lol, here's a parting message from Chaku so you all know what's goin' on. Thanks. XD

From Chaku: Hey guys. I just wanted to drop you a PM because I thought I was going to have more time this summer to get all RP-y, but I didn't. My summer semester just ended and now My fall semester is set to begin in less than a month, so it's about to get even busier. I don't think it's fair that I've been so inactive with Scott thus far and think I should let him go. I like this game, but I'm falling behind at my own game as well and don't think that's fair to my players or to you all. So I'm going to drop my claim on Scott. <3 Good luck with the game, it was amazing while I was here.
-Chaku [Scott]

Aug. 13th, 2009


Rob here. Just wanted to let everyone know The Professor is now in the building. Starting today, I'm the new title holder of this classic (ain't he a beaut!). So anyone who whats some of Charles Xavier's time just let me know. His profile is up and almost finished and I'll have my wanted scenes edited soon.

He'll be available for all the guidance and mentoring I can handle. First off, I think he knows of a certain little boy who is in the market for a puppy. Sorry Scott, not you. Leave me a comment if you have any ideas. :)


Aug. 12th, 2009


Hey ^^

Just to let you know the wanted scenes for Kitty and Laurie are both up. I also forgot to put up the link to Kitty's journal last time so here it is: [info]shadowcat_

Aug. 11th, 2009


Roommates, relationships, etc.

If something in this post looks off, comment HERE. Thanks guys. Also, because I buried them: Lauren will now be playing Shadowcat ([info]shadowcat_), her intro is here. Amanda will now be playing Pyro ([info]enkindled), his intro is here. Finally, Rob updated his wanted scenes and also added Wolverine in.


SINGLE WOMEN: DIAMOND (staff), JEANIX (staff), MATRIX (staff), POLARIS (staff), STORM (staff).
SINGLE MEN: CRANE (staff), CYCLOPS (staff), NORTHSTAR (n00b/staff), TORRENT (staff).

Some notes/thoughts about some of the pairs/trios...
Britannic/Colossus have been roommates since they were both 13ish, and after getting professional positions at Xavier's, they've just decided that the shared room works fine. So, despite being staff, they're roomies.
Cannonball/Warpath - Bash Brothers! Just sayin'. Enjoy.
Chamber/Omen - I think Will sleeps in Troy's room most of the time, but leaves all his cool crap around (horror flicks, video games, weapons) for Jono to mess around with. So. That's handy.
Dukes/Wolverine - HA! That is all.
Gambit/Nightcrawler - Odd Couple much?
Jubilee/Scoot/Shadowcat - I smell a slumber party!
Levity/Noir - again, enjoy!
Mirage/Risque - Whoa. Look out.
Pyro/Sentient/Trance - I do not smell a slumber party. I smell burnt hair and regret. Take that as you will.




Hey ^_^

This Lauren, just wanted to let everyone know that my wanted scenes are finally up for Wallflower and for my newest character in the game, Kitty Pryde (shadowcat_). 

~ Lauren

Aug. 10th, 2009


Ahem. So, yeah. I'm a lifeless loser. I know, I know. So here, have a firebug that no one asked for you've been missing! My newest pup is Mr. St. John Allerdyce, Pyro to most (or so he'd like to think), John to a select few, Johnny to one or two people who know who they are.

Cut for stupidly long length. )

Aug. 9th, 2009


Completely unrelated to anything.

RandomGuy just posted a new skit on YouTube and it's already in my top five favorites of his. Wade sings. Again. And does it surprisingly well. And just...man. This dude's Deadpool is brilliant. I want to pick his brain every time I try to write Wade, seriously.

Ch-ch-check it out! )

Aug. 6th, 2009


Los Dos Amigos


Aug. 5th, 2009


Hi, everybody. Beck asked me to let everyone know that her (and Rob's) Internet isn't working. Hopefully, the problem will be fixed within a day or so. Thank you. :)

Jul. 28th, 2009



Leigh and I have decided to pick up Jeanne-Marie (Beck) and Jean-Paul Beaubier (Leigh).

Wanted Scenes, Application, Icons.
FROM BECK: Jeanne-Marie (aka Aurora) has done the nun/teacher/superhero thing, and now she's sort of left with her multiple personalities (and her twin!). She's at the mansion to sort herself out and hopefully get back to strictly being Jeanne-Marie (boring!). Aurora should be causing trouble ASAP. And her third personality is rarely-seen, 'Her'. Watch out for that'n. Anyway, I'm looking forward to having JM guilt people to death for every minor sin she knows they've committed/committing, while Aurora flirts herself into fights (Lorna, Gloria, Jean, Emma, Katie, Edan, Zap?) and beds. Jeanne-Marie called Jean-Paul to be with her while she's (back) at Xavier's. They were there a few years back, so they're not totally new.

Wanted Scenes, Application, Icons.
FROM LEIGH: Here be JP. Aurora's twin brother and fellow speedster/light manipulator. He's also a best-selling novelist, a former professional skier, circus acrobat and member of Alpha Flight. Jean-Paul is 48 years old, but looks quite a bit younger than that! FYI: He LOVES to shop, preferably with females. Most guys just don't have the patience or know-how to shop, and therefore JP has very little patience to deal with anyone who can't spend more than 20 minutes in a mall without getting bored or antsy. Lol. Anyway, he's been at Xavier's before but has recently returned to help his sister get back to normal. (All together now: AWW!) Beware: He can be a bit snarky and rude sometimes but he's from Quebec, so that's to be expected. xD (I kid!)

Jul. 26th, 2009


Plot - please read.

I just wanted to give everyone a timeline of things that will/have come to pass. Parts of this have already been posted.

The Professor wakes up on Tuesday, August 11th (2009), and is back around the upper levels by late Wednesday, August 12th (2009). That's ten days he was unconscious and without Cerebro being used (by him).

Forge, Mars, Matrix and Zap get Cerebro back up and running on August 7th (with the feedback of Emma/Jean now and again).

On Monday, August 3rd, political supporters of the Mutant Registration Act spoke out across the country (with anti-mutant sentiments across the globe). It is back up for vote Friday, August 17th, 2009. Senator Kelly had been whipping up support for the MRA (and himself) in this thread.

Magneto has been apprehended and is in jail ala X2. The Brotherhood has been separated. It seems that our group of players here isn't really keen on the Brotherhood in the first place, so we're finding places for them to be / purposes for each of them after Magneto's gone. Mystique will be attempting to spring Magneto.

After discussion with Leigh and a few other players, it seems like the idea of a school BBQ on the lawn (and a chili cook-off: enter here!) would be good to celebrate the Professor waking up. This would probably take place Saturday, August 15th, 2009. So we could have swimming and a massive thread so that everyone could have a chance to interact if they so choose. Besides Liberty Island, we haven't really had a thread of that manner yet.

While Magneto is in prison, Stryker will be visiting him. These visits will happen through the month of August. Stryker will launch an attack on the X-Mansion in hopes of obtaining what was necessary for him to make his own Cerebro, and fail. There are far too many X-Men for him to succeed in the confines of this game. This will happen in early September.

Throughout the month of September, the Mutant Registration Act will be passed and school (the fall semester) will be starting for Xavier's Institute. The use of sentinels will go public.

In early October, several simultaneous attacks by sentinels will occur in the New York area. During this evening, the X-Men will be separated into several teams to help control the damage and (hopefully) take out the sentinels. This is when Stryker will return to the mansion to finish what he started. He will succeed.

So, we'll have three groups. Two groups will be fighting sentinels and one group will be defending the mansion. If you don't want your character(s) involved at all, you can say they're out of town.

It's confirmed that Britannic, Colossus, Warpath and Dukes will be fighting sentinels. It doesn't make sense for them not to.

So I need to hear from all of you if you wish for your characters to be out fighting sentinels or in fighting MRDs/Stryker. Super-powerful mutants or those with great control shouldn't be left at the school. The Professor/Phoenix/Diamond should be gone as well, whatever they're doing (sentinels or not). Please let us know what you think and where you'd like your characters to be!


who's fighting what


A lot of these choices were made based on comments here.

Also, I'd really, really like people to include 'X' in some of their threads. Either mention of it, or problems with people/attacks, or discussing the issue itself, anything. If you need suggestions, let us know. :D

EDIT: P.S. I've updated the relationships page so that Psylocke and Omen now have roommates. BEWARE! I'm lookin' at you, Chamber and Wallflower. I've also added in Husk. :) We have a hold on Kitty. ^_^

Jul. 22nd, 2009


Calling all Gen Xers!

Min here with my second character, Paige Guthrie, aka Husk, aka Sam's little sister...one of them, at least. Paigey's an overachiever, hellbent on getting straight As and one day working her way to the lead position on the X-men. Of course, right now she's still a little green and liable to rush into messes without fully thinking things through.

Paige is so excited to be away from Cumberland County, living the city life and following in her big brother's footsteps, so whoever wants to meet the country mouse, give me a ping, I'm always up for rpage. :D

Jul. 17th, 2009


Hey all y'all.


I wanted to check and see if anyone wanted it before I added it to things... I was thinking about the fact that everyone wants to do loads of backdates, and that we've been using journals more and more, and I was wondering if anyone thought the idea of [info]xmen_etc was a good'n? Let us know. While Leigh and I both aren't a fan of ten communities per RPG, I personally think it could be easier/fun. Especially with the friends pages being jinky. If your journal isn't completely up-to-date with the flister, then you'll be missing locked entries. If we have a community for journals, blogs, e-mails, letters, news articles, etc, then everyone can just check that and it can be like a meta-chat/rp-on-the-fly community. But if you don't feel like joining another community and think they system that's in place works fine, that's okay too.

Jul. 14th, 2009


Hey ^_^

I'm Lauren and I'll be playing Wallflower aka Laurie Collins in the game. Just wanted to say that I'm looking forward to playing with you guys and any plot ideas you have. ^_^

Jul. 11th, 2009


Keepin' things in order.

Hey guys. Just to avoid confusion and to maintain flow, I wanted to suggest that we follow separate 'threads' in the liberty island entry.

So, from now on, Storm, Emma and Jean will be replying to the Storm post that I'm about to tack up there (it will be at the bottom). Whoever decides to scuffle with them (Sabretooth? Mystique? Toad?) would tag in on those three and continue their line of comments.

Scott and Havok should have their own line of comments.

Omen, Deadpool, etc should respond to Nightcrawler/Zap/Magneto.

And if/when threads cross, we'll make it work. I just wanted to let people know to make things semi-organized even if the thread is sort of chaos. Thanks guys!

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Jul. 9th, 2009


The Liberty Island thread is ready to be commented on. Please comment here or on the Liberty Island ooc if you have any questions/concerns.


Jul. 5th, 2009


Liberty Island Outline

The following will be an info!dump - a compilation of all the threads/pieces for the Liberty Island 'story arc'. Leigh and I would like everyone who wishes to be involved (or is for sure) to comment with their thoughts/hopes/suggestions.

FRIDAY (07-31-09, late night): Sabretooth hires Deadpool to help protect Magneto at Liberty Island, as well as with a kidnapping (of Mars and Zap). Deadpool agrees and they leave.

SUNDAY (08-02-09, late afternoon): Trance, Mars and Zap go to the mall in Westchester. Deadpool, Toad and Sabretooth sedate and kidnap Mars and Zap. Trance is let without transportation. He phones the mansion to let them know what's happened and for a ride back.

SUNDAY (08-02-09, late afternoon): While they were out, Mystique infiltrated the mansion and used Trance's appearance as a cover, since she knew for a fact he wasn't present. Raven sabotaged Cerebro and left. She relayed the information of the trio's departure from the school to her colleagues and they intercepted them at the mall.

SUNDAY (08-02-09, early evening): Senator Kelly will arrive at the school, having been kidnapped by Magneto and treated by his 'machine'. He escaped and will come to the school for (medical) help. He will be treated by Jean and Brian, and will explain to them about Magneto's plans. The Professor will go to Cerebro to locate Mars, Zap or anyone in the Brotherhood and will be injured due to Mystique's meddling with the machine.

SUNDAY (08-02-09, evening): Cyclops should decide to take a team to rescue their fellow X-Men and to attempt to stop Magneto from mutating the UN world leaders at the summit near Liberty Island. The team should be composed of: Himself, Jeanix, Storm, Diamond, Nightcrawler, Omen and Havok?. If anyone else would like their X-Man involved with this mission, please comment here.

The way things will pan out is up to everyone involved, but here are the facts...

Present Brotherhood: Magneto, Mystique, Sabretooth, Toad, Noir, Dukes, Deadpool (self-associated), Rogue?.
Present X-Men: Cyclops, Jeanix, Storm, Diamond, Nightcrawler, Omen, Havok?, Mars, Zap.

Mars and Zap will be unable to fight unless freed.
Emma and Jeanix's powers (telepathy) will not be able to be used against Magneto or Deadpool, and in turn, Emma cannot control minds while she is in diamond-form, so keep that in mind, baddies.
The Brotherhood will have placed Zap in/near the machine and threatened to kill Mars if she didn't power it. He should be chained somewhere near/on the torch.

Kurt would really, really like to bamf! Deadpool into the open water to get rid of him (for a while).
Omen and Nightcrawler would be a good team to face Deadpool.
Emma (or Storm) and Noir could be interesting adversaries.
Dukes will be sabotaging Magneto's plans at some point, so if you have any suggestions for time/actions, let me know.
Summers brothers/Sabretooth could be interesting.
Toad/Jeanix is canon. What.


Hey guys just wanted to let you all know the wanted scenes list has been upated.

Can be found here: http://lavapool.insanejournal.com/854.html#cutid1

It is updated to add Rogue and I fixed up the other two as well. If you're up for anything please don't hesitate to IM me or comment on the entry.

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Jul. 2nd, 2009


Activity Check

Hey guys! I just wanted to say sorry for not being 100% lately. Both Leigh and I have been feeling junky lately, and I know everyone's gotten busy with summery stuff. Despite it being a holiday weekend, I wanted to throw this up in case someone didn't have something (for their characters) to do. Also, please check in so we know who's still with us. I know some of you are short for plot/story for your pups, but please remember to check out each others' wanted scenes lists! They can be a great help. For now, check out the most recent journals. XD


Jun. 29th, 2009


Welcome back, IJ.

Well that sucked, but all seems to be well. If anyone's having problems with the site/game pages, let me know. Thanks, and welcome back to Leigh! :D

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Jun. 25th, 2009


Hey all y'all. I just wanted to remind everyone to please tag their entries (ooc and ic) and about rules #6 and #8. Steer clear of tense changes and one liners, please!


Thanks guys.

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Jun. 23rd, 2009


Liberty Island

Plot and stuff. )
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Greetings, all! Amanda here, suffering from the latest bout of characteritis. I'm bringing in two more and that's it, I'm done. Period. Finis. I think. Anyway, the first of my two new pups is everyone's favorite Guthrie, Cannonball (or just Sam, if you don't do the whole codename schtick). Beck is responsible for the awesome pb suggestion, so thank her. I'll wait.

Basics: Sam just recently turned 22 and has been at Xavier's since he was 19, so he's been here for roughly three years. You can probably find him in the garage working on his baby his car, training in the Danger Room, or voluntarily (!) babysitting whatever munchkins happen to be about. See, Sam comes from a very large family, to put it mildly, and kind of misses being responsible for little'uns, so if you're younger than he is, odds are pretty good he's going to take you under his wing and mother you. Unless you're a cute female who has expressed any sort of interest, in which case he will stammer a lot, blush, and politely excuse himself to go do the aforementioned babysitting. He's working on it.

I don't have any wanted scenes up for Sam yet because I'm lazy and waiting until I get my other charrie done before updating the page, but if anyone wants to do anything with the resident redneck, hit me up here or at solo bandella on AIM.

Jun. 20th, 2009


Hey all. Me llamo Min and I'm bringing Emma Frost to the party. I have to state (disclaimer) that my Emma isn't the bitch she's made out to be all the time. She's just looking out for number one and if someone gets in her way...

J/k. Anyway, I love to rp and any time I'm on I'd be willing to do a scene. So if you want to play with the newest addition to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, let me know, I'm on at Bookluvah on AIM. And that's my short little intro...I'm so excited to be involved in an X-game again!


iHola mis amigos!

Alej here with charie number 3!

I'm picking up Rogue since the old one left. :) She's a mix of movie and canon and has yet to be affiliated with anyone. So bring on the powers of persuasion from both sides. lol

Also Amara and Kitty are up for any plotting!


Character changes + stuff.

Beck here with some news and updates.

Happy note: I have a new character (yeah, like I need one, I know). For the most part, she'll be a 'for fun' character, who could be killed, captured, wander off, etc. So, if anyone has a hankering to off someone (they should get help), Asp is your girl. She'll be infiltrating the X-Mansion for Stryker. Her mutation (radiation) allows her to prevent telepaths from reading her thoughts. However, she can still be controlled by them (mental commands). So, she'll be poking around in your dorm rooms, schmoozing your men. And if you're a dude, she'll be schmoozing your babes. Bwahaha.

Her journal is [info]miss_cleo.
Her profile is here.
Her wanted scenes are here (scroll down!).
Her character surveys are here (clean) and here (dirty).

Sad note: Tasha (Blink) and Mabel (Iceman, Multiple Man) are no longer with us due to inactivity. Hopefully we can get things moving at a faster pace (though not too much faster). I know a lot of you want to play, but the inactive players were causing things to lag, so I apologize. I plan to make more time for Rob and I to tag back on threads (mostly Rob). And for the record, Jordan's internet is out in her room, but she has a computer downstairs in her house (shared by 4-6 other people). So hopefully she can post here soon or get the internet issue resolved. :)

Please remember to check out the plot feedback thread here!


Character Stats, if you're curious. )


Jun. 18th, 2009


Plot! Whoa-oooh.

Sooo. Players permitting, we'd like to continue with the Liberty Island idea. (Which involves the use of Rogue and the Brotherhood, as well as Deadpool. All of whom would battle a group of X-Men.) This should be happening around the first week of August (in-game). Right now it's the last week of July.

After this thread was completed, Magneto would be apprehended and wind up in jail ala X2. The Brotherhood would be separated then. It seems that our group of players here isn't really keen on the Brotherhood in the first place, so we're finding places for them to be / purposes for each of them after Magneto's gone. I assume Mystique will be attempting to spring Magneto.

While Magneto is in prison, Stryker will be visiting him. These visits will happen through the month of August. Stryker will launch an attack on the X-Mansion in hopes of obtaining what was necessary for him to make his own Cerebro, and fail. There are far too many X-Men for him to succeed in the confines of this game. This will happen in early September.

Throughout the month of September, the Mutant Registration Act will be passed and school (the fall semester) will be starting for Xavier's Institute. The use of sentinels will go public.

In early October, several simultaneous attacks by sentinels will occur in the New York area. During this evening, the X-Men will be separated into several teams to help control the damage and (hopefully) take out the sentinels. This is when Stryker will return to the mansion to finish what he started. He will succeed.

So I need to hear from all of you if you wish for your characters to be out fighting sentinels or in fighting MRDs/Stryker. Super-powerful mutants or those with great control shouldn't be left at the school. The 'Bash Brothers' - Britannic, Colossus and Warpath will be fighting sentinels. The Professor and Phoenix should be gone as well. Please let us know what you think and where you'd like your characters to be!

Also, I'd really, really like people to include 'X' in some of their threads. Either mention of it, or problems with people/attacks, or discussing the issue itself, anything. If you need suggestions, let us know. :D

-Beck (and Leigh)


Okay I owe some apologies here...we have had bad tornado weather where I live and I have had to use my phone for net access, which sucks because I didn't have the pw for this journal saved there. I now have net back on my home computer, and I am finally about to sign back on here. I will be updating her asap, and working on an open thread tomorrow when I get in from work.

Again so sorry.

Jun. 17th, 2009



I'm Cross and I've just picked up Havok. His history is up for anyone who cares to read it and I'm open for any logs about anything as soon as right now. I work evenings (off Wednesday and Thursday) but otherwise AIM is the best place to find me. Feel free to IM me for anything, even if it's just to chat. I'm thrilled to be on here with all of you.

Edit: I did a little looking around and saw the last Havok wasn't really around long and didn't establish much. If anyone wants any specific past with Havok, let me know. I saw he has a past with Lorna. Anyone else, I'm all open to it. Otherwise I'm assuming that no one at the Mansion really knows him, since when he was here before he stayed hidden off due to powers issues.

Jun. 16th, 2009



Hey folks. I just wanted to say that we've lost another pair of Jeanix/Scott. Raven and Joey have decided to leave the game. So, if anyone is interested in either of those characters, let me know.


Jun. 11th, 2009



Hey kids. Just wanted to let everyone know officially that Cathy has left the game due to RL being hectic/other priorities. So, Northstar and Silver aren't with us. If anyone is interested in JP, lemme know. Also, due to inactivity in their players, Rogue and Wallflower are now open. They (as well as Northstar) are on the holds page, ready for new muns.

And as a side note, should we still have our Wolverine (I don't know what's going on with Aubrey), he isn't at the school yet and he isn't a teacher. I just wanted to make that clear. Some people are confused on the fact. Aubrey wanted him to be strictly new to the scene. And the game is based around the fact that he hasn't shown up yet (i.e. Genesis).

Anyway, I got around to posting replies (finally), sorry about the delay.

Hope everyone is having a good week. If anyone's interested in tagging (or being tagged by) one of my pups, check out my wanted scenes and lemme know. I have enough of 'em (pups). Lol.

Most recent journal entries are here.

-Beck (and Leigh)

Jun. 4th, 2009



leigh is now our new co-mod! :D

Feel free to contact her with modly matters. She will now be helping to approve applications, helping to update, etc. So, yay! XD

On a more sad note, Cathy has left us due to a busy schedule and other priorities, so we're down a Northstar (as well as her OC, Silver). Best wishes, Cathy.

I've given [info]xmen_genesis a moodtheme - one I created a few years back. You can see it here, and use it for any of your posts. I'll be adding it to the OOC soon, I hope.

I've also updated the communities' layouts, as well as [info]xalted's. I hope they look cleaner and prove to be more useful/functional.

Don't forget - we can make personal journal entries! :D Feel free to make public or private ones at any time.


Jun. 3rd, 2009


Hello friends!

This is Scott, and I am Joey. Most people know all about Scott, but if you've got a moment, check out his personality and his bio, as he isn't a common breed of Scott. I'm bringing in some old school Golden Age flavor to him, so he won't be crying or moping in front of anyone! Instead, he'll be more of a leader, mentor, and facilitator. If you had any lines previously, please feel free to comment here and we can work through them. If you would like new lines with Scott, also comment here! :D Personally, I'm looking for him to really step up and help others out with controlling their powers and one-on-one combat training sessions. Thanks for having me in the game! Can't wait to play!

Oh! You can contact me via aim as well, josh can heal.


Jun. 1st, 2009



We may or may not be losing a few folks (probably our Havok). I'm not sure yet. But the activity check is done.

I wanted to ask you guys to please use spellcheck and check your grammar and punctuation. It's one of the rules and I really don't want the quality of the writing to go downhill. It's hard to read and distracting, y'know? Also, please remember to use tags, IC and OOC. :D

Also, I wanted to suggest that we write up some meat-and-potatoes scenes - utilizing the subplots. We have MRDs running around, and there are infinite opportunities to make mention of mutants being drained for X. So, think on it. If you need any of my characters, lemme know.
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May. 31st, 2009


Alright, I'm making an application for Multiple Man and I'm having problems with choosing his affiliation. I know he shows up as a member of The Brotherhood in the movies but that is the only universe where he is part of The Brotherhood and I'd rather not put him under that. So I'm wondering if i should put him under either unaffiliated or college age (and under)

If you have an opinion I would love to hear it so please leave a comment.


May. 28th, 2009


Activity Check

I'd hate to do one so soon after the last, but everyone's been busy and we've dropped a few people, so I need to know who all is left. Please respond by the weekend sometime. I have a wedding on Sunday, so I won't be contacting/removing anyone until Monday. I have a pretty good idea of who's still around and wanting to play, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Also, I apologize for slacking a bit in my scenes. I'm the matron of honor for this upcoming shindig and there've been lots of things to get done. Blah. But I'm going to be posting today and hopefully starting some new threads. Jordan and I have almost completed some backdated logs between Gambit/Levity and Mars/Zap, so those should be up soon. On with the updating...

I'll be on AIM all day if anyone wants to talk about scenes or check-in. ^_^

Alej, Amanda, Aubrey, Beck, Bill, Cathy, Jordan, Leigh, Lindsey, Mabel, Rob, Sheri, Tasha


P.S. Recent journal entries. I'll add more as they come! Don't be shy. XD

ZAP MONDAY 07-13-09

May. 27th, 2009


updated wanted stuff

iHola mis amigos!

I've updated my wanted scenes list to fit Shadowcat in there. So please please please go look in Amara's journal for it.

Also Beck, Rob...do you guys want to actually thread out anything you suggested in the journal?

May. 23rd, 2009


Hello everyone out there! My name is Mabel, I'm 18 years old and just about to enter my senior year of high school. I also planning on bringing an amazing Iceman aka Bobby Drake to this roleplay. I'm currently residing in a small town in Southern Oregon and after school ends I'll be with you and posting quite a bit, actually the only thing on my summer schedule so far is a theatre day camp so I'm quite excited to have one more thing to do this summer. I've been roleplay for about 7 years now and have a good amount on experiance under my wing but this is only my 3rd or 4th X-Men roleplay so if I make any mistakes I hope you understand.

I'm so excited to be joining this roleplay with all of you and I hope that you enjoy me here as well. Don't be shy, if you wanna roleplay just ask! I really would love too get a fast start on things.


Hey folks.

I just wanted to say "hello!" and that I'm sorry I disappeared. Rob and I have been without internet for three days. So, to those I'm threading with currently - I'm sorry! I went to my sister's house to update a few times but she's been out running around with errands and doctor's appointments (and no damned cellphone) and Jordan's been super busy. So, no sooner updates. But we have a stable connection now and it's all good. So, I'll be posting as soon as I update things around the game for new players/characters. :D Thanks for the patience.


P.S. In other news, we lost Cyclops and Jean (I'm assuming). We also lost Morph, by my doing (rules issues). So if anyone is interested in them, let me know. We also gained Kitty and a potential Iceman, so yay. :)
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May. 19th, 2009


So I fully realize that I've just joined the game, and really haven't had any time to play with any of you but...I think I have to drop for now. There's a lot of stuff that's happening right now that's hitting pretty close to home, and I just don't have the energy to log on much anymore to check everything.

Sorry for the sudden hit and run, anywho I'm sure when this all blows over if you'll have me, then I'll be happy to come back. 'Till then, happy playing everybody!

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