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an intro [
8/25/07 - 1:10 am
[ mood | excited ]

Yay! A twins community!

I'm Harleen, and you could say I'm twins obsessed. I run a RPG at GJ where I play Fred (among others), and I've been writing a lot of twins fics lately. Most of them are AU to Deathly Hallows, because I just can't write George without Fred like that. :(

All my fics are here if you want to take a look. Any new fics, I will be sure to post them here!

- Harleen ♥

Welcome Post [
8/25/07 - 10:25 am
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | None ]

I was surprised to not find a twins community on IJ, so I took the liberty of making one. Please enjoy using this community to share fanfics, fan art, icons and whatever else you can think of about the loveable Weasley twins from the Harry Potter series.

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