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Fic: Weasley's Wizard Wheezes (Fred/George) [
3/1/11 - 4:15 pm

Title: Weasley's Wizard Wheezes
Author: [info]rebecca_selene
Word Count: 5,942
Pairings: Fred/George, Fred/Katie, George/Angelina
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: implied twincest, angst, violence, character death, AU
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters and situations belong to JKR and Emily Brontë.
Summary: Fred and George didn’t even have time to figure out their feelings before everything changed.
Concrit?: It's the only way I'll get better.
Beta: the amazing paean_sf, for whose patience, advice, and timeliness I am forever grateful <3
Notes: Loosely based on the plot of Wuthering Heights. AU (Dobby works with the twins at WWW and lives after the war; Fred goes to the Yule Ball with Katie Bell and later impregnates her before he dies). I took many liberties with the prompt and canon, but I hope you like it! Written for a 2011 dysfuncentine prompt #64 (George/Angelina: She wants him to be Fred) submitted by sandystarr88.

Weasley's Wizard Wheezes

FIC: Boodwaggles; Fred/George, Percy; Hard R [
8/10/08 - 1:49 pm

Title: Boodwaggles
Author: [info]f13tch3r
Rating: Hard R
Featured Character or Pairing(s): Fred/George, Percy
Summary: George and Percy are plagued by Boodwaggles
Warnings: Incest, Slash, Underaged sex, Canon compliant through Deathly Hallows (except for the slash, of course), Post-War
Word Count: 2,634
Disclaimer: This is not an attempt to infringe on the copyrights held by the Corporations or Individuals that are part of Harry Potter. This is purely for enjoyment and no monetary gain is made from it..
Author's notes: Originally written for [info]weasley_fest on Livejournal as a gift for [info]araindog. I must heap oodles of thanks upon my betas. They are awesome individuals and writers and each gave me excellent feedback that I ate up and applied. [info]eeyore9990 & [info]svartalfur, you rock my world. Any mistakes herein are solely mine own. Pass the tissues.

Boodwaggles )

Concrit greatly appreciated.

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Loose Ends - an all slash/femslash HP RPG! [
7/15/08 - 2:28 am

[ mood | creative ]

user posted image

In the Department of Mysteries, deep in the dungeons beneath the Ministry of Magic there is room that is always locked. Or at least, it’s always supposed to be…

Pandora Twiddle hadn’t meant for it to happen. All she wanted was a decent mark on her final exam, and a research grant to work as an Unspeakable. She hadn’t meant to leave the door unlocked, but she’d been stressed, and yeah, okay, more than a little hungover.

Just two more days and she’d have handed in her thesis and shut down the project. She’d thought her subject was fascinating – there weren’t many magical theorists working on eromancy, and scant little research on Queer theory in the field. Most of the best-respected researchers were still caught up in parental and filial love, which was where all the funding was.

Her work would have changed that. She’d used cutting edge particle magic theory to study trace remnants of old magic. She’d proven even to her hard-headed supervisor that the love magic the founders had used to place some of the oldest protective spells on Hogwarts School was – well – pretty damn gay.

One minute’s carelessness in the pursuit of jam doughnuts later, and everything was ruined. The protective field where she’d set up her model of the Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw Bonding Charm stood before her, empty and mocking.

With a shifty look around to make sure she was still alone, Pandora waved her wand and the field disappeared. She’d say she finished early and ended the spell. And nobody need ever, ever know what she’d just done.

Miles away a fluttering line of thin silver light flew rapidly northwards through a clear blue sky. It slowed as it drew close to an old castle, perched above a Scottish lake. It settled over the highest tower, making the turret glow briefly. Then it spread out again, and faded away in a wide circle, leaving an odd ripple in it’s wake, like the slight distortions of curved glass. The charm was reflected all over Great Britain within the next few days, the caster apparently going a little trigger happy, fixing itself into the home's of witches and wizards everywhere.

Nobody saw it happen, but they’d start to feel its effects soon enough.


1/30/08 - 12:46 pm
Title: Lonely in Your Nightmare
Author: Harleen [info]harleen
Pairings: Fred/George
Word Count: 100x2 (two parts, 100 words each)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Implied twincest, implied (but not real) character death
Disclaimer: I don't own them and no money is being made from this.
Summary: How could you leave me?...Or did you?
Author's Notes: This idea popped in my brain and I couldn't let it go. Cross-posted at my journal and at various places.

Lonely in Your Nightmare )

Re-Fredding Day [
1/23/08 - 11:37 pm

[ mood | excited ]

Right, so I'm guessing most people in this community aren't very big fans of Fred's fate in DH. So I and a few others are currently promoting RE-FREDDING DAY on May 9th. I came up with the particular date after reading a fantastic 'Re-Fredding' fic which you can find here: FIC LINK, "Fox Ears" by Starhorse

So mark your calendars, spread the word and I challenge everyone to write/draw/prank something or someone for May 9th! And in the words of Pink Floyd, "We don't need no De-Fredation!" XD

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