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[18 Aug 2017|03:40pm]

Still looking for anyone (doesn't have to be on the list) in The Dresden Files for two games I'm in.

Harry Dresden, anyone from the Carpenter family, Carlos Ramirez (for emotional reasons), Thomas Raith, and Kincad (For Ivy protection.)

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Repose [16 Aug 2017|09:46pm]


Repose, Anywhere, USA.
Crawling along the inside of your skull is a voice that tells you something is out of the ordinary.

It's afternoon, but you can't see your shadow. It's night, but there's no sign of stars. The girl behind the counter at the corner store sells you paint and flashes a smile with fangs. Under the eaves of colonials with chipped siding, lupine shapes are roaming, circling. Did you hear that someone goes missing every twenty years on the same day? Or that someone saw the poetess who drowned herself a hundred years ago reciting verses to the lily pads yesterday?

You don't come to this little town for peace and quiet, or a good tan at the edge of the lake. You come because you're curious for a glimpse of the post-mundane. You come because of that restricted military facility and its high fences. You come hunting monsters. You come because you are the monster. You come because you don't fit in anywhere else. Adjacent to the big city bustle, the supernatural has made itself at home in Repose. Blend into the crowd of weird, and settle in for a season or two. There's a storm of strangeness, and Repose is drenched.

We are a writing community that welcomes both original and fandom-based sources.


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[16 Aug 2017|04:05pm]



The universe is in a fragile and weakened state, nobody knows why or how. With the fabric of space itself damaged, anomalous fissures are beginning to appear. Fissures that could crack and spread, collapsing reality and letting in things that should not exist in our dimension.

Cosmo the space-dog came through the fissures first and ended up at Knowhere. He cleaned up the neighborhood and took charge of things, becoming head of security and the unquestioned leader. Once Cosmo was happy with his progress he sent a communication to Peter Quill and the Guardians inviting them to use Knowhere as their base of operations. Cosmo taught them how to use the Celestial's abilities to watch the universe and teleport to anywhere in space and time instantaneously which increased their Galaxy saving capabilities tenfold.

Now it's up to the Guardians of the Galaxy to investigate these cracks in space and deal with whatever, or whoever, comes out next.


Knowhere is inspired by the Guardians of the Galaxy comics, Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and the TV Shows Fringe and Lost. It is a pan-fandom, action-based roleplaying game that takes place at the edge of the universe. It deals in large universe-altering plots that is a collaborative effort among players. It allows one alternate universe to be created and played in for every canon universe represented. It is rated MA and all muns involved are over the age of 18.

All holds open!
Especially looking for: Peter, Drax, Yondu and Mantis.

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Welcome to Aqora.

It's Los Angeles in the year 2025. It's two years into the apocalypse and things are going all right - if you take into account the fact that you're living surrounded by steel and concrete walls, there are armed sentries at every gate, and there are zombies shambling around in underground parking structures while the community's doctor does experiments trying to find a cure. The government - if it can be called that - is comprised of a small committee of four citizens that seem to have your best interests at heart. But do they? Are they hiding something?

There are always necessary things. Go on runs to grab supplies for the community. Head out to the nearby reservoir to get water. Take up farming. Go out to find more communities. Kill zombies.

While a main point of the game is slice of life in the apocalypse, there are plenty of planned mod plots in the coming months that will keep characters busy. There are big things on the horizon, and the zombies aren't the only enemies you'll have to worry about.

Taken | Reserves | Rules | FAQ | Application

Locations | Aqora Information | NPC Inboxes

OOC | Network | Logs | Lines Requests

code bases by tricklet
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with the band: a weird sisters rp. [15 Aug 2017|06:21pm]


with the band
                        a weird sisters roleplay.

Admit it, you've always wanted to go on tour with the Weird Sisters. Us too! That's why we're taking you along on this whirl wind escapade, fraught with brotherly shenanigans, drunken parties, good music, bad decisions, fans, and some sticky situations -- literally.

Join the Weird Sisters as they travel the world, rekindle their love for music, find their way back to the stage, trip over each other, and annoy the crap out of their staff as we explore what it takes to be a rockstar.
Join the tour August 19th!
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Change Channels: A Pan Fandom RPG [14 Aug 2017|04:55pm]

You wake up alone in a comfortable bed. It could be your bed. It could belong to someone else. Who knows? You might not realize anything is off at first but soon you notice that little things are not quite right. This isn't where you fell asleep the night before. After your initial reactions (which probably include questions like 'Where the hell am I?' and 'Who is responsible for this?'), a nearby TV flicks to life and a voice filters through the static...

"Welcome to Paradise. Before you ask, no you can't leave... at least, until I say you can. And don't worry about those back home either. They won't miss you. They won't even know you are gone. So take a load off and enjoy your stay."

Change Channels is a panfandom game set in a timeless pocket dimension, based outside of any reality at all. Characters are brought in from various points in time and are trapped in a mystery location by The Trickster (a.k.a the Archangel Gabriel) from the TV show Supernatural, who is well know for playing by his own rules and changing things up to keep it interesting.

While the main plot is driven by Gabriel's whims and the characters having to deal with it, there is also room for social or personal plotting. Characters are not required to be involved in every single overall game plot, other than being stuck in the pocket dimension, and players are welcome to grow and plot with their character as they see fit.
Rules // FAQs // Characters // Wanted // Holds // Apply
Mod Journal // IC Journal // OOC Journal

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St. Margaret's Academy - A Supernatural High School RPG [13 Aug 2017|08:38pm]

St. Margaret's Academy
not your average boarding school
Rule #1 - Keep your fangs and claws to yourself: no snacking on any of the student body.
Rule #2 - No magic in the hallways.
Rule #3 - A full moon is no excuse for not having made your homework.

The '17 - '18 academic year will commence in less than a month. New students arrive and settle in while others return from summer trips and prepare for whatever challenges that come with a new school year. So unpack your bags and settle into your dorm because at St. Margaret's Academy, there's no such thing as normal.
Open since 2013, St. Margaret's Academy is now looking for more great RPers and fresh faces to add to the fun. We're a fun and laid back group. Enrol your progeny today!
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[13 Aug 2017|03:46pm]

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Sometimes literally.
Las Vegas has always been a city that draws people in. The lights, the shows, the freedom...

But something strange has started to happen. The city has begun to pull strange people, people from different universes. Even people who had died but have seemingly found new life under the bright lights.

Pitboss is a panfandom game that welcomes fandom OCs.

The Mandalay BayVegas NetworkMandalay Lobby
Rules | Taken | Holds | Application | Wanted | FAQ | Dropbox
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[12 Aug 2017|02:27am]


Ashen Grove is an original character, writing-based storyline that takes place in the horrific, monstrous little town of Ashen Grove, Maine.

Enjoy your stay.

Ashen Grove is not a normal town. Ashen Grove is, in fact, a horrific, terrifying, monstrous place to live — and you just so happen to be stuck there. Welcome to your new home. Mind the fog, watch for monsters, and above all, try to enjoy your stay. You'll be here a very, very long time.

Inspired by elements from many horror movies, series, and games, Ashen Grove is most notably modeled after Silent Hill. Fret not! You don't have to know anything about Silent Hill to join us; we've included all the information you need to know.


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Any love for Dhampirs anymore? [11 Aug 2017|03:15am]

I remember a time I had no trouble finding a home to play my Dhampir character (was so long ago), but I went on hiatus for a few years and now that I'm back, I'm finding it damn near impossible to find a game where he can be played. Are there any out there?
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[10 Aug 2017|11:01pm]


apply cast held info places rules contact
Just as you approach the darkest point in your life, you mysteriously receive a one way ticket with the promise of a better life. However, once you've redeemed your ticket, there is no turning back. Some find comfort in their new home, while others are desperate to leave. A revolution is in the works, what side will you take?
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[10 Aug 2017|03:01pm]


Chapter Two: A Treaty of Rebels

The Third Wizarding War has been raging in the UK for 8 years. Lestrange aims to spread his influence across the English Channel to take Wizarding France under his control. The French Resistance, under the leadership of Olympe Maxime, strikes an accord with Minerva McGonagall to join together as allies against Death Eater oppression. Set in Château Bonaccord, a magical castle in the port town of Calais, McGonagall and Maxime develop a French Sector Program that aligns with that of Hogwarts. Captains, Lieutenants, and Cadets of Hogwarts and Bonaccord will train together, battle together, and its members will have newfound freedom to travel to each other’s boundaries.

United, Witches and Wizards from Hogwarts & Bonaccord Castles will fight to restore peace and prosperity to both magical nations.

Members of the French Wizarding Resistance

Members of the British Wizarding Resistance

Plot - Rules - Holds - Cast - Sectors - FAQ
Reference - Wanted - Apply - Contact - Dropbox

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[09 Aug 2017|09:00pm]


Could you thrive at a school like this?

We live in a world where people are either Mundane, or Gifted - and the Gifted have the ability to control an element, even if only in a small way. It's not a secret. It's not even all that taboo. It's something of a fact of life. The great thing about schools like Islington, is that there's no real emphasis on how different people are. If you're Gifted, you will be taught how to control and use your Gift here, but you won't be made to feel like an outsider, or a freak, like can happen in other places. If you're Mundane, you'll be given just as many opportunities as the Gifted students - they might be different, but they will be just as numerous - and you won't be made to feel less-than.

All magic aside, no matter where your talents and skills lie, there is a place for you here at Islington Prep.

Islington Prep has been completely revamped and retooled! It is a het and fem/slash friendly, original character roleplaying game on InsaneJournal, set in a boarding school environment with a supernatural twist. This game will focus on character development, especially on the way the Gifted are perceived by the Mundane and vice versa, but there will also be non-supernatural issues based in and around boarding school life, as well as some larger plot. We are looking for writers who are 18+ and who enjoy seeing their characters grow as people!

Opening soon!
Full Premise // FAQ // Rules // Apply!
Mod Journal // IC Journal // OOC Journal
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Grant Springs [07 Aug 2017|06:51pm]

Grant Springs

What makes a monster? Is it an accident of birth or a conscious decision? Most people don't think real 'monsters' exist. But with satellites that can see below ground and every person walking around with a camera in their hands, it is only a matter of time before the unseen becomes a stark reality. The question takes on a whole different meaning when things that go bump in the night turn out to be your neighbors.

Grant Springs is an original, modern supernatural game set in a fictional city in Wisconsin. Players must be eighteen or older to join because of the mature themes that will be explored in the game. Personal plots are more than welcome but we will be focusing on the political implications of the existence of supernatural creatures.

Game opens with ten characters or five players, whichever comes first.

Rules & Setting & Mod Dropbox & Want Ads&Apply & CREDIT
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[info]charmcity [07 Aug 2017|06:38pm]

Mercy is still looking for his roommate! His good friend, the one who brought him out to Baltimore. Totally open to faces/ gender/ species. Mercy is absolutely loveable!

[info]charmcity is also looking for more shifters (werewolves, in particular!), fae and witches! Next adds are Wednesday, August 9th!
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[07 Aug 2017|04:12pm]

any interest in an american revolution psl? i have details, pb suggestions, and it can be het or femme.
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[06 Aug 2017|06:59pm]


Dana needs more ladies and gentlemen to come play with him at his club! He likes fulfilling fantasies.
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[06 Aug 2017|12:41pm]


Welcome to Stormvale!

Welcome to Stormvale, a coastal North Carolina town subjected to the occasional (okay, frequent) oddity. From anti-gravity pits to two headed squirrels, kitten spawning closets to a raptor exhibit in the Zooquarium ... it's just like any other town.

Isn't it?


Welcome to Stormvale is an OC game that combines aspects of fiction, conspiracy, and just general weird-ass what-ifs to create a fun little town to play in. Now open!

Locations º Premise º FAQ º Holds
Cast º Wanted º Apply º Drop box

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[06 Aug 2017|08:16am]

I'm hoping to find a slash psl for this character.

Supernatural line details here )

Alternatively, I have a basic bio and some potential lines already listed in the journal here if anyone is interested in a different version of Benedict.
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[06 Aug 2017|11:36am]


Miracle Country - a CLAMP-inspired panfandom RPG

The worlds aren’t just one.

You know how it goes – the way a pendulum swings – one action causes another reaction. The world you live in is not the only world that exists. Across the universe and its dimensions, there are countless other worlds – and now you and others have been brought to the place called Miracle Country.

You awaken in this new world in the hope a miracle will take place. Gifted with a jar that houses your good and bad intentions – you were brought here for a purpose, something only you can do.

The world survives on balance. No light without the dark, no good without the evil, no right without the wrong. The worlds across dimensions are falling out of balance, and you and the others brought here hold the key to their survival. Through your actions, through your choices, through your thoughts, you can control what becomes of you, the others, and the worlds you know and don’t know.

Everything here permeates magic and you are not an exception, drawn into the fate of all worlds. That magic grows the longer you are here – your good actions causing good rewards; your bad decisions causing strange happenings with the magic.

You can’t go home yet. Miracle Country is peaceful enough – but even the most beautiful of places isn’t without its shadows. Everything exists in balance, after all.

Miracle Country is a panfandom roleplaying game based on CLAMP’s works where characters are gifted with a jar of konpeito candy that represents their good and bad actions. Through their actions, relationships, choices, and thoughts, they affect the fate of the multiverse and prevent the worlds from falling apart around them.



Main | OOC | Mods | Navigation | Rules & FAQ | Apps & Reserves | TDM | credit
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