Feb. 14th, 2011


To: Colin Creevey
From: Zach Smith

You'll be my valentine, valentine )

To: Romilda Vane
From: Zach Smith

See you and me have a better time than most can dream of )

To: Fletcher Parkinson
From: Zach Smith

Baby don't be afraid, I'm gonna hurt you real good )

To: Theo, T, Tracey, Pansy, Gilbert, Fred, George, Seamus, & other friends
From: Zach Smith

I'll be there for you )

Jan. 24th, 2011


Who: Fred, George, and Zach
What: Drinking, Flirting, and Identity Confusion
When: Monday night
Where: The Leaky, 'cause Neville says so
Rating: R
Status: Incomplete

Not everything had to be a master plan )