January 14th, 2011

[info]theirishwizard in [info]uprisingrpg

Who: Seamus and Dean
What: Visit from Dean!
When: Thursday Night
Where: Seamus' Place
Warnings: Angst. Always Angst.
Status: Incomplete

It does nothing but rain here )

[info]zellerr in [info]uprisingrpg

Who: Rose and Neville
What: meeting at the Leaky
When: Friday
Where: Leaky Cauldron
Warnings: TBA
Status: Incomplete

give me lazy days with nothing better to do )

[info]patientia in [info]uprisingrpg

Who: Kevin and Shane
What: Shane has news?
When: Saturday afternoon [forward dated]
Where: an alley, and then Germany?
Warnings: TBA
Status: Incomplete

you've got serious thrill issues, dude. )