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Sunday, September 26th, 2004

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    Letters by Lori and Wolfling

    Original poster: elayna88

    Title: Letters: An Epistolary Romance
    Authors: Lori and Wolfling
    Rating: NC-17
    Pairings: Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, OMC/OFC
    Authors' websites: Lori's TPM fan-fiction is at:
    Wolfling's Den is at:
    Authors' LJs: [info]pepsi and [info]wolfling
    Link to story:

    Reasons for recommending: I love it, isn't that the typical reason? ;-)

    I was hooked from the first letter when the angst of Obi-Wan's unrequited love is accidentally revealed to Qui-Gon, who wholeheartedly responds with his own passionate feelings. The story slowly expands from a series of personal letters into a complex epic covering their bonding, their training of Anakin, their matchmaking for friends, their disputes with a tainted Council, and the battle against the Sith. The story develops several interesting original characters and expands canon characters like Anakin, but happily, they all enhance the boys' interaction rather than dominating the fic. The heart of the story always remains with Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, who are depicted as strong, dedicated Jedi, but with flaws and imperfections, a characterization that draws me into regular re-reading.

    Letters was followed by War Chronicles and Rebellion Missives, as well as the AU Foursome, but Letters itself remains my favorite. The boys' initial yearning for each other, followed by their first kiss, first sex, and the evolution of their partnership as bonded knights... *happy sigh*

    On Day's End and Dinner by M. Fae Glasgow

    Original poster: gloriana

    Why do I feel like saying, "I'm ba-ack" in a spooky accent?

    One of the early MA authors was, apparently, quite miffed not to have been recced more widely in the first round of TPM Flashbacks. I did want to giggle at her: besides taking offence where none was meant, she was also rather ignoring the fact that it is impossible to rec all you want to in just eight weeks. Why, I already had my list for my second 8 almost complete when the first lot were done, without even serious contemplation required. So I'd like to thank Thalia (and Elayna) for organising me the chance to post them.

    Let's begin with one which had a slight bit of controversy when it was first published, in a single-author TPM zine called Nanshoku:

    Title: On Day's End and Dinner
    Author: M. Fae Glasgow
    Rating: not given
    Pairing: Q/O
    Warnings: Read More )
    Author's e-mail, and/or website: M. Fae has an lj, [info]mfaeglasgow, but it has no public entries. I don't have an email for her, but she can probably be reached via the press who publish her zines: email Oblique Publications. Their website is
    Link to story: Sorry, but this is a pdf file from the original zine Bene Dictum V: Nanshoku: you have to scroll down to pg 125(zine numbering)/pg 20/37(pdf file page numbering). Or go back up a couple of levels and download the whole zine; I highly recommend it.

    Reasons for recommending: I love virtually everything M. Fae has written in TPM, even though I violently disagree with the premises behind some of it - and if that isn't the sign of a good writer, I don't know what is :) She's sexy, angsty, contemplative, and enamoured of the tragedy of Q/O. In a zine with two other stories that rank in my regular re-reads list, this very short piece stands out for the economy and ease with which it paints a picture of what it might actually mean to be somewhat more than human - a Jedi.

    Quote from story: Qui-Gon responded to Obi-Wan's wry smile )
    Extra comments: Read More - includes major spoilers )

    "The House that Obi-Wan Built" by Smitty

    Original poster: bant

    Sorry my final rec was delayed a whole week but now for something completely different.

    Title:The House that Obi-Wan Built"
    Author: Smitty (not Aeshna, known as Smitty on the MA list)
    Pairing: Not slash but is Obi-Wan and Anakin

    Link to Story:
    e-mail is available to those who register on

    This is another one of those first TPM fan-fic stories I read way back in '99. It's from a series of heart-warming stories about Obi-Wan and Anakin just after they become master and padawan, written by two sisters. For a few years, they had their own website but that has since disappeared. Most of the stories are still on

    It is flawed but enjoyable none-the-less. Formatting on is not always the best but I thought it was worth it.

    What keeps me coming back to these stories, is Obi-Wan and Anakin's growing relationship. There is a genuiness and combination of humour and seriousness that gives the stories warmth. The first one is a lovely introduction and it is followed up by two others, that allude to a coming darkness, yet still retain the warmth of the first story. Other stories in the series include "House of Cards" which is somewhat darker and an excellent follow-up, and "Sofa, So Good"
    There were others written my Smitty's sister but they have since disappeard from the net.

    Edit: Thanks to [info]jedi_rita for finding the complete series. My favourtie in the series, is the lightly humourous "All Star" You can find a link to the rest of the Malastare series here as well.

    Quote from story: )

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