Jul. 5th, 2009


FIC: A Little Bit Backwards

title: A Little Bit Backwards
author: lisa roquin
fandom: 30stm
rating adult
pairing/characters: Shannon Leto/Denton Riley
disclaimer: as far as 30stm & mention of the couple real people connected them: lies, fiction, not true. Everything and everyone else is mine.
summary: He'd probably be trying to get a round of morning after sex if not for the ring on his finger and the damned piece of paper he was staring at.
warning: OCs OCs and more OCs. Revamped characters from private rp ages ago. basically original fic with 30stm stuck in there. language, drinking, m/m sex, harlequin-esque absurdity,
author notes: for sticks&strings, prompt Ain't No Thinking Thing by Trace Adkins. probably about 1/3 done. Yeah. another posted WIP ~grumbles~
word count:

chapter links will be added as chapters posted.

Chapter one || Chapter two || Chapter three || Chapter four || tbc

Jul. 1st, 2009


Loyal To One -- 30stm

Title: Loyal to One
Author: kleemoon
Fandom: 30 Seconds to Mars
Paring(s): Jared/Tomo, Jared/Shannon implied and one-sided
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: M/m slash, implied incest, language, hints of violence
Disclaimer: Not true, don’t know them, didn’t happen, I am a liar
Beta: the stunning queencheeze and the fabulous jynnxx
Word-count: 10,190
Feedback: Always appreciated to feed my muse
Prompt Song: Loyal to No One by Dropkick Murphys (don’t look too closely thought)
Notes: Written for IJ Sticks & Strings. I am eternally grateful for all the help and support jynxx and queencheeze have given me on this, and no, I don’t know how it ended up so long ... sorry about that.

I’m not coming home without him. )

Feb. 23rd, 2009


Tear My Heart Open--30stm Shannon/Tomo

title: Tear My Heart Open
author: lisa roquin
rating: mature
fandom: 30stm
pairing/characters: Shannon/Tomo
series/sequel: not intentionally set out to, but works as standalone or possibly same verse as Man In The Mirror
disclaimer: lies, fiction, untrue. completely and totally made up. I know no one, know nothing of their personal lives. I make no claims of knowing much of anything.
summary: He was done, he couldn't do it anymore.
warning: angst, language, addiction issues.
author notes: written for sticksnstrings round one, (attempt number god knows what to get something to finish)
prompt--> Scars by Papa Roach
wword count: 2586

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Feb. 14th, 2009


Ain't Buying You Breakfast

Title: Ain't Buying You Breakfast
Author: Kynx_fic (collaborative writing journal of Calico_Jynx and [info]kit)
Fandom(s): 30 Seconds to Mars
Pairing(s): Jared/Tim, Shannon/Tim, one-sided Shannon/Jared.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not ours (which is a damn shame)
Warnings: Angst? Sex? Do they count as warnings?
Word Count:18,666 *did not do that on purpose*
Summary: No, Jared. Jared and Tim, that's what really fucked him up and looks like it's gonna keep fucking him up for a long-ass time.

A/N: Many thanks to Erialcgrove, [info]lisaroquin and Moocher05 for the pre-read through and making sure this made sense (which it totally didn't for a while) ♥ ♥ love you guys ♥

A/N2: Written for Skid Row's Get the Fuck Out.

No need to whimper no need to shout.
This party's over so get the fuck out