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20th-Feb-2008 07:15 pm
Created my first profle card, what is it? A design for your profile section. Simple. Check inside:

To start, it is best to use notepad and copy and paste the profile card. Doing it this way gives you more space to place your own information. There are ten images that all are there in the code, to remove any you're not using find, for example I want to remove on notice section (profilenot.gif): Look for the image name and cut from < tr > and < /tr >.

<tr><td bgcolor="#99CCFF" valign="top"><font color="#4665A4" font size="2" face="Franklin Gothic Book,
Arial"><img src="" title=""><p>
Aenean in augue ac quam aliquam malesuada. Proin ut dolor eget elit mollis ultricies. Nunc commodo
 felis et justo. Curabitur auctor egestas velit. Curabitur auctor, felis et placerat ullamcorper amet.

To add your information, simply replace the nonsencial text you see with your own.

Lastly, this profile cannot be changed since it belong to the blue shoe layout, however if I am able I can make up a new new design, if well received. And the credit stays at the bottom.

Placement: Under Accounts > Manage Profile: Click for Insanejournal | Profile > Edit Profile: Click for Livejournal Look for Bio and simply cut and paste from your notepad. Press save and check results.


Images :
If using, please don't hotlink. Upload to another storage online, try photobucket or imageshack. {Right click Save As or Save Image As}
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