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8th-Apr-2008 09:23 pm (UTC) - Question.
Greetings. I'm using this layout and I just love it, but for some strange reason, I can't get the tags code to work. I do have a paid account, but every time I paste the information given for the tags code, the browser refuses to save.

I've tried it both on my work computer and my home machine, but still no result. Is there a specific place we're supposed to paste it? Currently I have it at the end of the override coding in the CSS box.

One other thing, the first info box (on the left) and the credit image (Scotchbonnet Design) both cut into the entry box border. Is there a command I'm missing, or something that needs to be tweaked in the stylesheet?

Thanks for the help! And the layout's gorgeous. I love it muchly.
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