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20th-Jul-2008 06:37 pm
I will be finally releasing the Blue Shoes layout this week. It's the third layout and not number 2 which is still having problems in IE. Blue Shoes, I believe that it will work IE and Firefox well. Hopefully I will start finalizing it and post to the journals.

If you are on Livejournal I have heard that they will be bringing back Basic, I wasn't planning on writing layouts with ads unless it was easy for me (vertical) but I will see what comes of their decision. In the meantime IJ will get Blue Shoes and most likely another version of it before LJ.

Edit: Oops, Blue Shoes is a Tranquility Layout, which means this isn't for Insanejournal users but Livejournal. Sorry about the mix up. I will try to write a similar for the IJ base layouts.
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