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June 28th, 2009
04:02 am


A-Z of Awesomeness with Neil Cameron
I believe the following may be relevant to this community's interests, oh yes.

Comic artist Neil Cameron recently announced his intention to do one drawing a day for a month that was simply fun and awesome. He's going about it alphabetically and, so far, the results are simply...well, awesome.

Don't believe me? Click below.

Many others are up at Neil's blog.

For legality, Proof deals with a sneering villain in a viscerally satisfying manner...

The villain in question was a Very Bad Man who had been torturing and killing brontosaurs. He totally had it coming.

Proof is a fabulous book, and the trades are well worth checking out. The current arc, "Julia", has managed to break my heart on an average of twice an issue for the past four installments.

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