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[20 Aug 2017|08:19pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Would you believe that all the gods that people have ever imagined are still with us today?

Across America, just beneath the world we see, exists another world. One full of gods and monsters, of immortals and saints and demons. They walk among us every day and although we don't know it, our every thought fuels their lives.

Nevermore is a well-established, long-running game set in the world of American Gods. This particular game has been kicking around IJ in one form or another for years - at the moment our player base is quite small and so we're looking for fresh blood to come join us.

before you join
character directory
faq and rules
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wanted characters
drop box
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player contact
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Repose [16 Aug 2017|09:47pm]


Repose, Anywhere, USA.
Crawling along the inside of your skull is a voice that tells you something is out of the ordinary.

It's afternoon, but you can't see your shadow. It's night, but there's no sign of stars. The girl behind the counter at the corner store sells you paint and flashes a smile with fangs. Under the eaves of colonials with chipped siding, lupine shapes are roaming, circling. Did you hear that someone goes missing every twenty years on the same day? Or that someone saw the poetess who drowned herself a hundred years ago reciting verses to the lily pads yesterday?

You don't come to this little town for peace and quiet, or a good tan at the edge of the lake. You come because you're curious for a glimpse of the post-mundane. You come because of that restricted military facility and its high fences. You come hunting monsters. You come because you are the monster. You come because you don't fit in anywhere else. Adjacent to the big city bustle, the supernatural has made itself at home in Repose. Blend into the crowd of weird, and settle in for a season or two. There's a storm of strangeness, and Repose is drenched.

We are a writing community that welcomes both original and fandom-based sources.


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[16 Aug 2017|04:05pm]



The universe is in a fragile and weakened state, nobody knows why or how. With the fabric of space itself damaged, anomalous fissures are beginning to appear. Fissures that could crack and spread, collapsing reality and letting in things that should not exist in our dimension.

Cosmo the space-dog came through the fissures first and ended up at Knowhere. He cleaned up the neighborhood and took charge of things, becoming head of security and the unquestioned leader. Once Cosmo was happy with his progress he sent a communication to Peter Quill and the Guardians inviting them to use Knowhere as their base of operations. Cosmo taught them how to use the Celestial's abilities to watch the universe and teleport to anywhere in space and time instantaneously which increased their Galaxy saving capabilities tenfold.

Now it's up to the Guardians of the Galaxy to investigate these cracks in space and deal with whatever, or whoever, comes out next.


Knowhere is inspired by the Guardians of the Galaxy comics, Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and the TV Shows Fringe and Lost. It is a pan-fandom, action-based roleplaying game that takes place at the edge of the universe. It deals in large universe-altering plots that is a collaborative effort among players. It allows one alternate universe to be created and played in for every canon universe represented. It is rated MA and all muns involved are over the age of 18.

All holds open!
Especially looking for: Peter, Drax, Yondu and Mantis.

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St. Margaret's Academy - A Supernatural High School RPG [13 Aug 2017|08:34pm]

St. Margaret's Academy
not your average boarding school
Rule #1 - Keep your fangs and claws to yourself: no snacking on any of the student body.
Rule #2 - No magic in the hallways.
Rule #3 - A full moon is no excuse for not having made your homework.

The '17 - '18 academic year will commence in less than a month. New students arrive and settle in while others return from summer trips and prepare for whatever challenges that come with a new school year. So unpack your bags and settle into your dorm because at St. Margaret's Academy, there's no such thing as normal.
Open since 2013, St. Margaret's Academy is now looking for more great RPers and fresh faces to add to the fun. We're a fun and laid back group. Enrol your progeny today!
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[13 Aug 2017|03:50pm]

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Sometimes literally.
Las Vegas has always been a city that draws people in. The lights, the shows, the freedom...

But something strange has started to happen. The city has begun to pull strange people, people from different universes. Even people who had died but have seemingly found new life under the bright lights.

Pitboss is a panfandom game that welcomes fandom OCs.

The Mandalay BayVegas NetworkMandalay Lobby
Rules | Taken | Holds | Application | Wanted | FAQ | Dropbox
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[10 Aug 2017|03:00pm]


Chapter Two: A Treaty of Rebels

The Third Wizarding War has been raging in the UK for 8 years. Lestrange aims to spread his influence across the English Channel to take Wizarding France under his control. The French Resistance, under the leadership of Olympe Maxime, strikes an accord with Minerva McGonagall to join together as allies against Death Eater oppression. Set in Château Bonaccord, a magical castle in the port town of Calais, McGonagall and Maxime develop a French Sector Program that aligns with that of Hogwarts. Captains, Lieutenants, and Cadets of Hogwarts and Bonaccord will train together, battle together, and its members will have newfound freedom to travel to each other’s boundaries.

United, Witches and Wizards from Hogwarts & Bonaccord Castles will fight to restore peace and prosperity to both magical nations.

Members of the French Wizarding Resistance

Members of the British Wizarding Resistance

Plot - Rules - Holds - Cast - Sectors - FAQ
Reference - Wanted - Apply - Contact - Dropbox

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[09 Aug 2017|08:54pm]


Could you thrive at a school like this?

We live in a world where people are either Mundane, or Gifted - and the Gifted have the ability to control an element, even if only in a small way. It's not a secret. It's not even all that taboo. It's something of a fact of life. The great thing about schools like Islington, is that there's no real emphasis on how different people are. If you're Gifted, you will be taught how to control and use your Gift here, but you won't be made to feel like an outsider, or a freak, like can happen in other places. If you're Mundane, you'll be given just as many opportunities as the Gifted students - they might be different, but they will be just as numerous - and you won't be made to feel less-than.

All magic aside, no matter where your talents and skills lie, there is a place for you here at Islington School.

Islington School has been completely revamped and retooled! It is a het and fem/slash friendly, original character roleplaying game on InsaneJournal, set in a boarding school environment with a supernatural twist. This game will focus on character development, especially on the way the Gifted are perceived by the Mundane and vice versa, but there will also be non-supernatural issues based in and around boarding school life, as well as some larger plot. We are looking for writers who are 18+ and who enjoy seeing their characters grow as people!

Opening soon!
Full Premise // FAQ // Rules // Apply!
Mod Journal // IC Journal // OOC Journal
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Grant Springs [07 Aug 2017|06:50pm]

Grant Springs

What makes a monster? Is it an accident of birth or a conscious decision? Most people don't think real 'monsters' exist. But with satellites that can see below ground and every person walking around with a camera in their hands, it is only a matter of time before the unseen becomes a stark reality. The question takes on a whole different meaning when things that go bump in the night turn out to be your neighbors.

Grant Springs is an original, modern supernatural game set in a fictional city in Wisconsin. Players must be eighteen or older to join because of the mature themes that will be explored in the game. Personal plots are more than welcome but we will be focusing on the political implications of the existence of supernatural creatures.

Game opens with ten characters or five players, whichever comes first.

Rules & Setting & Mod Dropbox & Want Ads&Apply & CREDIT
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[06 Aug 2017|07:01am]


Oakdell is a small, but metropolitan, town on the sunny shores of Northern California. One day, for no obvious reason you can place your finger on, you wake up here.

The bed you wake up in is comfortable and, as you explore your new abode, you couldn't possibly complain about your accommodation. It's very much your dream home brought to life, if such a thing could exist in reality, whether that is a small town house, a beach house or one of an exclusive range of apartments. You feel that this place was made just for you.

Beside the bed is a tablet, on which you will find a message which reads:

Welcome Stranger, I cannot possibly know what circumstances you will find when you arrive in Oakdell but when I was brought here it was at a time of great upheaval. Many people, from times and places I could not even imagine, converged here and were unable to leave, save that the Gods themselves decreed it so. It is not important that you know of me, just that I send you this message, from the magic device you hold in your hand.

This town is cursed. No spell known to man can free you from its grip, though many have tried. The freedom to live, work and exist here is but a small return for holding you captive from your friends and homes, but it is something. You may choose to work, should it give your life meaning, or move house, if you feel so inclined. But you may never leave. I wish you luck, friend, as I suspect you shall be in need of it, though I doubt our paths shall ever cross. Keep this device safe, as it will allow you contact with others taken in similar circumstances, and may the Gods be with you always.

◦ ◦ ◦ ◦

Oakdell is a panfandom game that is set in an alternative fictional town. There will be monthly plots and lines can be carried over.

◦ ◦ ◦ ◦

Wanted Characters: AoS: Melinda May, Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons, Alphonso 'Mack' Mackenzie, Elena 'Yo-Yo' Rodriguez, Robbie Reyes

The Maze Runner: Minho, Newt, Frypan, Aris, Jorge, Janson, Winston, Chuck, Teresa, Mary, Vince, Harriet, Sonya

Lost Girl: Hale Santiago, Tamsin, Dyson, Bo Dennis, Trick, Vex, Bruce

Teen Wolf: Noah Stilinski, Melissa McCall, Liam Dunbar, Jordan Parrish, Peter Hale, Mason Hewitt, Isaac Lahey, Hayden Romero, Theo Raeken, Danny Mahealani, Erica Reyes, Aiden, Ethan, Corey

Marvel: Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson, Thor, Jane Foster, Erik Selvig, Nico Minoru, Karolina Dean, Victor Mancha, Chase Stein, Molly Hayes, Gertrude Yorkes, Skrull Xavin, Tommy Shepard, Billy Kaplan, Teddy Altman

The Originals: Freya Mikaelson

Disney Descendants: Carlos, Harriet Hook, CJ Hook, Jane, Fairy Godmother, Chad, Audrey

Until Dawn: Joshua Washington, Michael Munroe, Christopher Hartley, Emily Davis, Ashley Brown, Matthew Taylor

The Flash: Barry Allen, Wally West, Harrison Wells (Earth Two)

Rules & Faqs | Taken | Apply | Holds | Members Section
Living Arrangements & Town | Wanted | Drop Box

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[05 Aug 2017|03:13am]


A cyberpunk, futuristic game set in 2075. If you like Ghost in the Shell, Dark Angel, Blade Runner, and others take a look at New Dublin.

New Dublin is a harbor city that has been plagued by gang war for much of the past ten years. Five main groups rose up, each started for different reasons and each have evolved from a few people into much larger entities which control much of the cities nightlife.

Many groups grow fast and die out equally as fast, but the smart ones stick around longer. Each gang has different reasons for being; some for profit, some for security, while others act as guardians for their territory there are some who act as thieves. The tensions between the gangs are harsh and one member caught in another’s territory without a pass is met with severe punishment.

There are smaller gangs but the main five control the greater area of the city. These five came together three years back and created something of a treaty. They all agreed that the wars had come to the loss of to many lives and thus some sort of peace was needed.

In a city where an unsteady treaty is the only thing that binds the gangs in peace, who do you pledge loyalty to? Or are you one of the brave who stands the middle line? Where tech is big, crime is high and brotherhood is more important than blood, where do you call home in New Dublin?

Game Info | Q&A People | Place Holds | Wanted | Apply | Mod Dropbox
[info]newdublinrp | [info]newdublinnet | [info]newdublinooc [info]newdublinmods
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[05 Aug 2017|03:09am]


War Torn is a Mutant based RPG set in a future alternate timeline post-war environment, in 2047.

War Torn takes place in Boulder, the largest remaining city in Northern Colorado in the aftermath of a modern civil war. The United States is now divided along the Rocky Mountains: The west was renamed United America, where mutants and humans lived in equality; the east became Mutopia, where mutants dominated and enslaved humans who were now forced to register and serve wealthy mutant citizens, corporations, or the newly established government. Boulder is an important location in Mutopia and home to many mutants and their human servants. Located near Fort Carson Army Base, there is occasional heavy troop movement and a notable government presence. As well as a United American Embassy, Boulder is a key hub in a modern day Underground Railroad movement whose goal is to safely transport humans seeking freedom from the east to the west, undetected.

In this new world, many questions have arisen. Are mutants the superior race or big bullies? Are humans inferior or misunderstood? Which side do you take? What are your beliefs? Will you stand with the rebellion? Or fight against it?

The game is currently in PREJOIN. Will officially open when we have 5 players or 10 characters.

Game Info | Q&A People | Place Holds | Wanted | Apply | Mod Dropbox
[info]wartornrp | [info]wartornnet | [info]wartornooc [info]wartornmods
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[03 Aug 2017|02:25pm]

Welcome to Aequorea City. Here, you'll find yourself in this distant future where we all live on water and sustain our lives easily with technology, agriculture and harmony. Please, feel free to join us since the glitch in our laboratories brought you here. We apologize for the inconvenience and will attempt to find you a way back if that is what you wish. But for now, have a great day and enjoy your stay here at Aequorea City.

Aequorea City is a panfandom based in the distant future. All fandoms are welcome, as well as Aequorea based OC characters.

Aequorea City.

It's like Waterworld... only saner.

Premise | Rules | FAQs
Taken | Holds/Application | Wanted
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GLEEKS! [02 Aug 2017|06:07pm]

Hey, Glee fans, wanna take a little bit of a darker turn with your faves? They're out of high school now and finding out that the dreams they dreamed in Glee Club come with a prices worse than a slushie to the face!
Check out Day Dream Believers!
Lots of your faves are still open and they accepts OCs too!

Daydream Believers is a dark fame and psychological AU Glee RPG seeking fellow serious writers to join our slow growing family. We're a literate, multi-para up to novella length, dark based RPG. There are roles open other than the ones pictured below. Come and apply today!


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[29 Jul 2017|03:53pm]

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Sometimes literally.
Las Vegas has always been a city that draws people in. The lights, the shows, the freedom...

But something strange has started to happen. The city has begun to pull strange people, people from different universes. Even people who had died but have seemingly found new life under the bright lights.

Pitboss is a panfandom game that welcomes fandom OCs.

The Mandalay BayVegas NetworkMandalay Lobby
Rules | Taken | Holds | Application | Wanted | FAQ | Dropbox
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[28 Jul 2017|04:57pm]



Wizarding War III Rages On

Most Wanted: Fred Weasley II, Hugo Weasley, Victoire Weasley, Louis Weasley, Lorcan Scamander, Hannah Longbottom, Oliver Wood. CADETS.

Plot  Holds  Cast  Sectors  FAQ  Wanted  Apply  Dropbox

*Game in play, but an excellent time for new Lieutenants & Cadets to jump in!
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John Adams Prep - a preternatural high school game [24 Jul 2017|01:28am]

On the surface, John Adams Preparatory School boasts an impressive and competitive academic program for the children of the 1%. What people don't know is that half, if not most of the students are preternatural. The school has more brewing beneath the surface than an old order of preternatural hunters alive and well among the student populace.

They brought across the pond hundreds of years ago. Something that's been asleep for a long time. That something is waking up and soon these teenagers will have more to worry about than who to vote for as Homecoming court.


John Adams Prep is a preternatural-themed roleplaying game set in an upscale private school in New York City. It blends concepts from the works of L. J. Smith, Kim Harrison, and others while utilizing premades to encourage a colorful variety of characters. This game is slash and femslash friendly and meant for players 18+.
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[23 Jul 2017|11:55pm]


The Quidditch Pitch

Coming off it's most successful year in a century, the British & Irish Quiddich League 2007 season has just started. Just a few short weeks before the season opener, the Quidditch world is rocked by scandal. It has been exposed that members of last season's champions, the Kenmare Kestrels, were taking illegal performance enhancing potions, calling their historic undefeated season into question.

Those involved in the scandal, including players and team administration, have been removed from the active duty, pending investigation. The Kenmare Kestrels are hastily filling the newly opened positions in time for the start of the season. New calls for increased Ministry oversight of the BIL have emerged, citing this most recent incident.

Meanwhile, the Chudley Cannons are pinning their hopes on a new international player that will finally ensure (they hope) that the team will finish any place but last this season. The Holyhead Harpies have signed their first openly transgender player, causing a ripple among the Quidditch world. The Wimbourne Wasps have been bought by a new owner, who recently won a WWN contest that made dreams come true.

Game Now Open

MOST WANTED: Players for Appleby Arrows, Caerphilly Catapults, Chudley Cannons, Pride of Portree, Tutshill Tornados, Wigtown Wanderers, and Wimboure Wasps; Team Support and Reserve Players (all teams); Journalists


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[21 Jul 2017|08:31pm]


What would you sacrifice to get one of the best educations in the country? Your dignity? Your freedom? Your body? Would you lord your power over others? Or would you treat them as equals? What choices will you make?

[info]gardnermods/Gardner University is a modern slave/master RPG.
the history
the rules
the holds
the dropbox
the wanted
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[21 Jul 2017|08:23pm]



[info]mountzenith [info]zenithrp [info]zenithooc
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When Darkness Falls: A Multi-City Supernatural RPG [19 Jul 2017|02:29pm]



When Darkness Falls is a multi-location original character role-playing game set in the iconic ciies of New Orleans, Louisiana and Boston, Massachusetts. The story began in November 2012 when supernatural beings were still hidden from the public, living alongside unsuspecting humans who were never the wiser. Werewolves, vampires, shape-shifters, gifted humans, and others struggled to keep their secrets, while still maintaining relatively "normal" lives.

In 2014 a group of humans, bent on exposing the supernaturals for what they are, began cropping up in cities across the globe including New Orleans and Boston. Their cause grew quickly, and despite resistance the supernatural community was exposed to the world in grand fashion.

In New Orleans the initial reaction was to condemn supernaturals, to lock them away and to keep their kind away from humans. This proved futile, however, as the supernaturals banded together and fought back. The war between the human and supernatural worlds did not last long, however, before the government began to intervene.

In Boston the news of the supernatural world was swallowed with a bit more ease, though unrest was soon apparent. While no fighting broke out there was a push to separate supernaturals from human beings for safety reasons, a movement that was quickly squelched out when the government stepped in to run the show.

Presently the world is still making a shift toward a new era, where supernaturals and humans can co-exist together in a world no longer segregated by lack of knowledge. There are those who still oppose this movement, though laws and regulations are now in place to protect the interests of all parties. While humans must learn to cope with the new world order, supernaturals must learn to adjust to no longer lurking in the shadows; darkness is no longer their ally.

Opened in November of 2012 and currently seeking new, active players for both New Orleans and our new city: Boston!
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