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[21 Jan 2018|03:00pm]

would still love some dirty customs with an armie hammer pb. open to other pbs too.
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[21 Jan 2018|11:57am]

Seeking lines for the flyboy here. Would like a Rey, but I'm open to Kylo Ren and others. Comments screened both here and in the journal.
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[21 Jan 2018|12:22pm]

Up for changing my PB but would love an aggressive woman (or at least a real good switch) for a line. He's been rather vanilla in the past and she wants to get him out of his shell. Whether it's a friend that turns more, an ex who wants more, a new girlfriend or any other potential role that the woman could be. I am open to anything as long as she is the one that gets the ball rolling.
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[21 Jan 2018|10:10am]

het or slash for a brant daugherty pb?
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[21 Jan 2018|10:42am]

[info]rattlesnake i'd love his brother (older or younger), an ex boyfriend or buddies from when he was younger in nyc, guys who knew him from MMA, or regular clients.
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[21 Jan 2018|01:00pm]

Looking for sweet, romantic and kinky lines, preferably femme. Also would love to write a line where a guy is helping a lesbian couple to have a baby. Unexpected emotions and jealousy. Open to most scenarios here.
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[21 Jan 2018|07:00am]

[info]rattlesnake More actively booking clients, please! I'd also like to see these faces in game in general: Jon Hamm, Andrew Lincoln, Colin Hanks, Evan Peters, Dylan McDermott, Paul Rudd, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Dane DeHaan, Michael Rooker, Chris Pratt, Steven Yeun, Ross Marquand, Matt Bomer, Cheyenne Jackson. Lots of popular faces available!
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[21 Jan 2018|04:45am]

Seeking some lighthearted, humorous, kink-driven smutty goodness in a variety of settings and fandoms (would be interested in an older woman x younger male line too). Check the journal for info, and contact me there if interested (screened for privacy).
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[21 Jan 2018|10:25am]

I would love to write a May/December line with me playing the older woman. A nice mix of plot and smut would be nice.
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[20 Jan 2018|11:03pm]

Women for her to turn gay?
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[20 Jan 2018|10:33pm]

Check the journal for some fandoms. Would love a good old fashioned sex pollen line, potentially involving us both playing multiple people.

Shy of that, would happily take some potentially long term smut lines for my boys!
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[20 Jan 2018|10:32pm]

interracial line for one of the boys in my journal. something long term, domestic with smut.
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[20 Jan 2018|09:38pm]

Het lines for Nathan Prescott, Drew or Mikey North, Warren Graham or another one of the Blackwell students of Life is Strange or Before the Storm?
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[21 Jan 2018|10:49am]

A younger male for this Liv pb?
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[20 Jan 2018|09:47pm]

Still looking for some fun lines for dear ole deadite fighting Kelly.
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[20 Jan 2018|07:47pm]

Any women out there for a sexually charged asshole who tends to get handsy and demanding? Would adore someone 30-45, recently divorced or simply tired of their boring married life and she finds herself a dirty man on Reddit to satiate her innermost desires.
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[21 Jan 2018|01:15am]

Always on the look-out for femslash, in and out of fandom. Check the journal for lines, faces, etc.
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[20 Jan 2018|07:27pm]

kink-heavy brother/sister or father/daughter? journals only, longterm, looking for the male.
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[20 Jan 2018|06:15pm]

Eddie Redmayne for my Alicia Vikander svp.
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[20 Jan 2018|07:01pm]

I'd love to use this journal a little more. Could I get some dark lines for my Taylor Swift PB?
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