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[19 Apr 2018|11:00pm]

[info]gardnermods an Adam Driver as this girl's Adonus, pretty please.
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[19 Apr 2018|10:30pm]

can i have the boy next door she hooks up with, her best friend's older brother, or her older brother's best friend? comment in journal if interested.
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[19 Apr 2018|11:07pm]

kink-heavy brother/sister or father/daughter? journals only, longterm, looking for the male.
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[19 Apr 2018|10:20pm]

Lines for this sweet-faced shedevil, pretty please?
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[19 Apr 2018|08:45pm]
still looking for some royal lines. ideas in the journal!
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[19 Apr 2018|07:38pm]
anyone up for a line that includes bestiality? looking to play f but it can be het, femme or even futa.
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[19 Apr 2018|08:13pm]

Pretty little Emilia Clarke for something sweet and sensual with plot? Long term only, please.
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[19 Apr 2018|05:14pm]

Lines for Big Sean? Be as crack as you'd like with people for him! I like odd pairings!
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[19 Apr 2018|02:08pm]

anything slash for jeremiah valeska? pre-laughing gas or post
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[19 Apr 2018|03:20pm]

Seeking multiple story-line fulfillment, all in the journal.

Generally long-term writing with plot. Any interest? Comment here, or in the journal.
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[19 Apr 2018|02:58pm]

slash lines for this diego barrueco pb? open to any age and have several ideas to jump off brainstorming
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[19 Apr 2018|07:57pm]

psl's for emilia clarke? looking for sweet kisses, lazy morning cuddles in bed and lots and lots (and lots) of teasing. ❤️
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[19 Apr 2018|02:48am]

Who is ready for Asuka?
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[19 Apr 2018|12:07am]

check the journal!
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[18 Apr 2018|11:22pm]

Ben Affleck, Idris Elba, Andrew Lincoln, Joel Kinnaman, Tom Hardy, Norman Reedus, Jude Law, Nick Jonas, Robert Downey Jr, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jensen Ackles for a specific PB (celeb or faux celeb, too), rp I've been craving? Long term or one shot options.

Face friendly and very willing to take suggestions for one of the above guys.
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[18 Apr 2018|11:18pm]

Long shot but I'd love to start a psl that could transition into a game on another server.
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[18 Apr 2018|07:11pm]

something slash for a joel kinnaman pb? i'd love an age gap but it's not necessary
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[18 Apr 2018|09:24pm]

While I continue to pout, mope, and bitch about "Everything Sucks!" being cancelled, anyone out there play any of the characters from this amazing, wonderful show? I'd love to have some to play against Emaline here.
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[18 Apr 2018|05:18pm]

something femme for her?
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[18 Apr 2018|06:22pm]
In to Fandoms/Rule34 and Smut? Check the journal and let's make some magic happen!
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