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[23 Jun 2017|04:05am]

Psls for him? Also wouldn't mind finding an adult-themed community, if any still exist.
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[23 Jun 2017|01:51am]

[info]allusive shay mitchell, jasmine tookes, victoria justice, vanessa hudgens, candice swanepoel, emily bett rickards, katie cassidy, custom buddies, and people to watch bojack horseman with
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[23 Jun 2017|12:12am]

Possibly applying him as one of the Club E DJs over at [info]chidatemods and would love to work out some lines. Friends, anyone else who works at the club, exes of both genders, a guy and/or a girl who models for his line of urban clothing, etc.
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[22 Jun 2017|09:50pm]

Any het lines for him? Willing to play against a celeb or pb, feel free to comment my journal!
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[22 Jun 2017|09:34pm]

Would Alex Prange or Nick Bateman be wanted at [info]chidatemods?
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[22 Jun 2017|08:25pm]

In need of a femme line! Something plotty and smutty, I'm open to ideas and themes/genres! Let's brainstorm something!
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[22 Jun 2017|07:40pm]

looking for darker/supernatural psls. check the journal!
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[22 Jun 2017|08:34pm]
Would there be any interest in an alpha/beta/omega game that would welcome both female and male characters?
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[22 Jun 2017|07:45pm]

is there a daddy out there in need of a daughter?
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[22 Jun 2017|06:36pm]

other Arrow faces should be held @ [info]chidatemods! Also, I'm in the middle of rewriting this pre-law college student, but I'd love lots of lines for her.
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[22 Jun 2017|07:38pm]

looking for het lines in the journal. few limits!
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[22 Jun 2017|05:23pm]

Anyone open to a line with a barely legal teenager male? Looking for a het line against an older woman (teacher, older sister's friend, older brother's girlfriend, aunt/stepsister, mom's friend, etc).

Or a girl about his age that is far more experience that can't help but find him cute and wants to help him 'get better before college'. Can grow in to a long-term thing here too.

Open to changing his PB as well.
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[22 Jun 2017|10:57pm]

Slash. Celeb. Dd/lb, ageplay or just diaper play lines for any of the guys in my icons? (open to playing others) Screened here and in the journal.
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[22 Jun 2017|03:17pm]

this is a long shot, but i'm wondering if anyone would play a guy who takes a girl to a party, ties her up out in the open with her legs spread, and lets anyone who wants to have a turn?
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[22 Jun 2017|03:15pm]

customs, anyone?
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[22 Jun 2017|01:47pm]

Anyone interested in being the Tod to my Copper? Ideally I'd like to say that the two met in foster care and became the best of friends, maybe even a bit more. Then Tod was adopted by a wealthy family and Copper was either left there to grow up in the system, or returned to his redneck of a family after one of his parents/or uncle chief was released from prison. The two eventually meeting back up as adults but are now from two completely different worlds.

I'm looking to take the line over to [info]upon but would be willing to start it off as a psl to see if we mesh. The only pbs I have in mind so far are Norman Reedus as Copper and Tom Payne as Tod, but I'm very open to other suggestions!! Also despite the journal I'd be just as happy to pick up Tod.
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[22 Jun 2017|03:31pm]

dolan twincest anyone? long term. i can pb ethan or grayson depending on your preference.
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[22 Jun 2017|01:34pm]

PB home for Louis and Liam PBs??
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[21 Jun 2017|10:37pm]

Taking this guy to [info]chidatemods as the owner of the local bar. I'm up for any lines I can work out! Exes, casual fwb, people who work for him, etc?
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[21 Jun 2017|09:49pm]
I'm looking for a chris evans or pratt or pine for a specific one shot tonight if anyone is around!
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