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[23 Oct 2017|08:19am]

[info]seduces Eddie Redmayne, Johnny Depp, Timothée Chalamet, Matthew Goode, Sienna Miller, Marisa Tomei, Rachel Weisz, anyone else who wants devotion and some love. Most importantly -- Tom Holland for me to shamelessly seduce away from RDJ 😉
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[23 Oct 2017|01:30am]

[info]seduces cole sprouse, ashleigh murray, luke perry, madchen amick, casey cott, marisol nichols, ross butler ashanti bromfield, skeet ulrich, mark consuelos, dylan sprouse, debby ryan
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[23 Oct 2017|03:13am]

tom payne, jeffrey dean morgan, christian serratos, andrew lincoln, basically twd cast [info]seduces
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[22 Oct 2017|06:44pm]

[info]seduces Brad Pitt, Jon Bernthal, Tom Holland (I swear I don't hate you for getting Spider-Man over me), Lily Collins, Hugh Jackman, and other people who would sell their souls to have La Croix permanently stocked in their fridge.
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[22 Oct 2017|07:42pm]

Current women looking to get ahead in the wrestling business. Blasts from the past. I'm even open to playing Paul back in the Attitude Era against one of the women back then.
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[22 Oct 2017|08:29pm]

Can I get something het for him? Against a pb or a celeb, either comment the journal or message on aim at barackandrolla
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[22 Oct 2017|06:33pm]

[info]rattlesnake. I'd love a few more security guards, some more LVPD officers or detectives, submissive boys who want to play, etc.
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[22 Oct 2017|07:08pm]

Ewan McGregor for a psl?
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[22 Oct 2017|04:30pm]

[info]seduces rob gronkowski, clay matthews, alex smith, justin verlander, jessica szohr, olivia munn, nick jonas, rihanna
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[22 Oct 2017|05:09pm]


paul rudd, nick jonas, andrew lincoln, norman reedus, liam hemsworth, anthony mackie, jamie dornan, hugh jackman (maybe), trevante rhodes, the rest of little mix, hot men to fuck [info]louuperrie until her eyes fall out, beautiful women for colin to flirt with. no biggie.
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[22 Oct 2017|12:41pm]

something for margot?
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[22 Oct 2017|02:07pm]

Would anyone play a female teacher or principal against a student? Other older women roles are more then welcome as well!
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[22 Oct 2017|03:06pm]

Who plays mark wahlberg, charlie hunnam or oscar issac (few others, too).
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[22 Oct 2017|01:18pm]
any fire emblem or street fighter fandom writers around? looking for femme psls
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[22 Oct 2017|12:12pm]

adam driver for a journal based psl with daisy?
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[22 Oct 2017|11:04am]

could i interest anyone in playing zayn malik, justin bieber, igor stepanov, or another younger guy against this mateus verdelho pb? details for two lines in mind can be provided with interest
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[22 Oct 2017|11:30am]

[info]seduces amber heard, gal gadot and the rest of the justice league.
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[22 Oct 2017|04:25pm]

Looking for an older male who's not always the one in charge for one of girls. Open to all kinds of themes as long as I'm not playing a victim/total sub. Would be into starting with customs to check for chemistry before moving onto scenes. Plot and emotions rather than just sex ideal.

Would love some underused Brits but pretty flexible and very kink friendly.

Not limited to faces in my icons.
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[22 Oct 2017|09:01am]

Slash or het lines for Frank? Celeb or PB. I'm looking for a line that has a good mix of smut and fluff. I'm also not picky with who he paired with. I love unconventional pairings.
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[22 Oct 2017|02:58pm]

Redheads to be part of a kinky witches' coven? Small gpsl. Open to non-redheads but gingers preferred.
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