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[20 Aug 2017|09:48pm]

blame covenant for this, but i'm looking to explore the relationship between a human and an artificial humanoid/android/robot/whatever you want to call it. loads more ideas and stuff in this journal for anyone interested in writing such a thing with me. slash only, please.
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[20 Aug 2017|04:51pm]

this might be a longshot, but i'm looking for something romantic for her, like a wedding night or honeymoon. it could possibly go long-term, if we work out. het preferred. comment if interested and i'll make a custom to discuss.
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[20 Aug 2017|06:08pm]

Girl gets tied up and fucked in the back of a van in the ass (NSFW) by her Uncle or Brother.
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[20 Aug 2017|04:00pm]
[info]checkthejournal back under new management!
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[20 Aug 2017|08:20pm]

My girl has an insatiable sex drive and has come to a party where nobody is likely to know her in the hopes of getting off. She's been keeping an eye on your guy (and possibly a few others) since she arrived. She's not being subtle- it's obvious she's here for only one thing and one thing only- her cheeks are flush and she's toying with the straw on her drink while she stands getting all the more frustrated.

Journal only. PB's negotiable.

Happy to work out other scenes too!
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[20 Aug 2017|03:12pm]

Looking for some Sunday one-shots. I've got a screened starter in my journal, leave a comment and I'll make you a custom so we can thread. Or check out my gif post and start us something. Love to play against multiple characters.
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[20 Aug 2017|12:45pm]

Up for changing my PB but I'm looking for a few types of women...

The party slut: To take in to the bathroom and leave a bit messy. Can be a one shot or something that turns in to more.

The study buddy: because sometimes you have to help relieve a bit of stress.

Dirty, horny housewife: But not his. She's just wanting to play, for now.

vengeful (ex)girlfriend: "I can cheat too, bitch." As she happily takes another man via Snapchat or anything else.

Up for others too. Just came to me while browsing a dirty sub-reddit.
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[20 Aug 2017|06:16pm]

Any chance at all of getting a Matty Healy or someone similar to join a supernatural comm with? There's info in the journal about this character but basically Lex here is a genderqueer werehusky badass who drinks too much and likes to fuck pretty things.

I'd also take a psl
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[20 Aug 2017|12:11pm]

Currently seeking some fluffy/smut-centric psls; check the journal for desired lines and info. 
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[20 Aug 2017|04:49pm]

Looking for a grumpy old alpha or omega, maybe someone who's lost their mate and thinks they're past it? Totally open to suggestions though.

Failing that pretty much anything for this character, there's a load of info in the journal but I can tweak some things about her.

Journals only.
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[20 Aug 2017|04:01pm]

Looking for a black daddy for this Ian Torres (cockyboy.com) pb character for a line to take to a game.

Some NSFW inspiration here.
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[20 Aug 2017|02:19am]

Dirty customs? A very kinky guy for lots of sunday kink would be A+
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[20 Aug 2017|01:09am]

Are there any homeless Liam, Louis, or Nialls out there who woild be interested in a poly-relationship line with my guy? It's for a comm.
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[20 Aug 2017|03:52pm]

Looking for taboo pregnancy lines, check the journal.

Mostly playing the male, het only either way.
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[19 Aug 2017|11:14pm]

Adds are tomorrow and I'd still like some 35+ faces to be friends of the owner at [info]rattlesnake. Some faces I'd like to see? Idris Elba, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Alexander Skarsgard, Matt Damon, Alex O'Loughlin, Daniel Dae Kim, Tom Cavanagh, Ian Anthony Dale, Stephen Moyer.
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[19 Aug 2017|09:42pm]

Can I get something het for him? Against a pb or a celeb, either comment the journal or message on aim at barackandrolla.
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[19 Aug 2017|07:18pm]

Looking to play a PB against a celebrity. Can range from dub-con (blackmail, casting couch director) to completely consensual (lucky fan, extra in a movie, family friend) and anything else.

Extremely open on who I PB for such a line as well!
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[19 Aug 2017|06:24pm]

would anyone play rihanna, nicki minaj, trina, lil kim or another teasing, hot woman of color against an incredibly lucky white boy? very open on whom, celeb or pb and threading please.

also, would adore a smallville line or a crossover with gotham if that is more up someone's alley!
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[19 Aug 2017|06:50pm]

I am new here.

I have this crazy idea for a storyline. So my character and your character dated back in high school. They broke up right before he left for college only to meet his current wife. Turn the page a few years later and my character looks completely different. She answers an ad for nanny from your character and starts working for them.

She ends up seducing your character into an affair. He enjoys sleeping with them both. But as time passes sex with the wife gets less and less. And sex with the sitter becomes more and more. Eventually thebabysitter ends up pregnant by him and has to lie yo jot be found out.

Looking to play the baby sitter and thw wife.

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[19 Aug 2017|03:09pm]

looking for a daddy to fuck his little girl
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