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[18 Jun 2017|08:28am]
Would anyone play Elyse Willems having an affair with one of the Funhaus boys? (Would happily play James for a married line as well). Or how about Meg Turney, Mica Burton, Barbara Dunkelman or Ashley Jenkins against one of the Achievement Hunters?

Would also love a Suzy Berhow for one of the Game Grumps!
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[18 Jun 2017|09:11am]
would anyone play jared leto against kris? alternatively i'd take a fassbender or jdm to call daddy.
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[18 Jun 2017|10:41am]
Psls wanted. Two ex lovers that find together again? No flakes please.
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Xposted [18 Jun 2017|11:09am]
Skeet Ulrich, Come to me big daddy! Dylan Sprouse, Don't make me send the big boys out for you. Camilia, KJ, Madelaine, Casey, [info]allusive needs you, and so do I.
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[18 Jun 2017|11:54am]
Any alpha werewolves to breed my scruffy little omega guy in a supernatural game? No psls please but equally open to Aim and threading.
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[18 Jun 2017|01:02pm]
a daddy to help this kj apa celebrate father's day, pb and journals
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[18 Jun 2017|01:18pm]
would someone play another guy or gal against tom delonge, travis barker, davey havok, mike ness, chester bennington, slash, jared leto, jacoby shaddix, pete wentz, benji madden, adam lazzara, mikey or gerard way, josh todd, billie joe armstrong, or twiggy ramirez? kat von d would be great, but other faces work
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[18 Jun 2017|01:35pm]
Idris Elba for a slash line with my +30 guy? Something with a deeper plot but definitely kink friendly.
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[18 Jun 2017|02:44pm]
Ignore the icon, or don't, but a c-boy (esp if they are a step father/father/father figure/uncle), or a boyfriend/crush for sunday funday things.
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[18 Jun 2017|03:07pm]
[info]allusive bindi irwin!
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[18 Jun 2017|03:11pm]
something slash or het for any of the guys listed in the journal?
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[18 Jun 2017|03:27pm]
[info]allusive anyone looking for meeee? (:
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[18 Jun 2017|03:27pm]
[info]kin - Her adopted father, the partner of [info]blakewilliamson! He's got two little grandbabies to come spoil. ;) There's also a female partner of Blake, who may be something of a pseudo-mom to Aubrey here!
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[18 Jun 2017|03:33pm]
[info]kin - The last of her children, a son, aged 21-22. He could be a twin to one of his siblings (with their permission), or she could have just gotten pregnant pretty quickly. (Her husband has a pregnancy kink, so, things happen. ;)
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[18 Jun 2017|03:39pm]
[info]kin - His siblings! Ages 22, 23, and 24 - male or female.
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[18 Jun 2017|03:41pm]
[info]kin - Her father, please! He has identical twin daughters who really want their daddy around. ;) Also, a boyfriend for her- someone from outside the family.
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[18 Jun 2017|03:56pm]
boys and girls to talk dirty with at [info]allusive
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[18 Jun 2017|04:24pm]
A young man for her? Not just smut...a nice mix of both plot&smut.
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[18 Jun 2017|05:18pm]
Probably a long shot into the dark.

Looking to play this Colin Firth PB. He's a single father who does everything for his kids. Literally everything. But when his son tells him that he and his wife can't have kids, he does feel bad for them. Somehow they want to ask Max for help but how....and how could Max sleep with his daughter-in-law.

Well he does but the two of them find a connection. She gets pregnant and Max knows he's out but he can't stop seeing her. Anyone willing to play the daughter in law?
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[18 Jun 2017|05:28pm]
[info]kin. A bi 19/18 year old son for a poly relationship with his dad/brother and fun times with his mom.
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[18 Jun 2017|05:31pm]
Some femme fun? Maybe something a little taboo?
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[18 Jun 2017|06:00pm]
check the journal for lines!
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[18 Jun 2017|08:32pm]
looking for some pb femme lines. one shots, maybe something long term if we click. comment here or the screened post.
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[18 Jun 2017|10:23pm]
Gimme somethin! I've got lines in the journal and a number of faces. Can even be some one-off action
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[18 Jun 2017|11:42pm]
[info]allusive phoebe tonkin, riley volkel, candice accola, kat graham, zach roerig, mike trevino, jodi lyn o'keefe, daniel gillies, joseph morgan, charles michael davis and jeremy jordan
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