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[20 Oct 2019|12:06am]

[info]boltonlake Super fun times coming up. Wade could use a buddy or two.
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[19 Oct 2019|08:14pm]

femme smut for the night? especially younger women
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[19 Oct 2019|05:53pm]

Lines for Banner here? [info]boltonlake
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[19 Oct 2019|01:01pm]

Femme lines, please? Ideas in the journal.
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[19 Oct 2019|11:33am]

something fun for jenna please?
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[18 Oct 2019|06:38pm]

[info]undulation dacre montgomery please?
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[18 Oct 2019|05:45pm]

[info]undulation David Tennant. I won't give up.
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[18 Oct 2019|01:55pm]

Searching for Cassian!

We could play many things -

* Accidental proposal becomes real

* Amnesia AU

* Arranged Marriage (within the Rebellion OR Empire!Jyn x Cassian-on-a-mission!)

* Aphrodisiac or Sex Pollen

* Force Bond AU

* Or other Jyn-is-an-Imperial, Cassian-is-on-a-mission AU's! (Original flavor, where she's got information he needs, he just needs to get closer in order to find it, the stranded AU, where they need to survive by any means necessary and it gets very cold at night aboard their grounded transport, or she finds and cares for a wounded Cassian)

* Reunited after a long time apart

* For the sake of a mission, they have to really sell the idea that they're ~intimately acquainted

* Long distance fun sexy times via comm or Space Skype, idk.

* After seeing this, I'm interested in something where Jyn wakes up injured in the wake of Scarif only to find a younger Cassian taking care of her.

Or check out all of her art, and get inspired! (Also I-am-drowning-in-the-rain, anafigreen, hvit-ravn, too!)

Bring me your ideas, too!
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[18 Oct 2019|04:45pm]

[info]undulation winston duke. chris evans. kate beckinsale. beautiful people and someone to let me rest my head on them because i'm honestly so tired.
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[18 Oct 2019|09:46pm]
het psls. check the journal.
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[18 Oct 2019|04:16pm]

[info]undulation jonathan lovett
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[18 Oct 2019|10:47pm]

psls for wwe superstar mojo rawley? i play others as well. slash preferred. tyler breeze would be ideal.
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[18 Oct 2019|02:33pm]
In the spirit of Halloween, how about something haunted? Or possessed. Anyone interested? Looking to play a younger girl. (18? 19?)
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[18 Oct 2019|01:27pm]

Lines for this college girl? More info in the journal.
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[18 Oct 2019|09:55am]

het customs or scenes?
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[18 Oct 2019|12:56am]

[info]rebelriders Can I get her patch baby daddy who she just told or will tell soon in the future that he has an almost three year old son. More guys in general.
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[17 Oct 2019|11:41pm]

[info]undulation momoa, amy adams, sienna miller, alexandra daddario, zoe kravitz, armie hammer, and alicia vikander get your cute bums here asap please!
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[18 Oct 2019|12:26am]

I'm looking for a Phoebe Tonkin or can be swayed into another Brunette for a twincest line. Got a supernatural angle. I might be swayed to change his face to Henry Cavill, Levi Stocke or Chris Evans. Hit me I'll make you a custom.
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[18 Oct 2019|12:08am]

[info]boltonlake I'd love to see someone show up as a love interest for Tink, but for the group itself, more people from many different fandoms would be great. Tink is hosting a mixer/get to know you/fall party at the camp on Wednesday night and it would be great to see more people for that.
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[17 Oct 2019|10:30pm]

[info]undulation chris evans, i miss you
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