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[20 Oct 2017|03:54pm]

Check the journal, please.
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[20 Oct 2017|02:56pm]

We are having an unseasonably warm October, so I'm looking to fill a nice, dirty a/b/o line that takes place in the cold. Details here.
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[20 Oct 2017|01:26pm]

any demi rose or stacey poole pbs around?
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[20 Oct 2017|02:57am]

Looking for some cute fluff, possibly involving first times. Het/Femme/futa.
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X-Posted [19 Oct 2017|10:28pm]

SWF seeks home, attention, and love Stud to worship and adore me upon request. Also deliver Starbucks. This might be cross-posted if I feel like it, or not. AIM friendly (until detonation day in January, then I'll send pigeons.) Any interesting and sane writer welcome for pairing and or story line purposes.
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Femme [20 Oct 2017|12:26am]

Check the journal.
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Hogwarts Smut [19 Oct 2017|11:37pm]

Looking for a witch and member of Dumbledore's army who falls under the imperius curse (as does he) causing an unwanted intercourse and pregnancy complicating both of their lives and risking the unity of the order of the Phoenix. Could lead to a barefoot and pregnant wedding. Looking to emphasize the squick as well as the dramatic and the negative reaction of their friends both about the event and her pregnancy.

Also looking for a witch who takes polyjuice potion and sneaks into the north England masquerade ball for witches and wizards and pretends to masquerade as his girlfriend. Either consensual or sleeping sex.

Porn with plot, and sex usually leading to dramatic and often bad outcomes. Must be comfortable writing characters who can go from a love/hate relationship to a hate/love relationship.
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[19 Oct 2017|10:52pm]

jon bernthal or charlie cox for a psl? open to going to a home together as well.
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[19 Oct 2017|09:36pm]

Likely to add more/new prompts over the weekend. But for now, anyone up for one of my naughty ideas in the journal?
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[19 Oct 2017|07:23pm]

women. whether i know you or not. age and race make no difference. i'm just looking for new friends.
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[19 Oct 2017|04:27pm]

[info]seduces what Sophie said 👇👇
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[19 Oct 2017|05:36pm]

[info]seduces every 👏🏻 one 👏🏻 right 👏🏻 now 😁
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[19 Oct 2017|02:49pm]

This is a little big of a strange request, but this guy is running a weekly D&D game @ [info]rattlesnake (yes, it's actually written out with player input, etc.... we know it's very nerdy of us!) and there are some free spaces at his table that he'd really love to have played and taken! I'm sure there are lots of other lines people will throw at you, so bring me your nerds! We love them.
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[19 Oct 2017|06:55pm]

Looking for someone to play a male in a het line, ideally one that's a bit arrogant/snarky/difficult. Either for a supernatural line, abo or bandmates. But also open to brainstorming something else. I'd love Matty Healy but I'm flexible.

Not limited to this character/face but I do lean towards mouthy vaguely badass type women.

Very kink friendly, journals only. Lots of info in the journal I'm very flexible when it comes to ideas.

Also happy to start with customs as a way of testing chemistry.
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[19 Oct 2017|01:01pm]

mark ruffalo, hugh jackman, pedro pascal, emma watson [info]seduces
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[19 Oct 2017|12:18am]
Someone to play Jay Hernandez against my Margot Robbie? PSL; pb or celeb.
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[19 Oct 2017|02:46am]

kink-heavy brother/sister or father/daughter? journals only, long term, looking for the male.
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[19 Oct 2017|02:03am]

[info]seduces cole sprouse, ashleigh murray, luke perry, madchen amick, casey cott, marisol nichols, ross butler ashanti bromfield, skeet ulrich, mark consuelos
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[18 Oct 2017|10:59pm]

The Riverdale fellas, CW guys and dolls.
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[19 Oct 2017|01:51am]

Looking for a psl. Riverdale fandom or celeb. Femme or het, comment or check the screened post.
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