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[16 Dec 2018|03:44pm]

Lines for this futa Hayley Atwell pb at [info]ripleymod - she's now the assistant manager of the town's hottest club with a secret sexual side to it. MCU faces and other girls for her to 'audition' as strippers and escorts?
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[16 Dec 2018|04:40am]

Nic Hoult for Joe?
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[15 Dec 2018|08:28pm]

Seeking some smut-with-plot for a Ginny Weasley! Het and especially seeking Malfoys and not just Draco. Love to brainstorm, hit me up either here or in the journal.
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[15 Dec 2018|09:02pm]
would someone play a touring celebrity, musician or a wwe woman against a male porn star? maybe she wants to see what he's really about or it can even become an actual affair. can use a real porn star or a pb of your choice for the male! journals only.
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[15 Dec 2018|09:42pm]

anyone from my icons lines for gal gadot over at [info]ripleymod? she would be femme and the mayor's sister. divorced, so maybe her ex-wife who wants nothing to do with her.
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[16 Dec 2018|12:41pm]

The town of Ripley, Massachusetts is an unusual place. There are no men.
Only Women and Witches.
Ripley, Massachusetts • A Supernatural Femme/Futa RP
code by wearestardust @ supersuits
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[15 Dec 2018|07:00pm]

Seeking some fluffy and largely smut-driven scenes while snowed in. Kink-wise, I would especially like to involve light bondage, playful damsel-in-distress kink, older woman x younger male dynamics (no ageplay), witty banter, playful role-reversal and footplay if possible. I list some particularly desired ideas in the below cut; check the Journal for other info, and contact me there if interested! 


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[16 Dec 2018|12:05am]

A much younger man for an affair line that starts at the office Christmas party? Cole Sprouse and Matty Healy would be adored, but open to other faces.
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[15 Dec 2018|09:55pm]

I'm looking for a biker boyfriend for the VP's eldest daughter over at [info]70116

Preferably a patch she's known since he prospected in.

Customs available for those who are interested.
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[15 Dec 2018|04:51pm]

Open threads in journal, non con and het only.
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[15 Dec 2018|12:54pm]

Kara Zor-El/Kara Danvers/Supergirl or Kara Zor-el/Overgirl
  • As Supergirl, she's a sweet and kind sub.
  • As Overgirl, she's a wicked and cruel domme.
Open to most ideas from fluff lines to dark lines. Femme/futa's only. Interested? Leave one in the drop box here
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[15 Dec 2018|03:05pm]

A top for a drake pb?
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[15 Dec 2018|12:45pm]
Looking to fill any of the lines under sections 2 or especially 3, or happy to brainstorm a variation on them if they inspire other ideas for someone. Journals or discord only, het preferred but futa optional. Looking for both one-offs and something long-term if we click.
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[15 Dec 2018|12:42pm]

Looking for a daddy type for my boy. Some brief ideas are in the journal but I'm open to brainstorming.
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[15 Dec 2018|03:06pm]

check the journal, looking for threads and customs, writers who are cool with time zone differences
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[15 Dec 2018|03:40am]

Any chance I could get a Josh Brolin PB for her?
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[14 Dec 2018|10:23pm]

looking for a celeb, fandom or pb woman (in that order!) who enjoys messy cumshots all over her body, from head to toe. can be a one-off one night stand, can be a series of one-night stands or she can be with a boyfriend/husband and it's an on-going kink that they share. very open on who i play.
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[14 Dec 2018|11:08pm]


His parents, dad's the VP of the Reckless Kings. Mom will have some old lady friends in game.
sister (b. 1997), brother (b. 1999)

Friends, more women to give him a hard time.
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[15 Dec 2018|04:00am]

Looking for a dominant Brooklyn who'd like to make David call him Daddy. Drug use, non-con. Screened here and in the journal.p
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[14 Dec 2018|09:19pm]

dubcon/noncon for her? het or femme
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