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[10 Dec 2017|11:07pm]

david harbour pb for my girl? age gap line specifically.
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[10 Dec 2017|09:52pm]

something for a bailey jay pb?
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[10 Dec 2017|09:50pm]

[info]seduces all lizzie and i want for christmas is aubrey plaza.
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[10 Dec 2017|09:41pm]

[info]abona could I please get an alpha for this omega witch? The game is really fun and everyone is friendly. I'm not picky about faces either, just someone who likes to write scenes and won't abandon the ship after plotting.
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[10 Dec 2017|08:37pm]

[info]rattlesnake - The Netflix show based on his comic book is now up on Netflix to binge, and I'd really love to have more of the actors on the show in the game. So if you're interested in a faux celeb type line inside of a slash game that has highly active, super friendly players, please take a look!
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[10 Dec 2017|04:38pm]

[info]seduces i’ll do anything for liam payne and louis tomlinson, everyone else to love.
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[10 Dec 2017|05:05pm]

Looking for psl lines for my Jared Leto. Thinking PB lines at the moment, but also play him celeb. Play him in both slash and het lines. Right now, I'm interested in some possibilities like Nina Dobrev, Kristen Stewart, and Scarlett Johansson. I'm open to other faces as well. Both conventional and non-conventional. Looking for something with some plot to it. Not all porn. Comments screened, and we can bounce around ideas if you are interested.
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[10 Dec 2017|06:40pm]

Can I get something het for Kyrie Irving, Lebron James, Antonio Brown, Cam Newton, Richard Sherman or maybe a few other select athletes?
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[10 Dec 2017|05:31pm]

psl or home?
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[10 Dec 2017|05:45pm]

would anyone play a male college professor or advisor who gives into his feelings for one of his favorite students/advisees after they graduate, resulting in hot, kinky sex? Open to who I play.
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[10 Dec 2017|04:21pm]

any age-gap lines for a carice van houten, christina hendricks or katheryn winnick pb? het preferred. a tom holland pb would be amazing.
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[10 Dec 2017|02:42pm]

kbell, hayden, spn women, my wife, jared's wife, charmed or buffy women, you know ... anyone who wants to be dominated by a stubbly man.
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[10 Dec 2017|02:32pm]

looking for some lines to jump into without too much planning. ideas in the journal. het or femme welcome.
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[10 Dec 2017|02:29pm]
I'm looking for some modern royalty storylines! Check the journal to see what ideas I have in mind.
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[10 Dec 2017|03:07pm]

Looking for ladies interested in jokes, weed, and me eating their pussy and their ass. actresses, singers, special attention to the ladies of star wars, dr who, game of thrones, the walking dead and the marvel cinematic universe.
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[10 Dec 2017|01:06pm]

GoT Lines w/ smut for Daenerys Stormborn. Het/Threading. Will gDocs also. Some specific line ideas on my journal. Comments screened.
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[10 Dec 2017|11:48am]

A Dany for a lustful line where we may not learn about my lineage for a while. And by the time we do, it no longer matters because we truly love one another.

An Arya or Sansa to learn that they are no longer related to Jon by blood, and can finally act on that deep-seeded crush that they had for him. Finally able to give him a night that neither of them will ever forget.

An AU-verse Caitlin, after finding out the truth about Jon, feels horrible about how she treated him and willingly gives herself to him to use however he sees fit. He truly is surprised by just how willing she truly is.

A Cersei to try and seduce him in to becoming her King over Dany, with no shame about using her body or anything else Jon could hope to have.

Up for other lines too, just ask. But clearly, smut is the biggest draw.
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[10 Dec 2017|12:48pm]

[info]seduces Looking for someone to bring in a love interest for this girl. Het preferred. It would be an opened relationship too, so there's that.
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[10 Dec 2017|06:52am]

[info]seduces benedict cumberbatch and eddie redmayne, idris elba, zachary levi please and thank you. hugh jackman, tom holland, jeremy renner, anthony mackie, hayley atwell, kat dennings, jessica chastain, chadwick boseman, michael b. jordan, brie larson, zoe saldana, gal gadot, charlie hunnam, sienna miller, elizabeth debicki, channing tatum, james mcavoy, charlize theron, bradley cooper, vin diesel.

all of you lovely people to get to know, flirting with and snuggle with.
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[10 Dec 2017|12:39pm]

Anyone wants to work out an alpha/omega line to take to [info]abona? I would be very tempted to use Justin Hartley or Chris Evans as an omega.
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