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[17 Jul 2018|11:04pm]

Daryl Dixon for my Beth Greene?
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[17 Jul 2018|10:52pm]

Open to pretty much anything het, would love long term if possible.
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[17 Jul 2018|10:39pm]

Searching for something for a younger Luke Perry pb.
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[17 Jul 2018|07:11pm]
Would love a slash line with some extreme kink (especially fisting) where our characters would switch. Something long-term, fun and easygoing with a plot. Maybe a married but adventurous couple open to playing with others.
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[17 Jul 2018|05:51pm]

After an unexpected inheritance, a woman who feels like her prime years are behind her (despite only being 33), takes ownership of one of the lavish houses on Italy's Lake Como. Though pristine on the outside, the villa needs extensive work inside. Hiring one of the few local contractors who a) knows what he's doing when it comes to historic homes and b) speaks English, she tries to balance the noise of construction with her own work as an art restorer. After a clash over construction start times, she invites the contractor to dinner to apologize, and with the wine flowing, the two find they have more in common than they could have ever known.

Looking for a Pablo Schreiber PB to play the contractor. More info HERE.
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[17 Jul 2018|02:05pm]
Looking for a 40 something or 50 something male pb against a younger girl (18 to 25ish) for a faux celeb line. Your typical bad boy against a good girl line but with a twist.
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[17 Jul 2018|02:45pm]

I had a line like this before and kinda miss it. Life got batshit crazy so I've even just sort of missed rp all together.

My girl uses your guy as her number one drug hookup. She's pretty straight laced. You know, the perfect family, the perfect grades, etc. But really she's being abused at home and the drugs are the only thing keeping her parents mellow enough. Maybe your guy has his own shitty family and is using the drugs as a way to get money to get out. Who knows. It could be fun/awkward if he went to school with her. Or was one of her mom's college students/ TAs

One time she decides to use some sexual favors to make up for the fact she didn't have the money. It turns out to be mutually beneficial for both of them, since they fit together pretty well.

Eventually they become friends and more. Or at least as much more as they let themselves. He's curious why she isn't high all the time with the amount of stuff she bus from him, or maybe she finally breaks a little and decides to try to get high with results that prove its her first time or something. I don't know. I think she's probably addicted to some upper that helps her super focus in school and maintain the level of alletness she need for her life.

I'd like to see how their relationship develops. They obviously need each other's drugs/ money but maybe they need each other too.

To be warned I'm a bad liar, so therefore doesn't g a bad liar. So the truth that she doesn't do all the drugs won't take that long to come out lol. Sorry! But just a warning.v
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[17 Jul 2018|11:45am]
an attractive, loving and devoted husband & father has always been loyal despite the myriad of temptations he's faced from other women. after he returns from an archaeological trip, he finds himself influenced by a demon. now his libido is running wild and he seems incapable of quenching his lust. his pheromones make women go wild in his presence, and his wife can no longer sate him on her own.

looking to play the afflicted husband. would love to find someone to write a woman or women he encounters he can't resist anymore. his co-worker, a neighbor, sister-in-law, daughter's best friends, anyone.
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[17 Jul 2018|11:13am]

Any women want to suck off their best friend's, mother's, or sister's husband after he's already fucked their loved one and left them in a sexual coma? He's insatiable so in the long run, she'd be helping out, right?

Can be much, much more nefarious too. Just looking for something dirty. Would like PBs 25+ but am negotiable on that depending on the line.

Just some Gifspiration.
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[17 Jul 2018|12:29am]

A line or two for him? Het preferred, slash considered. Long term, prefer not to chat in customs forever, as I actually want to scene. I would give my left arm for a Dove Cameron or Emilia Clarke.
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[16 Jul 2018|08:29pm]
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[16 Jul 2018|04:43pm]

Looking for a line opposite a realistic straight guy. We can do something with him deciding to experiment, something where the gay boy is blackmailing him into male on male stuff, gay for pay, etc. Looking for someone masculine who will want to mostly top, at least at first but may be willing to go vers eventually. There are too many closet bottoms out there ;)

If you have your own idea or even request for the face I use, don't hesitate to let me know. I want it to be a fun, long lasting line. Your guy should preferably be between the ages of 18-30 as I'm not looking to play a daddy kink line.

Thanks for your consideration!
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[16 Jul 2018|04:56pm]

Looking for a kinky chick who is in to eating ass. Or at least gagging on cock until she can't see straight.
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[16 Jul 2018|02:14pm]

A college-age neighbor for a line that has a lovely slow build with plenty of sexual tension.
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[16 Jul 2018|11:37am]

Hoping to find a het, romantic line where the smut is a plus, but the focus is on plot and character development. Actual writing, not just customs. Looking for someone to pick up the male role. Line ideas and faces in the journal, but not limited to these. Comment the screened post if interested.
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[16 Jul 2018|08:29am]

Lines for Drax The Destroyer, Thanos the Titan God or Wolverine / Logan.
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[16 Jul 2018|08:27am]

MOre people to [info]northbrooke! :) Harry for a line?
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Comments screened [15 Jul 2018|10:35pm]

I'm bored. Gimme something to play. Any of the boys in my icons up for grabs. Let's not play around with the plotting. Tell me what you don't like and who you wanna play against. Throw up a scene or tell me to throw one up let's just see what the fuck happens. All my boys are straight unless forced into something. Clearly I'm not afraid of some noncon play.
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[15 Jul 2018|10:33pm]

(het) psls for Anna? Journals/celeb. Something with Joshua Jackson would be incredible.
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[15 Jul 2018|08:01pm]

Marvel or DC Smut? Can go comics, movies or video games for the canon. Feel free to leave some of your favorite pairings and we can work something out. Can involve multiples as well!
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