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[24 Jun 2017|11:00pm]

home/ psl?
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[24 Jun 2017|09:51pm]

something for her? pb or celeb
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[24 Jun 2017|09:50pm]

A ScarJo PB for this futa?
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[24 Jun 2017|09:42pm]

any chance i could get a pb or even celeb to play against manson, johnny depp, twiggy ramirez, trent reznor, jay gordon, brian welch, zacky vengeance, jacoby shaddix, dave navarro, jonathan davis, anthony keedis, mike ness, syn gates, benji madden or johnny christ?
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[24 Jun 2017|08:39pm]

[info]chidatemods her sugar daddy, woc and all of the oitnb cast i can get
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[24 Jun 2017|09:32pm]

[info]allusive would lucy or crystal reed be wanted? i'm being indecisive!
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[24 Jun 2017|04:26pm]

[info]allusive anyone, everyone.
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[24 Jun 2017|04:21pm]

Ex military man, turned cop. Does his job well but he's far from infallible.

Would love to find a female cop, bad girl trying to get off on a crime or maybe someone else entirely for a line with him.
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[24 Jun 2017|02:14pm]

I need help living, [info]allusive. Bring me back to life.
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[24 Jun 2017|03:27pm]

jon hamm or hugh jackman for a line?
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[24 Jun 2017|01:07pm]

males and females for dirty customs. not picky on pbs.
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[25 Jun 2017|04:48am]

[info]chidatemods Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks, Lady Gaga, Liam Hemsworth, Sam Claflin, Matt Bomer.
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[24 Jun 2017|12:52pm]
would anyone play chunli from street fighter fandom for something femme against cammy, mai, r mika, sakura or poison or something het against lars from tekken?
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[24 Jun 2017|12:13pm]

[info]chidatemods - more girls! lol
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[24 Jun 2017|11:13am]

lines? would love to brainstorm but i also have some starter ideas i can share
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🏍 sons of anarchy [24 Jun 2017|03:47pm]

Sons of Anarchy lines wanted. Also looking for original lines based on the concept. See this post for more information.
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[24 Jun 2017|09:08pm]
Looking to take an older (30+, no upper limit on ages) married or long term together couple to [info]chidatemods who go on app-related dates to return home and tell their partner all about it. They occasionally graduate to threesomes if the one off dates go well. Very open on pbs. Open to doing a test scene to ensure writer chemistry and compatibility. Open to slash, het or femme, depending on the couple we choose to bring.
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[24 Jun 2017|12:26am]

Anyone have something dark and twisted they've been craving? I'm feeling adventurous.
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[23 Jun 2017|05:15pm]

[info]allusive Alex Turner.

I have so many ideas. Come play with me.
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[23 Jun 2017|08:03pm]

[info]allusive i'd like to see more super girl, the vampire diaries, the originals and containment cast to taunt and tease ;)
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