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[24 Jun 2017|09:08pm]
Looking to take an older (30+, no upper limit on ages) married or long term together couple to [info]chidatemods who go on app-related dates to return home and tell their partner all about it. They occasionally graduate to threesomes if the one off dates go well. Very open on pbs. Open to doing a test scene to ensure writer chemistry and compatibility. Open to slash, het or femme, depending on the couple we choose to bring.
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[24 Jun 2017|12:26am]

Anyone have something dark and twisted they've been craving? I'm feeling adventurous.
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[23 Jun 2017|05:15pm]

[info]allusive Alex Turner.

I have so many ideas. Come play with me.
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[23 Jun 2017|08:03pm]

[info]allusive i'd like to see more super girl, the vampire diaries, the originals and containment cast to taunt and tease ;)
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[23 Jun 2017|06:40pm]

Check the journal for some fun, hopefully interesting lines.

All het. Very open on my PB though.
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[23 Jun 2017|07:48pm]

[info]allusive we have lots of new roles up now so come get your app in!!
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[23 Jun 2017|04:03pm]

[info]allusive LORDE, casey cott, ashleigh murray, hayley law
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[23 Jun 2017|04:39pm]

Looking for a Daddy!Dom sort of line with a challenging, but innocent sub!
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[23 Jun 2017|03:15pm]

Anyone want some customs with Emeraude Toubia? Open to males or females. I'd also love to play Izzy, if anyone wanted to do something fandom wise and I'm open to anyone for her even if it's crossover. Comment for a custom.
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[23 Jun 2017|03:11pm]

[info]allusive emma stone, emily ratajkowski, matt bomer, jake gyllenhaal, christina hendricks, jon hamm, jeffrey dean morgan
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[23 Jun 2017|06:48pm]

Hello darlings! I'm looking for femslash and futa fun. Do check here for basic info and here for fandoms.
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[23 Jun 2017|12:28pm]

dylan sprayberry, [info]allusive beckons. same goes for you, dylan sprouse. cole's missing his better other half. dylan minette, dylan penn, y'all should come too. adds are tonight!
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[23 Jun 2017|11:56pm]

Reviving this country turned city boy for [info]chidatemods. His bio is in his journal, but will be heavily tweaked for the new game. I'd love an Adam Levine for something that could turn romantic or be the most epic bromance ever, and other country music or The Voice related faces would be loved.
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[23 Jun 2017|04:05am]

Psls for him? Also wouldn't mind finding an adult-themed community, if any still exist.
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[23 Jun 2017|01:51am]

[info]allusive shay mitchell, jasmine tookes, victoria justice, vanessa hudgens, candice swanepoel, emily bett rickards, katie cassidy, custom buddies, and people to watch bojack horseman with
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[23 Jun 2017|12:12am]

Possibly applying him as one of the Club E DJs over at [info]chidatemods and would love to work out some lines. Friends, anyone else who works at the club, exes of both genders, a guy and/or a girl who models for his line of urban clothing, etc.
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[22 Jun 2017|09:50pm]

Any het lines for him? Willing to play against a celeb or pb, feel free to comment my journal!
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[22 Jun 2017|09:34pm]

Would Alex Prange or Nick Bateman be wanted at [info]chidatemods?
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[22 Jun 2017|08:25pm]

In need of a femme line! Something plotty and smutty, I'm open to ideas and themes/genres! Let's brainstorm something!
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[22 Jun 2017|07:40pm]

looking for darker/supernatural psls. check the journal!
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