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[19 Aug 2017|12:17am]

kink-heavy brother/sister or father/daughter? journals only, looking for the male.
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[19 Aug 2017|05:01am]

DD/lb Teen Wolf lines? Slash. Journals. Looking to play Scott in either role. Would love to play him against Chris Argent, Derek, Jackson, Issac, Liam or of course Stiles. Screened here and in the journal.
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[18 Aug 2017|10:17pm]

[info]rattlesnake. Other army connections, returning vets who work as bodyguards at his private security firm, big wigs who his teams protect, a personal assistant or secretary for the office. Faces wide open, though Ryan Hurst would be amazing.
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[18 Aug 2017|08:58pm]

Het Gotham related lines? Can be crossovers or implement unseen characters in to the plot for our benefit. Would love someone willing to play multiples and build a world with the characters too.

Open to playing more then Ed as well. So let me know who you may be feeling for a potential coupling or we can create a little group to nest a few journals and make a world of it. Whichever you may feel the most comfortable with!
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[18 Aug 2017|09:36pm]

Feeling a burning desire for something het opposite a Jeremy Renner PB. Would also consider a fandom line against Hawkeye. Cross-posted.
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[18 Aug 2017|05:40pm]

our slash group sex psl for male marvel actors is looking for new members. comment with who you play, any examples, and an ideal place to reach you either in this post or in my journal and we'll get back to you shortly.
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[18 Aug 2017|02:56pm]

Any pretty boys looking to have fun with this bad boy? Can be a one night thing or if we click can be something fun and ongoing. I'll do you at school, when your parents aren't around, hell I'll fuck you like your boyfriend can't...or won't. Let me know.

Leave one telling me how to get in touch or IM me at BabyBlueSkyes.
(willing to discuss faces, etc.)
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[18 Aug 2017|12:42pm]


You are requested: elsa pataky, gal gadot, benedict cumberbatch, cate blanchett, idris elba, natalie portman, hayley atwell, margot robbie, stephen amell (for scarlett), morena baccarin, mark ruffalo, tessa thompson, chris pratt, karen gillan, josh brolin
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[18 Aug 2017|08:01am]

[info]allusive chris hemsworth, idris elba, benedict cumberbatch, cate blanchett, robert downey jr., anthony mackie, tilda swinton, brie larson, eddie redmayne, chris pratt, jessica chastain, michael fassbender, luke evans, henry cavill, jason momoa.
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[17 Aug 2017|11:58pm]

[info]allusive Jennifer Lawrence and/or Miley Cyrus.
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[17 Aug 2017|10:24pm]

Took too long a nap so can I get a bottom for pb Samuel L Jackson, Miguel Silvestre, Nick Offerman, Nick Bateman, Jay Ellis, Ryan Guzman, John Boyega or Rahul Kohli?

Someone in their 20s or 30s would be ace.
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[17 Aug 2017|07:08pm]

finn jones, tom holland, charlie cox, chris wood, nico tortorella, theo james, chadwick boseman, jeremy jordan, tyler hoechlin, ryan guzman, cody chrisitan, shawn mendes, nick jonas. you're all wanted in celeb and/or pb form. the line starts to the left.
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[17 Aug 2017|08:42pm]

Ever been jerking off and wishing that you had someone to come over and do that for you? Well... sorry dudes, not for you.

But I'm in that mindset now and would love a lady who wants to give a helping hand, mouth, thigh, moral support or whatever else she may be willing to give.

I don't care if your married or single. Just be ready for a long weekend because I'm horny AF.
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[18 Aug 2017|09:30am]

A younger male 25+ for her? Journal please.
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[17 Aug 2017|08:29pm]
any interest in a futa/futa psl?
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[17 Aug 2017|08:01pm]

Is there anyone out there who plays Haruka Tenoh or other characters from Sailor Moon who'd be willing to try out a panfandom game? Michiru here is lonely.
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[17 Aug 2017|05:21pm]

Looking for somebody pretty to lavish with attention.

Or maybe two somebodies. Twins?

Screened post on the journal, leave me a custom. Slash please.
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[17 Aug 2017|03:38pm]

[info]rattlesnake adds are tonight!
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[17 Aug 2017|07:50am]

Hey there, I'm currently searching for a long-term vampire femme PSL.

Please see my journal for more information.
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[17 Aug 2017|02:31am]

max carver, jr bourne, alycia debnam carey, for lines @ [info]allusive
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