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[26 Apr 2018|02:14am]

Any wolves wanna play?
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[26 Apr 2018|12:45am]

Het PSL for this girl? biker, mafia/mob. I would love to just jump right in.
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[25 Apr 2018|09:45pm]

Looking for a younger female against Tom Ellis, pb.
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[25 Apr 2018|08:39pm]
Looking for a very specific idea. This man has been obsessed with and following her for a while, learning her schedule so he can find the perfect moment to kidnap her. He takes her to some lake house away from town and does as he pleases to her, then invited others to have their fun. Large age gap could be great but no necessary. I'm playing the girl.
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[25 Apr 2018|09:25pm]

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[25 Apr 2018|06:57pm]

Looking for some fun het with a younger woman. Check the lines, or tell me one you want!
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[25 Apr 2018|08:23pm]

Clarke Griffin, Bellamy Blake, John Murphy, Lincoln, or anyone who wants to see what this one is like behind closed doors. Open to males or females from the 100 at any point or even willing to do crossovers if we can make it work. Comment here or the screened post.
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[25 Apr 2018|06:48pm]

Looking for a pretty boy to explore female dominance with.
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[25 Apr 2018|07:49pm]

Any males or females up for some fun with this one? Would love some costars but very open to anyone who wants to play.
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[25 Apr 2018|07:39pm]

She wants a new pet to keep on a very short leash. Het or femme (or both if you'd like to offer up two new playthings for her). Very kink friendly (a few limits apply), but it's her way or the highway.
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[25 Apr 2018|06:25pm]

[info]rattlesnake - still super active and going strong. Adds are tonight! Come join the fun just in time for our filthy auction (all for charity, of course.)
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[25 Apr 2018|05:52pm]

Any psls or scenes for an Andy Serkis pb?

Comments screened.
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[25 Apr 2018|05:02pm]

Any Kratos players out there willing to come to the 21st century via artifact to pound a thieving archaeologist silly? Other ladies up for grabs are here.
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[25 Apr 2018|01:59pm]

Looking to put a celebrity/model/singer/Youtuber through the casting couch process. Comments screened.

Open to who I use as a face.
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[25 Apr 2018|01:06pm]

bit of a prime minister messing about with his MARRIED queen modern au psl? it'd be very long standing. scenes, texting, scandal. the drama and all of the fun.
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[25 Apr 2018|09:13am]

slash lines for jeremiah valeska? pre or post gas, open to crossovers
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[25 Apr 2018|04:56pm]

a wife for a pb seth rogen or 'nerdy' type, where an affair is taking place?
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[25 Apr 2018|10:47am]

Any dominant WOC?
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[25 Apr 2018|09:06am]

check the journal
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[25 Apr 2018|02:31am]

[info]rattlesnake more top/dom characters. WWE guys cos he's the only one there now. Clients for lapdances.
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