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[24 Sep 2018|06:52pm]

age gap femme lines?
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[24 Sep 2018|02:57pm]

Females or dickgirls for Cam Newton to have a good time with? WWE women, Sports casters, celebrities, musicians... very open on pairings!
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[24 Sep 2018|01:13pm]

[info]sequacious for my biters
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[24 Sep 2018|01:10pm]

[info]sequacious needs you.
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[24 Sep 2018|06:46am]

Looking for writers interested in starting a new slash only game set around a membership-only resort where our characters could work, meet, live year round and have fun.
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[24 Sep 2018|12:45am]

looking for some smutty customs that last more than an hour, het or slash, costars loved. comments are screened or hit up my screened post. also have wire
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[23 Sep 2018|04:28pm]

open to who i pb. so feel free to suggest a pairing.

looking for someone to pb one of the following: selma blair, katy mixon, mickie james, alicia silverstone, amy poehler, trish stratus, jennifer ketcham (former porn star penny flame), jjudy reyes, jennifer jason leigh, sarah silverman, elizabeth rodriguez, lisa edelstein or halle berry.

would adore a line where she agrees to a night of fulfilling her boyfriend/husband's fantasies (completely consensual) OR where she sells her body to someone she knows to make rent (potentially some dub/con). kinks and relationships can be discussed via customs.
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[23 Sep 2018|03:51pm]

i have a scene in the journal that i'd love to write out: my guy has had a secret crush on the captain of his college baseball team for years; your guy, the captain, catches him jerking off in the locker room. your guy threatens to tell the team, if my guy doesn't obey his every command--but my guy is more than willing to do anything to fulfill his own fantasies. could be a one-shot or longterm sl! comment if you'd like to reply, or do a different scene, and i'll set up a custom.
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[23 Sep 2018|09:11pm]

an older woman for this noah centineo pb in any of these lines? also open to brainstorming some others
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[23 Sep 2018|11:26am]

With life treating me like crap lately, it would be nice to take on a few lines to help distract me from it all. So please check the journal and comment if interested! All comments are screened for your privacy until a entry is put up for our eyes only.
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[23 Sep 2018|11:01am]

ignore the face or don't but would anyone be interested in playing an mc/gang member or other criminal who takes the pastor’s daughter’s virginity? ideally noncon/dubcon to start but not a deal breaker
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[23 Sep 2018|12:58pm]

[info]noladynamics looking for an alpha police officer to be this guy’s father, the line comes with a semi-detailed history and fun in-game conflict. ;) would love an andrew lincoln pb but open to others!
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[23 Sep 2018|12:01pm]

I'm in the mood for some lightheartedly fluffy yet kinky smut (whether story-driven or PWP), and am particularly seeking any of the prompts below this cut. There are others within the IJ, though. Check the Journal for all the needed info (would relish playing an OC opposite certain female canons), and contact me there if interested.

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[23 Sep 2018|06:47am]

something for rose bertram pb? open to incest and noncon/dubcon with no limits
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[23 Sep 2018|01:39pm]

Two exes who are still having something going on but that is again growing into more? Het and threads only please.
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[23 Sep 2018|11:02am]

an older man for an age gap line or two? even better if forbidden or taboo.
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[23 Sep 2018|12:45pm]

Would this chef be wanted at [info]noladynamics? Likely a beta or alpha depending on the lines he gets. Slash and het friendly.
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[22 Sep 2018|08:52pm]

Anything het for him? Up for whatever pairings as long as it's het, up for playing against a celeb or pb. Hit up my screened post! Up for writing on wire or discord as well!
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[23 Sep 2018|08:32am]

Anyone want to try mmf? Three best friends?
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[22 Sep 2018|09:38pm]

Would anyone be interested in bringing a male omega into [info]noladynamics with this character. I'd love someone she met at an omega rights protest but open to discussing ideas. She's a mouthy punk activist who's been in trouble with the law for fights she's had with other alphas and will be ridiculously protective of her mate.
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