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[20 Feb 2018|12:29pm]

Lines would be great. Either with Grace here or maybe if it gains any interest, a Fiona Dourif PB if I made the journal? Het lines preferred.
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[20 Feb 2018|11:29am]

This girl would love her dad or step-dad she messes around with behind her mom's back. Or her brother/step-brother because she's hating how he has a new girl in his life that isn't her and is determined to get the attention back on her.
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[20 Feb 2018|11:26am]

Males or females from the DC or Marvel world up for some wild fun with a very bad girl? Comment here or the screened post for a custom.
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[19 Feb 2018|11:50pm]
craving a different sort of slash line involving a boy with a secret hair trigger (yours) that is constantly worried about it blowing the confident facade he’s created and the brother, best friend, rival or whatever (mine) who has too much fun discovering it. heavy smut focus with cum play, premature ejaculation, forced/multiple orgasms, and clothed play aspects while they work toward training him to last longer. slight preference for younger faces for this but i’m super flexible with ages and pbs
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Looking for a Maker [19 Feb 2018|09:37pm]

For this gent right here to join him at [info]bacchusbeach. He met his (vampire) Maker, almost two centuries ago in Guatemala. I'd prefer a male for this role (no preference on face), and I'm definitely open for plotting any further details.
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[19 Feb 2018|08:24pm]

[info]suggestives my black panther cast, lupita, winston, michael, daniel, danai, where you at?
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[19 Feb 2018|11:43pm]

an ariana grande pb for a journal line against an older man?
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[19 Feb 2018|03:47pm]

looking to get my writing mojo back. interested in a few het or femme psls to get my muse for her rolling again. comment here or the screened post in the journal.
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[19 Feb 2018|12:15pm]

Interracial slash for a Colton Haynes pb?
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[19 Feb 2018|11:03am]
looking for pb psls het or slash for the guys in my journal. Comment the dropbox or here (the layout isn't too friendly on mobile) and I'll set us up a custom to discuss.
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[19 Feb 2018|02:15am]

Looking for a fifty shades-esq line where my girl is the new assistant to a ceo who has very kinky hobbies. Het only and open to wire, customs, and gchat.
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[18 Feb 2018|11:58pm]

Please disregard my journal for a moment. Has anyone seen Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, and if so, would you be willing to play a Vogel or Martin from The Rowdy 3 against Amanda Brotzman? I've just finished season one and I really love Amanda with the group and I tend to favor those two, Vogel especially. Please hit me up if interested!
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[18 Feb 2018|10:11pm]

home? dove cameron? dakota johnson?
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[18 Feb 2018|10:01pm]
[info]suggestives we would love to see more ladies!
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[18 Feb 2018|10:36pm]

a psl or maybe even a comm for ariana? an older man would be spectacular for the psl but i’m not picky
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[18 Feb 2018|07:26pm]

I'm looking for some gentlemen (or some not so gentle men) for some het scenes/lines. Can be one-off or more, depending. Kinks listed in journal, faces in icons. Open to a lot of ideas! Comments screened.
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[18 Feb 2018|06:45pm]

[info]ranch we're still looking for two guys late 20s, two girls mid 20s, and one more guy mid 20s. also looking for perhaps her ex-husband who doesn't know she sleeps with pretty much her whole family, comes with some darker themes.

if interested, comment here to plot or here to be added to the custom.
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[18 Feb 2018|06:03pm]

would anyone play out a weird dragonball z line with me? i wanted to play vegeta making frieza, android 18 , android 21 or even an incarnation of buu in to his personal 'pet'. complete with all sorts of nasty extras.
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[18 Feb 2018|05:54pm]

looking for someone to pb Bill Skarsgård (I am interested in other male faces, but he is my top pick) against my Suki Waterhouse in a journal based line that would involve a good deal of smut & an affair aspect to it, but would also be kind of cute as well. I'll gladly make a post writing out the whole idea for anyone interested.
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[18 Feb 2018|04:15pm]

Ignore the face or don't, but I'd love a line between two friends who figure that if they keep it to just foreplay, touching through clothes, or oral sex, it'll just stay fun and casual. And then just keep building the tension from there.
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