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[04 Dec 2023|01:59pm]
Filthy adultery, housewreckers, or women who love fucking their house-husbands? Would also love to write in a genderbent Don't Worry Darling setting.
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[04 Dec 2023|02:06pm]

Looking to fill a couple of line ideas in my journal.
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[04 Dec 2023|12:39pm]
son or daughter for dad? screened in the journal
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nsfw [05 Dec 2023|12:17am]
looking for taboo het lines
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Terra Dei on Discord, PB list updated! [04 Dec 2023|11:02am]


Welcome to Terra Dei!

Someone is lying… or perhaps history itself is the lie

The land of Terra Dei sits on a precipice. An assassination attempt has been made on the Queen. The land’s scholars have discovered that history was rewritten right under their very noses… by their predecessors hands. Skilled tradespeople have been disappearing with the lure of mysterious contracts. Even their borders might not sit where they are supposed to.

Is the hostile anti-magic nation to the North to blame? The mysterious land of Marē across their western border, ruled by a rival Queen? Or perhaps the culprit is a little closer to home? One of the eight Great Houses, with their love of rich, lavish, decadence and deft use of power.

Terra Dei is a 21+, original, high fantasy, courtly/political intrigue, sex-friendly game that takes place in a fictional world ruled by deep lore. We consider ourselves to be advanced literate, with an emphasis on collaborative writing and character development.


  • A strict 21+ age gate, 18+ for characters
  • An overarching plot with room for plenty of character development and involvement
  • Plenty of open positions and characters we would love to see filled
  • LGBTQ+ and BIPOC affirming
  • All adult scenes behind two verifications
  • Literary style posting, multiple paragraphs to novella
  • Archival of scenes
  • Friendly staff and active players
  • Bots aplenty! Tupper, sprinty for those writing moments, and a coins bot for earning vanities and customs
  • Writing sample required

Most Wanted

  • Andorian Matriarch
  • Jeonosis First
  • Arburin Andorian, Queen's consort (PB/FC: Jason Mamoa)
  • Notes (Queen's inner circle) - Felis, Jeonosis, and Daemona

Taken PBs/FCs | Join us on Discord!
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[04 Dec 2023|05:53am]

Season's greetings! Well, I'm back on my nonsense (though it's debatable if I was ever truly off it) and seeking some het lighthearted shameless fluff and smut-focused/driven psls.

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[04 Dec 2023|12:11am]

hello, i am looking for smutty fantasy, but with plot and character development. i am wishing to use my noble elf, yula here. i am looking for characters inspired by fantasy, books, d&d and writers who wish to discuss worlds and ideas, scene, intense situations and pretty high limits.

please message me here, or comment on my contact post. i love the idea of light vs dark, of freedom vs the oppressed. we can discuss ideas, kinks/limits, and create together.

highly interested in an astarion or gale from baldur's if willing to rp with an oc/TAV.

thank you!
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[03 Dec 2023|10:45pm]
looking for something taboo! check the journal
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[03 Dec 2023|10:06pm]
would love something bladur's gate 3 related with any of my tavs with other tav's, companions or npcs. would sell my soul for a raphael or dream visitor.

also happy to do something original in the setting of the forgotten realms, dungeon's and dragons homebrew/original stuff, or just fantasy in general.
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nsfw gif [03 Dec 2023|02:12pm]
looking for a pussy to breed over journals. open to women or trans men

[03 Dec 2023|03:18am]

anyone interested in a walking dead/last of us-esque slash line? can be dark and gritty or lighter (think bill/frank). i'd love a jeffrey dean morgan or pedro pascal face.
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[03 Dec 2023|12:28am]

Looking for someone who's up for angsty romance with a side of smut and fluff. Have a few ideas in mind with varying levels of angst. Would love an Oscar Isaac and/or Pedro Pascal (and yes, one of the ideas is a poly line). More details in the journal. Comment there if interested.

[03 Dec 2023|12:36am]

[info]mature chris evans, tom hardy, henry cavill
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[03 Dec 2023|01:32am]

bestiality lines: girl's secret relationship with her horse, dog, or some festive flare an elf and/or daughter claus with one of the reindeer.

comments screened.
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[02 Dec 2023|07:49pm]
looking for futas for sol and non-sol lines, check the journal for ideas.
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[02 Dec 2023|10:48am]

Check the journal for a variety of customizable Santa smut prompts for Christmas!
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[02 Dec 2023|01:20am]

Not quite sure he's on the naughty list just yet, looking for a guy to help him out.
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[01 Dec 2023|09:10pm]

Anyone willing to pb Levi Conely as a top against a Peter Mairhofer? Maybe something Christmas-y?
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[01 Dec 2023|06:40pm]

Looking for some femme or futa lines. Have several ideas but also open to others.
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[01 Dec 2023|01:28am]

Anyone interesting in something with Kate? Customs, wire, dirty talk, filthy scenes.
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