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Fuck nihilism [Apr. 1st, 2020|06:17 pm]


Tomorrow I'm going to see about learning how to knit or crochet (I haven't decided on which yet, but there's a site that does craft lessons and right now all lessons are free!) I also made strawberry chocolate scones and tried my hand at making pasta (which wasn't the best, but I'm looking forward to my next test of it which will probably be soon)
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Helloooo [Mar. 29th, 2020|05:17 pm]


Week 2 of self isolating done. Erm. Knock on wood, no symptoms.

onward )

tl;dr A Quick summary of my last two weeks:

-I deep cleaned my apartment
-Then I cleaned it again Saturday
-I've read four books, finished four other books
-Baked and finished an 8 x 8 thing of brownies
-Made a month's worth of a meal plan, got said groceries
-Started a cross stitch book mark
-Stocked up on cross stitch supplies (to stay busy), got knitting needles (to learn how), bought legos (for a change of pace)
-Started a regular yoga routine

And not looking forward to another month at home. I think mostly because I'm used to having to be so physically active and having a lot to do. I'm likely to go through my stack of books so if anyone could help, I've an amazon wish list of paperbacks ( Some books on their way, though; I'm excited \o/

Also being that we've had to cancel so many shows already, my theater could use an influx of money. If anyone could help us, we'd appreciate it: Thanks ♥

How's everyone else?
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Hello from quarantine! [Mar. 22nd, 2020|03:32 pm]


Blergh )

How's everyone otherwise? I'm thinking of all of you *hugs*

Also does anyone have any cross stitch letter patterns they could email me somehow? I was planning on getting a book of them from Amazon, but I don't think I can now with the shut downs everywhere. If anyone has some patterns of letters or ones of borders, would you mind emailing me a photo of it? I would appreciate it!
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