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Challenge #71 closed// Challenge #72: PRIDE [Jun. 25th, 2008|09:02 pm]

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Challenge #71 is officially closed! Thank you to everyone who drabbled for the challenge.

It was a bit of a blow-out this week. Michael got 1 condom and Brian is the winner with 4 condoms.

briandurex rings

Per our new "Three Wins and You Take a Break" rule, Brian is supposed to sit out the next challenge.

HOWEVER, we've chosen to extend the "PRIDE" theme for another week to commemorate Pride month and for the next week only, there will be no Condom War. You can give your condom(s) to any character you like :)

On July 2, we'll declare a winner and then we'll start the Condom Wars again with two new randomly drawn contestants.

Show your PRIDE and be generous with the condoms :D
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Happy Pride! [Jun. 24th, 2008|03:28 pm]

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Title: You Look Fucking Gorgeous
Author: [info]dirtylttlescret
Condom: Michael

“What’s this?” Michael blushes, snatching the photographs from Ben’s hand. “I didn’t know you were into cross-dressing.”

“I’m not,” he stammers. “I was afraid I’d get outed at the Big Q. I sort of went to Pride undercover.”

“Who’s the hottie?” laughs Hunter over Michael’s shoulder. “You should really wear mascara more often dude. It brings out your cheekbones.”

“Shut up,” groans Michael, stuffing the photos into the album.

Two months later, he’s greeted at the door with a sequined blast from the past hanging from Hunter’s hand.

“Lookie what we brought back from the drycleaners.”

“Happy Pride,” winks Ben.
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Challenge # 71 Pride [Jun. 21st, 2008|03:37 am]

[Tags|, ]

Title: 204: A Drabble
Challenge #: 71: Pride
Timeline set after Pride street dance
Author: [info]qaffangyrl
And the Condom Goes to: ABBA
Rating: PG

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Under any other circumstances the thought of having an ABBA song stuck in your head would be reason enough to blow your brains out. But tonight, as he sleeps soundly for the first time since you can remember, you think about how fitting those corny lyrics really are.

You’ve barely recognized him these last few weeks and the clock on the night stand tells you it won’t be long till the nightmares come.

As you wait, the tune playing your mind gives you hope. You’ll be dancing once again. And the pain will end. There’ll be no time for grieving.

The End.
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*Challenge #71, Pride* [Jun. 19th, 2008|11:51 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Title: One Step Forward
Notes: This is love porn. For [info]dirtylttlescret, who coined that sweet little phrase. Sort of a third part to the Emmett/Justin drabbles I wrote earlier. No beta...you can probably tell!
And the condom goes to: Brian Kinney

When Michael left, Brian went to Justin, pulling him close. He didn’t say another word. Time enough for that later. Justin wouldn’t have heard him anyway, he was too upset. Brian stroked his hair, willing him to relax.

Justin was frustrated, angry. One step forward, two steps back. He felt like he’d never be whole again, that every little thing turned him into a stupid, frightened boy. Tears he’d been holding back since he saw Chris finally flowed.

Yet Brian just kept holding him; now whispering quietly -- meaningless words intended to soothe. He rubbed Justin’s hand, and eventually, Justin relaxed.
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[Jun. 19th, 2008|09:15 pm]

[Tags|, ]

Title: Stay Out of It
Author: [info]dirtylttlescret
A/N: This was supposed to be porny, but it just wouldn't come out that way, so it's love porn. For [info]tweedygal
Condom: Brian

He’d felt bad for what he’d said to Michael, but Justin was falling apart in front of him and he could only deal with so many queen outs at once.

Brian wasn’t afraid to touch him, not anymore. He gathered Justin into his arms, blond hair brushing against his cheek like a fine painter’s brush.

After, laying spent and silent on the soft sheets of the bed, Brian said, “You should go, you know.”

“I know.”

“So go with me.”

Justin turned away from his face, but squeezed his hand back so gently, Brian almost missed the yes inside it.
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*Challenge #71, Pride* [Jun. 19th, 2008|08:04 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Title: After Untitled
Notes: This is a sequel to the birthday drabble I wrote for [info]vl_redreign. And because she asked sweetly I should have thought to do it anyway, it's for her too! *hugs* You can find the first drabble HERE. Thanks to [info]dirtylttlescret for the after-posting beta!
And the condom goes to: Brian Kinney

Emmett almost called Brian, but decided to walk Justin back to the loft instead. His encounter with Chris Hobbs had been harrowing; when Justin told him what he’d said, Emmett’s heart broke for him. To keep both of them from falling apart, he told Justin more about Godiva.

When they got to the corner of Fuller and Tremont, Justin stopped.

“You don’t have to walk me up. I can do it.”

“Sweetie? Are you sure?”

“I’m sure,” Justin smiled wanly at Emmett.

Em sighed, hugging Justin tightly to him.

“Godiva would have been proud of you, Justin. I am too.”
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*Challenge #71, Pride* [Jun. 18th, 2008|11:38 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Title: No Arguments
Notes: Thanks to [info]outlander for the beta and inspiration *and* for waiting patiently while I rattled this off! *hugs*
And the condom goes to: Brian of course!

“No parade this year. I was bored unstiff last year.”

“But I want to...I love the Pride parade! And I wanna see the Indigo Girls.”

“At a dyke bar? The place will be crawling with munchers.” Brian shivered for emphasis.

“Then I’ll just go with Daphne. She loves lesbians,” said Justin.

“Her only flaw if you ask me,” Brian shot back. “Fine, go to the parade and see your girly band.”

“That’s it? No arguments?”

“No, I’ll just cry in my beer at Woody’s, waiting for you to come back to me.”

“You’re warped.”

“It’s why you love me.”
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Challenge #70: Closed // Challenge #71: PRIDE [Jun. 18th, 2008|10:57 pm]

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Challenge #70 is officially closed.
Thank you to all the drabbles! ~blows kisses~

WOW this was a close battle. Cynthia had 8 condoms but Brian had 9 and therefore wins by ONE.

Challenge #71: PRIDE (in celebration of PRIDE month)

I hope this one inspires you guys!

This weeks Condom Battle: Brian -vs- Michael (you can only award your condom to one of them)
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