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Gusmas: Posting for tawny [Dec. 31st, 2012|10:59 pm]

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Title: Morning
Author: tawny
Prompt: Christmas Day
Note: Two drabbles, posted by Xie for tawny, who is not on IJ

Justin turned towards Brian as he awoke and couldn’t believe they had survived the past year. When he left Pittsburg for New York he thought he’d lose Brian, yet here they were together. They were more than together; they were committed to each other. Justin had spent six months in New York before he decided he needed to be in Pittsburgh with Brian and the rest of his family.

“What are you looking at?” Brian asked as his eyes opened.

“I’m looking at my Christmas present,” Justin said as he lifted the covers from Brian’s body. “Merry Christmas to me!”

Title: Together
Author: tawny
Prompt: Life Isn’t Fair
Note: Posted by Xie for tawny, who is not on IJ

Justin clutched his right hand and tried not to cry. Brian looked at him and shook his head, guilt from long ago hitting him.

“I wish I could do something to help.”

“Brian, you help by being here.”

“Yeah right,” Brian went to him and took his hand. “Let me massage it for you.”

“Okay. It’s just not fair. Why do I still have to go through this? It’s been over ten years since that fucking night!” Justin took a deep breath.

“I know. Life isn’t fair Sunshine. But at least we’re still together.” Brian smiled as he kissed Justin.
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