February 2012



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Feb. 21st, 2012


Heeeeey guys! First off, I'd like to tell everyone that I'm gonna try to be on AIM a little more, and my sn is travishl87 there, and comicboytravis on yahoo, which I am on just a tad more often.

Second... DO YOUR CHARACTERS NEED DRUGS? FLIRTATION? A DEVIOUS GOOD TIME? Well hit me up for SLs for Charlie here!

Or maybe you need some Angelic guidance from Ken ([info]bydivineright)? Or maybe you play a demon and need a good fight? Come on!

I'm just a little bored and feel like jumpstarting some new things here... <3

Feb. 19th, 2012


Hello, ladies and gents.

I hope I'm putting this in the right spot, but I'm looking for characters who might know, or be friendly with Jesse. It's a bit of a complicated task, seeing how Jesse himself is complicated - the internal battles that go on in this kid's head would drive anyone a little crazy. He's not very talkative, which is why I'm having trouble introducing him to new people, but once he starts getting comfortable around people, conversations come much easier. He's been in town for 4 years, works at Brimstone as one of the bartenders, and is dating Claire MacCullen, so seriously, throw any ideas you may have at me for how our characters might know each other, so I can stop twiddling my thumbs.


Comment with questions/suggestions/anything to let me know this has been read and acknowledged please! ♥

Feb. 4th, 2012


It's me, my Prophecy Peeps, bringing you this nasty ol' demon to play with. She goes by Isabel Fane, and she's the headlining DJ at The Experience. With a DJ name like Old Scratch, Izzy doesn't try too hard to conceal her motives. When she spins, she can enthrall the entire club, and that's just how she likes it. She has her reasons for leaving her LA club and semi-celebrity behind (check her bio!), but she's been in Babylon for about six years and is fairly well known. She also has a strong internet following - Isabel thrives on being notorious.

Miss Fane won't be added until tonight, but if you have any ideas, hit me up! Definitely up for her causing some trouble, mwahaha.

Jan. 25th, 2012


HELLO! Erin here - from SoC.

Possible character coming in to this game. Meet Justice Cooper - Demon-blooded Demon Hunter.

She's a simple-yet-complicated soul with a strange past who's been working as a manager and bartender at a local bar called The Cellar (think your typical neighborhood bar) and lives in Lake View.

Justice is at constant odds with herself and the way her life had been written, which leads to troubled personal relationships and heavy emphasis on the lesser vices (smoking, drinking, promiscuity). She's former military (Marines) and grew up as an Army brat with a Chaplain father (who is also in Babylon, if you're looking for a character line). She moved to Babylon a year and a half ago after spending several years in Rome studying her 'trade' in the Vatican. Check her journal for all the details I didn't spill here, but I'm always looking for plot!


Possible incoming human!

Hey, I'm Grue! I also play over at [info]sons_of_cain, but I couldn't resist making a character here at Forsaken.

This fellah I'm working on is Gus. He's only a few years on the other side of a nasty divorce, in his forties, and a member of the Babylon police department. The details will get more specific (his rank, if he's been in Babylon for awhile or a transfer), but I was excited to see what else was going on and maybe drum up some fun ideas for use if he gets accepted. He's definitely in a place to be swayed to either side of the conflict, and besides that, he's got some serious trust issues to work out since his wife cheated on him with his best friend.

Let's get some stuff cookin' while I cobble this app together!